May 17, 2011


Months ago, in March,
 (I have REALLY been sucking in the picture/blogging department)
I had the opportunity to meet my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins in Jamestown for the afternoon.
I hadn't seen them for over 7 years!
It was so fun to catch up, spend some time together, and introduce them to Clark and Harry.  
March 25, 2011
Clark had a lot of fun running around and exploring, and he was actually really well behaved (well, for Clark, hehehe).  He was not bashful at all, and took to Shane and Stephanie like he has known them forever.  I love how friendly and social Clark is, he truly loves everyone.
Harry was a bit reserved, he was happy to just sit in his stroller and be pushed around all day.
He's not big on new places, and new people, but he enjoyed being outside and looking around.
Stephanie and Clark
Clark, and cousin Stephanie.
We went to Jamestown Settlement, which had a nice size museum, and a big outdoor living area, with replicas of an Indian village, and replicas of the boats that the settlers came over from England on.  It was such a nice day, a little chilly, but sunny and warm for me.
Grinding the cornThe Squirrel
Clark grinding up corn to make cornmeal in the Indian village.  
Also, one of the tour guides skinning a squirrel to show us how the Indians would've cooked it.  Clark was quite traumatized by the dead squirrel, and he kept on saying "oh no, poor whirl is sad, what happened"...  I tired to explain it to him the best I could, but I'm not sure he was ready for that life lesson.  Every now and then when he sees a live squirrel in our backyard he makes sure to tell me that, that squirrel looks happy, and not red and sad.
Clark loved the boats!Boat!
Clark's favorite part of the afternoon was the giant boats, or pirate boats, as Clark called them.  He was thrilled that we could get on them, and he ran around crazy exploring things.  He kept on telling me he was looking for treasure... I really do love his imagination.
Shane and Harry
Cousin Shane trying to carry Harry around the boat :)
Auntie Bon, Me, Harry, Clark, Uncle Jim and Stephanie
Auntie Bon, me and the boys (who can never look nice for the camera), Uncle Jim, and Stephanie.
Me and the boys.
Me and the boys on the boat.
I thought this knight's head statue was interesting.  The boats were made as an exact replica of the real ones, and there was so many cool facts about them.  Funny enough there is no record of why they used knight heads on the pulley boxes, they were always used on the boats at that time, we just don't know the significance...  Cool, I thought.
Tuna trying on some amour.
Stephanie, Shane and Clark
Clark and my sweet cousins.
I'm glad we had a nice day to visit with family.
It can be so hard being so far from home, and the people you love,
it is nice to get together every now and then.

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Hoku said...

That's so interesting that the caveman guy actually skinned a squirrel (I've never seen any animal skinned before - so shielded, my life). That's too bad that it was a little traumatizing... but Clark's comments always crack me up!