July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma!!

Happy Birthday Emma! We love and miss you so much. Clark hates that he can't hang out with you everyday, and play with your puppies. Today, in honor or your birthday we went to the mall and ate at Moe's. We also watched Madagascar 3 times (that was Clark's idea), we all took a nice nap, and me and Laura are going to make brownies...all in honor of your big day.
I am so thankful I have you as a sister and my best friend. I do not know what I would do without you (and Laura). You make me laugh with your snarky sense of humor, and you always give me a different perspective on things. I love that we both think the perfect day would included at least 6 hours of tv watching, some reading and the beach. I love sharing all our little obsessions together...Friends, Harry Potter, and all things musicals. I know that you get me and love me anyway. Thanks so much for everything you have done for me and my little family.
It has been so hard living away from you (and the rest of the family). I hate that I am missing Fat Emma and helping you get ready for baby stuff. We are all just missing you on your birthday, and hoping next year you can come out and we can celebrate together (we are planning for the Big Island next year...so start saving).

July 28, 2008

I am only a little selfish...

Jason has been away in Guam (for work) for the past week. And while Clark and I miss him...I have to say the break has been nice.
Clark is a total Daddy's boy. If he had to to choose between me and Jason, he would choose Jason EVERY time. I am like a huge steaming pile of cow crap next to Jay.
So, with Jason being gone I have been getting a lot of attention. It is so nice! Cuddling during tv time, wrestling matches, telling me his "stories", he even shared his fruit snacks with me on more than one occasion. It is so fun that he wants to play with me now, and sit by me, and let me comfort him when he is upset. He has started this new thing where he likes to hold hands...it is precious. He even listens to me better, respects me more (way less tantrums!!!) and goes to bed without crying for hours. I feel more like a Mom, than just the slave and food maker.
Jason comes home in a couple days. It will be nice to not be treated like a jungle gym all day long...but I am gonna miss my little Tuna.

July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Sunday was my birthday...I turned 28! I had such a fun birthday weekend (Thank you Jason and Laura). On Saturday, I got to go out to dinner alone with Jay (and all I ordered was appetizers for dinner, yay!) and to a movie. I also spent entirely too much money getting my hair done (which is a super special treat since I normally only do it when I go home...oh Sabrina I miss ya!) On Sunday we went to Waikiki for the afternoon, and for a tasty lunch at Outback. Lunch was delicious, and I ate, and ate, and then ate a little more ;)

This was our attempt at a family picture...Clark would have nothing to do with it, all he wanted was to see the Koi pond.Here I am, all 28 years old and fat and pregnant. I was hoping the size of the flower would detract from how round and puffy my face is...HA!
Blowing out my birthday candle. I forgot to get some candles at the store, so we had to use one of those tea light candles...whatever works right. Clark was sitting across from me helping me blow it out...that is what we should of gotten a picture of, it was so cute. Jay got me the tastiest ice cream cake from Coldstone...hmmm yummy.
There are hardly ever any pictures of me and Clark...so I thought I could use some birthday magic and try. This one was semi-successful, but no smiling on his part...he was more interested in the birthday cake Daddy was cutting.
Playing my new pretty pink Nintendo DS that Jay got me for my birthday. I have been wanting one for a while, so I was super excited!

I just want to say thanks to my family and friends who made my birthday special. I love my family so much, and I was so happy I got to talk with a lot of you. In just a couple weeks I will be going to Kauai with Laura and my friend Carol to finish celebrating my birthday...I like to drag it out as long as possible...so stayed to for Birthday part 2!

July 20, 2008

And the winner is...

I have always known, before we even knew we were pregnant, that Clark's brother's name was Harry. I used to dream of Harry, I saw his face, I held his little body...I knew we needed to have a little brother for Clark. We were not entirely sure we were ready to have a new baby, especially with Clark still being so young. But we couldn't get rid of the nagging in our hearts, we knew he was waiting for us. So we tired...and well I think you all know what happened.
During the excitement of realizing we were pregnant again, I kind-of forgot about Little Harry. He was always there in the back of my mind...but I was day dreaming about a little girl. I am not the happiest pregnant lady...I get hot, moody and fat! I hate to waddle and peeing 100 times a day. It is not something I enjoy wholeheartedly. I was imaging how nice it would be to have a girl, complete our family...and never be pregnant again! The more the baby grew, and the more I vomited up every meal I ate, the more I wanted it to be a girl. During our first ultrasound I was so anxious. In my heart I knew already, but my head was saying something different. When the technician said it was a boy, I was overwhelmed. All the dreams came rushing back to me, all the conversations I had with Jason about our little boy...I was not surprised. I just laid there and thought...of-course, we already knew that.
Now, even though I knew his name was Harry...I had to convince Jason. He wouldn't stop teasing me that it was after Harry Potter (I promise it is NOT...well, maybe like 37%). He couldn't see it. He liked Markus (I know, he has never been able to spell). I tired to give other names a chance...I love the name Sawyer A LOT, and Christian had always been on the very top of my list for boy names...but no matter how much I tried, nothing felt right. I tried to remind him about the dreams, we argued....I told him I felt it in my heart, soul, uterus...he wouldn't give up. I pleaded, I cried (damn hormones)...and then finally I just waited. We stopped talking about it, I knew sooner or later he would get it. I wasn't just playing, I was serious.
The other day we had our last conversation. He finally agreed! He said he is still not super crazy about it, but he understands now. I think he was trying to raise my spirits after a bad week, but I am not forgetting that he caved and agreed.
So, in just about 80 days we will finally get to meet our little boy. Harrison William, my little Harry. The middle name, William, is in honor of my Grandpa, Great-Grandpa (Packy, we used to call him) my Dad (he is my hero and my rock) and brother BJ. They are all named William. I am so excited. Jason is thrilled, he told me the other day he can't wait until the house is filled with kids, and our family. Clark is going to be so happy.

And it is going to be so nice when I don't have some little baby kicking my ribs, and jumping on my bladder.

Kickin' Jack's Trash

We watched the new Batman movie last night, the first treat to my super awesome birthday weekend. The movie was AMAZING! I was spellbound the entire time. There was mystery, humor, twists in the plot, action action and more action....I even cried at the end. It was thrilling, scary, and thought provoking.
I can't even begin to say how much I loved the cast. I have always been a super fan of Christian Bale, and he never (ever) disappoints...I love him (I really do! I could write an entire blog about him, and the way he takes my breath away, hmmm maybe I will.). But the shining star of the whole movie was Heath Ledger. It dosen't come as too much of a surprise cause he has been good in every movie I ever watched him in (he broke my heart into a million pieces in Brokeback Mountain). He made the entire movie, with his creepy laugh and disoriented walk. There was times you wanted to laugh and then cry at the same time, it was disturbing. I heard some kids afterwards talking about the old Batman, and Jack Nicholson's portrayal of the Joker...you can't even compare the two, the are so different. Heath kick Jack's trash up and down the street! It is sad that such a talented actor had to end his life so soon.

I am through gushing. I just woke up this morning, and couldn't stop thinking about how much I liked this movie (and how much I loooooooove Christian Bale). Yay! Back to my birthday weekend...and 5 more days until X-Files (I think I just peed my pants a little from the excitement)!

p.s. I think Christian Bale is going to make the best John Conner EVER!

July 18, 2008

Thanks for the memories...

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments.

I think it's fun to take a trip down memory lane, and it's always good to have a laugh or smile about the past. So leave a comment and I'll do the same for you

July 17, 2008

17 Months

This month everything is about dancing, cheese and Finding Nemo. He has given up his passion for chipmunks and replaced it with fish. He loves Dory and the little songs she sings in the movie. If we let him he would watch it over and over all day....glued to the tv (but we limit to once a day...unless it is an emergency). He has also started to like the movie Madagascar. We have discovered that he really only likes movies with the new computer style of animation (anything Pixar, or new Dreamworks), but if it is an old cartoon he won't even give it a try...little snob. He loves cheese, he would eat cheese all day if I let him. String cheese, grated cheese, cheese whiz...it doesn't matter. It is not such a bad thing, because he doesn't really like to drink milk so it is a good way to get his diary. He is a little dancing machine! No matter where we go, the mall, church, in the car...if he hears a beat he will start dancing. He is a good jumper and loves to jump on his bed. A couple weeks ago he even did his first somersault...although he was throwing a tantrum and so it was not entirely on purpose, but he still did it! He has crazy crazy hair...seriously some days it looks like he has clown hair. He has a curly tuff on both sides of his head and one on the top, we call him Krusty the Clown some times. He has started trying to talk...or something that sounds like talking. He mumbles a lot and says "huh" all the time. There have been little snippets of words every now and then...like the other day when I was taking his picture I said "cheese" and he was saying "sheee" but there was also spitting involved, and he wouldn't do it again, so I did not count it. Then we were blowing bubbles the other day...and he was running around going "bubu" which is not a sound he normally makes...but I haven't got him to repeat it. Long story short, he is almost there, not really saying anything that I can count as his first words...but almost. He is so full of energy, he runs everywhere he goes...it is getting harder for me to waddle after him. He is still a bit of a bully to other children. He likes to hit people to get a reaction, and he doesn't like to share anything with anyone, but other than that he is really loving. We know he is not being mean to the other kids on purpose, but we are still trying to figure out how to teach that violence is not appropriate. He is such a Daddy's boy, he will do anything for and with Jason. His eyes light up when Jason comes home at the end of the day, and he gets so excited to wrestle or play outside.
He is so full of joy, and is such a happy baby (unless he is tired, then watch out!). He makes me laugh everyday, and I love to watch him grow.

July 14, 2008

The Nature of Monsters

I finished this book last week, and have been pondering it ever since. I am not sure I really liked it. First of all it took me way too long to read, which is always the first sign that it is not for me (if I like a book, it will only take me a couple days to read) and second...it was just boring.
The characters were not likeable, so I did not really care what happened to them. And I spent half the book trying to figure out where the author was going.
The lead character gets knocked up and sent away to live/work for a crazy opium addicted apothecary. He was born with a birth defect, and has dedicated his life "work" to proving that it is the mothers fault when a baby is born with any defects (Crazy!!!) Anyway, the book is mostly about her trying to survive in this crazy household, and her protecting her roommate from the doctor when she just happens to get pregnant as well.
The author writes well enough, she is very descriptive in her writing, and the plot seems interesting enough. I just did not really care about this book, and I really wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
I have already started reading my next book (The Poisonwood Bible), it is interesting, but it is just taking me so long to get into. I have such a long long list of books I want to read, I hate wasting so much time on one book. I have been thinking of buying one of those Ebooks...does anyone have one? My Gramps raves about his and it seems like a cheaper way to get books (I am such a snob, I don't like to go to the library for books).


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I was watching this old video of Clark...I seriously forgot how fat and round he used to be. He was such a happy baby. I thought you all would enjoy.

I have a lot of catching up to do on my blog...4th of July and so on. Laura has had her girl friends out for the last couple weeks and we have been so busy. It has been fun having a house full of girls, and Clark is loving all the attention. I have never felt so old, and I forgot what it is like to have something to giggle about all night long. It has been a pleasure, especially when they do my dishes (HA HA!).

Anywho, stayed tuned for a lot of catching up blogs...

July 09, 2008

Jump Back!

I heard through the grapevine that they are re-making Footloose...

Footloose?! Why do they need to mess with the classics? What is next....Gone With the Wind, Sound of Music, or heaven forbid Goonies?

The movie is perfect the way it is! And Zac (make me want to vomit) Efron taking Kevin Bacon's role...are you kidding me. I don't want some high school musical teeny bopper messing with my movie. GAH! I am so mad...if it's not broke don't fix it!

I am boycotting it...I am not gonna see it. It is perfect the way it is!

July 04, 2008

Another Ultrasound

We had another ultrasound last week to check the progress of our little baby. He was much more cooperative this time, and they got a lot of good pics! This technician seemed much more optimistic, and calmed a lot of my fears.

It was one of the funnest ultrasounds I've had, he was so active. The entire time he kept his hands up by his face, waving at us. I definitely saw mine and Clark's nose on his little face. He also had the chubbiest little cheeks. The technician was trying to get a picture, but he was turning his head a lot, but we were both laughing it was so hard at how cute his fatty cheeks were! It was such a pleasure and joy to see him, after a long month of worrying about all the things they thought might be wrong, he looked healthy.

There is still some concern over his left kidney holding too much urine. All they can do is tell me to come back to have it remeasured again. So, in 7 more weeks, I will go back for another ultrasound (he should be super chunky, yay!). By 33 weeks they should be able to tell whether it will be a permanent problem, or just growing issues. It will nice to finally have an answer one way or the other. I am so excited to meet him. I keep imagining what he is going to look like...curly hair, dark hair, any hair. Is he gonna be fat and round like Clark was, or lean and long? I can't wait!! I never thought of what Clark would look like before he was born, when he came out I was like...this is it? He kind of grew on me (don't worry it only took a few minutes). I feel so blessed to be having another little boy. Only about 100 more days (wow that seems really long), 15 more weeks, 3 1/2 more months...I feel further along than I really am (if my math is wrong, it is because it is late and I am sleepy). Pregnancy it they worst waiting game ever!