September 22, 2010


Happy Little Harry
July 4, 2010
I love seeing this big smile on his face, LOVE it!
Sadly, most of the time this smile isn't there.  
Harry likes to be in his own little world, looking at his books, playing with his favorites blankets, collecting things, and wandering around.  He always seems so far away.
He can be so close to the action, even sitting on my lap, but Harry is not there.  
So, when he does stop by for a visit, so to speak, it is extra exciting for me. 
I treasure it for weeks.
This day he was extra chipper.
We were playing out side, getting ready for our 4th of July BBQ.
Clark and Reese were running around, and I was watching Harry climb to the top of the picnic table, even though everyone kept telling him to get down -he is so determined when he wants something.  
He was so happy when he got to the top.  Then he saw me, really saw me.  
Not just the chubby lady who gets his food and milkies, but Mommy.  
And he broke out in the hugest grin.
Isn't he the cutest.  
I love how you can see his little gappy teeth when he smiles.
I think he has the sweetest little chubby face.
I started singing him his very favorite Thomas the Train song,
and he couldn't take his eyes off me.
That song can seriously work miracles.
He can be in the middle of the biggest fit, inconsolable crying and screaming,
and the Thomas the Train theme song can fix it.
Happy Little Harry
I love you, son.

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Granny said...

Each one of those pictures are a treasure.Truly the cutiest little guy.Gramps and G G love you Harry and big brother Clark.oxox