May 20, 2011

Spring Break Shenanigans

Just some highlights of our spring break :)
April 19, 2011
Coloring Easter Eggs, for our upcoming Easter Egg Hunt.  
This is the first time I ever attempted to do this with the boys.  Harry did not care at all, and actually kept trying to spill the dye everywhere (so he was banned from the table).  Clark had a lot of fun!  I had found little face stickers, with funny eyes and mouths, and he loved turning all his eggs into funny monsters.
Porter (Clark's BFF) and his blue fingers...
I think we all ended up with our fair share of dye on our hands.
The Gang
April 20, 2011
The next day, my friend and I, packed the kids up and took a day trip to Chicoteague (which is only about a 100 minute drive from my house).  I love a little road trip now and then, especially if it is out to the country or the beach.
Before we got to the beach we stopped to stretch our legs, and let the kids feed these ponies.
Why oh why is it so hard to get my kids to take a proper picture!?!
Here Clark is "helping" Harry stand still and look at the camera, which obviously -to Clark- translated to "choke your brother until he cries".  Brothers...
Almost at the beach.  The weather was warm, but overcast, and very windy.
A different kind of beach day, but delightful none of the less.
Clark and Port
The water was still too cold ( for me) so the kids didn't go swimming,
but there was plenty of "sand-tassle" building, as Clark says.
Harry and Allori
Harry was so happy to be at the beach.  He loves to dig and play in the sand.
Here he is cuddling up with Allori, and digging himself a little hole.
Wild Ponies
Wild ponies at Chicoteague.
Happy Harry
April 21, 2011
Jay even took off a day of work so we could have a family zoo day!
Clark begged and begged for two days to go see the "am-nimals".  He has been learning all about farms and animals at preschool, and I think he wanted to show off all his knowledge.  The morning we were going to leave he woke us up at 6 am saying,
"time to go see am-nimals, dit up fasssssss!"
Even Harry was excited to be there.  It always takes Harry a few times to warm up to a place, enough to get comfortable and have fun, and thanks to Auntie Carol (and Uncle Eddie) we have a year zoo pass so we can go as often as we want.  It always makes the day extra fun when Harry has a good time too.
Clark ran around, crazy like, trying to name and see all the animals he could.  Then he hung from the bars, like a proper little monkey.  Harry quietly took it all in, and got in as much reading as he could :)

I had such a nice spring break week with my boys.  I love spending time with them, and as a family, and with our friends.  I am really looking forward to summer, and a lot of beach days, some more zoo days, and a fun road trip or two.

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Love your pictures, what kind of camera do you have? All your pictures just looks so awesome:)