May 31, 2011


Clark vs. The BookshelfClark got his first stitches while Daddy was away.  Why do these types of things always happen while Dad is away???  Needless to say, I think I did a good job handling it on my own.
We have not been immune to the occasional trip to the ER, or staple in the head, but this was our first case of stitches,
and boy oh boy was it scary.
We were having a nice peaceful afternoon when my girlfriend called and needed help getting to the ER (thankfully she is doing okay too!).  As I was rushing the kids out of the house, to drop them at the babysitters, Clark tripped and landed right on the bookshelf.  He actually hit the bookshelf so hard he cracked the edge!  It was hard for me to see the wound right away, because there was so much blood, and I had to sit there for a few minutes consoling Clark before I could even decide what we needed to do.  I have never seen so much blood in my life... and I grew up with two very active brothers who seemed to bleed all over things on a daily basis.  Since I was already headed to the ER, I just took Clark along.  His cut bled the entire time we were driving in the car, I was starting to get afraid he was gonna pass out, or go into shock, but we were being watched over, and he did really well.
This  picture was taken on my camera phone, about 30 minutes after the accident, while we were waiting in the ER.  Clark was such a brave boy, he cried a lot at first, but as soon as we got to the ER he was calm, and thankfully the wound  stopped bleeding.  We had to have Clark strapped down in a little papoose thingy, to keep him still while he was getting fixed up, he was pretty excited to be wrapped up like a cocoon.  However, once the needles came out, and the pulling and tugging of the stitches started, he was a nightmare, and really I don't blame him one bit.  He was hysterical, I think mostly from being scared, rather from the pain. He kept on spitting on the doctor, and telling him to go away.  About 15 minutes, and 4 stitches, later we were done.  He couldn't get out of the place fast enough, he was practically running to the car.
A day after stitches.
This was taken the next morning, thankfully most of the swelling he had from the day before had gone down.  He did however pick out two of the stitches, either when the numbing was wearing off, or in his sleep.  Thankfully they were the ones inside his lip, and not as important.  He only a had a little trouble eating, and of course he stopped using his bottom lip to talk... which was actually pretty cute.
A couple days after...
I know it is hard to tell in this picture, but he had the grossest black scab on his lip.  Blech, it was so gross to look at.  After a few hours in the pool though it fell right off, and almost instantly he started looking like normal Clark.  
I actually can't believe how fast it healed, kids can be so resilient.
Ten days after.  All healed, except for one little stubborn white stitch that refused to come out.
(He did however finally get it out later that night.)
 I am so glad he healed fast, and rather painlessly.  I am thankful for my friends that helped out when I had to take him to the ER, and Wayne who gave him a blessing.  And it is vain to say/think that I am thankful his lip healed normally, rather than having some huge scar, or deformity... he is my cute little baby boy after all.  I really am proud of how brave he acted, he is growing up so fast.

An early start on summer.

We still have two weeks of school left here,
but we are getting an early start on all the summer fun anyway.
Clark, Porter and Kylie
Building "sand tassels" at the beach.
I let Clark skip school for this beach day.  He had been talking about building sand castles with his friend Porter for days, I didn't have the heart to send him to school.
We tried a new beach, away from the ocean front with all the tourists and hotels, it was much nicer...
although the water was a little more brown than we are used to ;)
(I am such a beach snob.)
Harry the beach bum.
My little beach bum.
Harry likes to get nice and toasty hot before he is ready to venture into the water.
While Daddy was away in Colorado, for work, I took the boys to the park, a lot.
Harry still loves swinging in the baby swings, although he can hardly fit in them anymore.
It takes two people to get him out of the seat, or at least one person with longer arms than mine.
Clark testing out the climbing wall.
The Boys
A rare shot of the boys actually playing together,
it didn't last very long.
Clark and Harry
I don't know why, but my boys are determined to NEVER give me a nice picture of them together.
This was the best shot out of 50, honestly.
If I can get Harry to sit still and look, Clark insists on being a punk.  If Clark is being smiley and cute, Harry is off in lala land looking everywhere besides the camera.
I just can't win.
Clark and Harry
Here was another try.
They did have fun running and playing on the pier, even if i didn't get a picture to prove it.
Clark, trying to explain to me why he NEEDS to go fishing.
The pier we were on had a special spot reserved for the fishermen, and Clark just had to go there.
Maybe next time...
Clark and HarryClark and Harry
The boys swimming in their little outside pool.
We probably go swimming everyday now.
Its nice to have the nice warm weather back.  I don't know what I was thinking when I used to say I hated summer time, I was obviously crazy.  It's so much nicer to be able to be outside, rather than cooped up in the house.  I'm looking forward to school being out for a couple months, and all the fun things we have planned this summer.

May 28, 2011

Planting the garden.

May 2, 2011
For family home evening the other night we (finally) got our garden planted.
Clark and Mommy
Clark was so excited to help out.
I am hoping he has the same enthusiasm when it is time to eat the veggies from the garden.
Clark and Mommy
Clark spreading the dirt around in the boxes.
Jason did such a good job building our garden boxes!
(And thanks to Dan who helped him finish them.)
Clark and the "werm".
Clark, and his "werm".
He found it in the grass, and put it inside the garden to help the plants.
Our Garden
So far all our plants are growing really well!  Apparently I can grow veggies, just not flowers.
I took this picture a couple weeks ago, already the plants are twice as tall and full... any day now we will have some food.
We planted green beans, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, and some jalapenos and peppers.
Tomato Plants
Just look at those pretty tomato plants!
I can't wait to eat them.

May 27, 2011


Harry playing outside in the puddles.
He sure can be a really happy boy when he wants to be, I love when he shows off his personality.
Lately he likes to line up things, everywhere... it is kinda funny.
Lining up the magnets.
Lining up the magnets on the fridge.  He was really mad he couldn't fit the alien one on the right way,
 he ended up throwing them all on the floor.
Lining up his toys.
Lining up his toy magnets from Nana.
Lining up his stuffed animals.
You can always tell where Harry has been in the house, the evidence is in the lines... of things.
All his animals in a row.
Lining up his books.
Lining up his books.
There is always, always, a line of books somewhere near his room.  
We don't even pick them up anymore.
Lining up the dvds.
Lining up his dvds... and Jason wonders why they don't play without skipping, LOL.

I mentioned this to his therapist the other day, not that I see it as a problem or anything... mostly just curious.  And she said that since Harry has such a hard time processing the things around him, organizing his toys or the little things around the house, helps him make sense of things, and calm him down when maybe he might be feeling stressed or over stimulated.  This might also be the reason he likes books so much, all those letters and words, organized in nice little rows.
Well Harry, whatever works little dude, whatever makes you happy.  
Hopefully someday we can find a way to help him with all his sensory issues, but until then I just want him to be happy, and feel safe and secure in his home.

Busch Gardens

April 30, 2011
Last month Jason got some free tickets, from his work, for us to go to Busch Gardens.
It was the first time me and the boys have gone, and I have to say for someone (like me) who doesn't really like amusement parks, it was pretty fun.  I like how they had something for everyone.
Watching the animal show.
Clark and Daddy watching the animal show.  They had dogs, cats, birds, and even some rats, preforming little tricks.  Clark really loved it.  Ever since we saw the show he talks about dogs and cats, he really wants a "cat-dog".  At first I thought that meant he wanted some kind of cat-dog hybrid, but he finally explained that he really wants "a cat AND a dog, you know Mom, cat-dog".
Clark petting the snake.  He was a little a little nervous at first, but his curiosity won out.
My sweet little cute Harry, giving me a rare smile for the camera.
Harry and I did a lot of standing around, waiting for Daddy and Clark, while they rode the rides.
I don't really like riding rides (and I am pregnant anyway) and Harry was too little for most of them.
He was so good and patient, and I think he enjoyed all the sight seeing, and treat eating.
Clark and Jason
Clark and Jason- They are like two peas in a pod.
Clark was so into riding the rides, all of them.  He was quite heartbroken that he couldn't get on the giant roller coasters.  Jason was so excited to finally have someone to ride the rides with, since I NEVER get on them.
Clark and Daddy
This was Clark's favorite ride.  He was so sad they couldn't go on it over and over.
The boys on the train.
Riding the train around the park.
Dinner for 4??? No wonder we are all so fat.
Dinner for 4???   No wonder we are all so chubby and round.
The food wasn't too bad, for an amusement park, although it was very expensive.

Overall it was a super fun family day.  I would definitely rather go to Busch Gardens, than any of the other parks.

May 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend April 23-24, 2011
Candy filled eggs!
The Saturday before Easter we had a nice little party, and Easter Egg Hunt, at our house for our friends. But before we could stuff the eggs with candy, and eat the tasty BBQ pork I made, we had to get Harry back from the cops.  Yep, you heard me right.  He ran away again, or rather, this time he was let out the house (by Clark) and wandered down the street.  This is the third time he has wandered off, but by far the scariest, cause we had no idea he was ever gone.  With our guest showing up, and kids running around in the back yard, I had no idea Clark even opened up the front door for Harry.  Luckily people were out and about, and some neighbors got to Harry before he went into the  busy intersection.  Since they didn't know which house Harry came from, they called the cops... and well the cops finally came to us.  I was/am mortified, embarrassed, angry.... and relieved that he was okay, and nothing more serious happened.  The cops were really understanding, once they understood the situation, and the rest of the afternoon went off without a hitch.  The cop did make some ridiculous comment about how Harry didn't recognize him as a police officer and a person of authority, and I laughed and said, "Well, I'm sorry.  But Harry doesn't even really recognize me as his Mother... so I can't really help you there... nor do I care".
Since then Clark has let Harry out the yard one other time, out the side gate I didn't even know he could open.  Harry does pretty well not wandering away, as long as we can keep Clark from letting him out, so we are now locked down like a prison, bolts and locks on everything.  
Everyday I think about how bad both those situations could've ended, someone could've taken Harry, he could've wandered into the busy whole life could've been over in a matter of seconds.  I am thankful someone was watching out for my family, and protecting my child, when I couldn't...or didn't.  We have definitely have learned our lesson.  Also, we are now"that family" on the block, all my neighbors think I am a crap Mom, and talk over the fence to each other about it...ugh, they suck.

Anyway, back to our awesome Easter weekend.  
After a rather tasty lunch, the Dads hid all the eggs around the yard for the kiddies to find.
Harry found a few eggs, but mostly just wanted to open them up and eat the candy inside.
Clark had a lot of fun finding the eggs, but just like Harry, he wanted to open each one to see what was inside before he would go find another one.
Cute little Porter, Clark's best friend.
I'm so glad we have such nice friends, and enough friends to have a fun party for our kids, we are so lucky.  It is so wonderful to live in an area where we really feel like we belong, 
and we have a "far away from home family".
Easter Morning
Clark finding his basket Easter morning.  He was super excited about his Star Wars eggs.
Easter Morning
Harry was only interested in the books in his Easter basket, 
I think it is safe to say he had a pretty good morning.
Clark and Daddy building planes.
Clark was THRILLED to get a little Star Wars Lego kit, to build planes. 
He loved building them with his Dad, he was in heaven.
Reading his books.
Enjoying his book, so serious.
Clark's Star Wars Plane
The finished plane.

I wish I had a nice little picture of us dressed up in our Sunday clothes, but alas my babies do not like looking anywhere near a camera, and I didn't want to be late for church....maybe next year.
Holidays are much more meaningful to me, now that I have a family.  I hope I did a good job teaching and explaining to the boys the real significance of Easter.  I am so thankful for the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, my brother.  And I am thankful for the knowledge and testimony that I have, that my family can be together forever.
I love Easter time!

May 24, 2011

Somethings you just get right.

"Look Mom!" he says, "I'm Harry Potter."
"Look Mom!" he says, "I'm Harry Potter."
It's not easy teaching kids right from wrong, manners, 
or how you are supposed to eat all your veggies.
It breaks my heart every time Clark talks about Batman, when clearly we are a SUPERMAN family.
We make a lot of mistakes, as parents, and I'm always
hoping that something sticks after all the lectures, time-outs and "teaching moments".
Its never easy...
but somethings you just get right.

May 20, 2011

Fluffy Tats

Every time this commercial comes on tv, Clark screams, runs to me, and says, 
"Mom, I neeeeeee dat tat! I neeee a tat, and a dog. Pease mom, peeeeeease...a fatty tat". 
Everytime. He went on and on about it for an hour the other night. 

Well Clark, I need that cat too, I need it too.

Spring Break Shenanigans

Just some highlights of our spring break :)
April 19, 2011
Coloring Easter Eggs, for our upcoming Easter Egg Hunt.  
This is the first time I ever attempted to do this with the boys.  Harry did not care at all, and actually kept trying to spill the dye everywhere (so he was banned from the table).  Clark had a lot of fun!  I had found little face stickers, with funny eyes and mouths, and he loved turning all his eggs into funny monsters.
Porter (Clark's BFF) and his blue fingers...
I think we all ended up with our fair share of dye on our hands.
The Gang
April 20, 2011
The next day, my friend and I, packed the kids up and took a day trip to Chicoteague (which is only about a 100 minute drive from my house).  I love a little road trip now and then, especially if it is out to the country or the beach.
Before we got to the beach we stopped to stretch our legs, and let the kids feed these ponies.
Why oh why is it so hard to get my kids to take a proper picture!?!
Here Clark is "helping" Harry stand still and look at the camera, which obviously -to Clark- translated to "choke your brother until he cries".  Brothers...
Almost at the beach.  The weather was warm, but overcast, and very windy.
A different kind of beach day, but delightful none of the less.
Clark and Port
The water was still too cold ( for me) so the kids didn't go swimming,
but there was plenty of "sand-tassle" building, as Clark says.
Harry and Allori
Harry was so happy to be at the beach.  He loves to dig and play in the sand.
Here he is cuddling up with Allori, and digging himself a little hole.
Wild Ponies
Wild ponies at Chicoteague.
Happy Harry
April 21, 2011
Jay even took off a day of work so we could have a family zoo day!
Clark begged and begged for two days to go see the "am-nimals".  He has been learning all about farms and animals at preschool, and I think he wanted to show off all his knowledge.  The morning we were going to leave he woke us up at 6 am saying,
"time to go see am-nimals, dit up fasssssss!"
Even Harry was excited to be there.  It always takes Harry a few times to warm up to a place, enough to get comfortable and have fun, and thanks to Auntie Carol (and Uncle Eddie) we have a year zoo pass so we can go as often as we want.  It always makes the day extra fun when Harry has a good time too.
Clark ran around, crazy like, trying to name and see all the animals he could.  Then he hung from the bars, like a proper little monkey.  Harry quietly took it all in, and got in as much reading as he could :)

I had such a nice spring break week with my boys.  I love spending time with them, and as a family, and with our friends.  I am really looking forward to summer, and a lot of beach days, some more zoo days, and a fun road trip or two.