January 30, 2009

Adopting Avonlea

Jason's sister Becky, and her family, are in the process of adopting a little girl.  They are having a fundraiser (selling chocolate bars) and accepting donations to help cover all the costs of the adoption. To read their story and see how you can help out click on the link below.  

4 Months Old

Harry is 4 month old!  For some reason I feel like he is much older than he is, maybe it is cause he is so HUGE!  He is like a fatter and juicer version of a regular baby.  He wears all 6-9 month clothes, and even then most of the buttons are popping open.  He worships Clark, and no matter how rough or mean Clark is he just giggles and waits for more.  He gets a big kick out of Clark "talking" and always get a huge smile on his face when he hears him.  Right now he is all about eating whatever he can get into his mouth, and kicking his legs.  He kicks and kicks all day long.  By some miracle he is still sleeping through the night, although I am waiting for that to end any day now (he is due for another growth spurt, which for Harry means constant feedings).  He loves to sit in Daddy's massage chair, and taking bubble baths.  We have started feeding him rice and applesauce, but he is just not that into eating regular food (the only thing I can figure is that his cheeks are just too fat and it is hard for him to chew and swallow).  He likes to sit up, and if he is laying on his back he does these funny little stomach crunches trying to get up...I am surprised he doesn't have a little baby six pack.  He hasn't rolled over yet (except for that one time a couple months ago) he just hates being on his stomach, he will just bury his face in the carpet and scream.  He's got the biggest bluest eyes, always so alert to what is going on, taking it all in...planning his next move.  He has already mastered the fake cry, and has the cutest pouty lips.  I am a total sucker for this fatty nugget.  He melts my heart and brings such joy to our family.  I don't know what we ever did without him...

January 26, 2009

Daddy's Boys

Clark is such a Daddy's boy that I practically don't exist when Jason is around.  So, I've been holding that at least Harry would like me a little more than Daddy...but nope.  They are Daddy's boys all the way.  Clark will follow him all around the house, trying and doing everything he does.  And since Harry is still immobile, he just follows Daddy around with his eyes.  I am out numbered, its them against me.  I guess we are going to have to try for another, hopefully a girl. (Don't worry, we are waiting a couple years first.)


I can't believe that he is going to turn 2 in just a few short weeks!  I am so excited.  It has been so fun watching him grow, and learn more things.  He is such a tornado of disaster and fun.  I love being with him, and experiencing things through his eyes.  He is the best ever...the BEST!  

January 22, 2009

Better late, than never..

Happy Birthday Granny Oma!
Actually, my Granny's birthday was in December...but with all the getting ready for Christmas and going home I forgot to make a birthday blog.  I suck!
I love you so much Granny.  I love to come and visit you, and wish we were able to more often.  It was so fun to introduce you to Clark, I loved the way you made him laugh and giggle.  I love going to Friday Taco Night with you at the lodge, and meeting all your cool friends.  I love playing cards with you, and shopping.  I loved that time you took me and Jason to Palomis (Mexico) to eat at The Pink Shop (I wish I had that picture to post but it is on my other computer, stuck in the hard drive) it is one of my favorite times I shared with you...having a little road trip, talking about everything.  You really are so generous and loving towards everyone you meet.  I love you Granny, and thankful that I have you in my life.  I can't wait to introduce you to Harry...and hopefully it won't be too long before we can all come out (2010??).  Happy Birthday, and sorry again I was so forgetful.  I did remember to send something though...so I am not all bad.

January 13, 2009

The Hills Are Alive

Clark is obsessed with the Sound of Music, and I don't even know how I did it.  We have a pile of kid friendly videos, and we always let him choose what movie he wants to watch.  Well, last week he chose Sound of Music.  I thought it was a fluke...he must of thought it was something else, but he watched it anyway.  He made it through half of the movie before he lost interest, and started destroying the kitchen.  I set it on the shelf and did not even think twice about it...until today.  He begged me all morning to watch it (in case you are wondering 'begging' involves throwing all the dvds on the floor one by one until he finds the one he wants, and then repeatedly throwing it at me, in my face mostly, until I put it on).  He was so excited.  He ohs and ahs all through the beginning when the are showing the Alps and beautiful country side.  He loves when the children come on and sing, but again watched only half the movie (I guess it is a little long).  After his nap he wanted to watch it AGAIN!  He was glued to the screen.  He made it to the part when the children sing "So Long, Farewell' at the party and then he was done (hm, I wonder if he thinks this is the end of the movie).  He tried to get us to put it on again after his bath  (yes, we do watch entirely too much tv at our house) but twice a day is enough for me.  I am not sure what he likes about it, but I am not complaining...it is probably my favorite movie of all time.  And it is nice to take a break form Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda.  I just wonder what peaked his interest, and what we will be watching tomorrow.

Happy Birthday To You!

Sunday was BJ's birthday, he turned 25!  I can't believe how old he is getting.  To me he still seems like that little 5 year old I chased around the back yard, teasing and calling him 'Mad Dog Tanner'...he hated that so much (we got it from Back To The Future 3).  I love that you are, who you are...no matter what anyone else thinks about it.  I love that you took me fishing for my first time, and did not even make fun of me when all I caught was moss (he even let me take a picture with his fish...pretending that I caught it).  My brother works for Trees Inc, trimming trees.... last year he went down to Texas to help after the hurricanes, he was there for almost 3 weeks (I think)...he did a lot of hard work to help out getting eveyone's electricity back on.  I am so proud of all the hard work he does.  His job is actually quiet dangerous and I love to listen to his stories (really I d0).  He has grown up to be quite the Man.  I love the time I get to spend with him, and I love what a great Uncle he is to my boys...they sure do love their Uncle BJ.  I hope you had a wonderful birthday, I am so thankful for you in my life.  We love you!

(Sorry about the picture, but all the pictures I have of you are on my other computer, besides I love it!)
Happy Birthday to Auntie Ray!  Thank you so much for all you do for us.  You are always there when I need a good laugh (usually at someones expense, but those really are the best kind of laughs).  You are so good to the boys, and I am glad they are getting to know their Auntie Ray.  You truly are the most kind and generous person I have ever met, and I know our family is blessed to have you in it.  

January 06, 2009

Harry's First Time Eating

Harry had his first taste of rice cereal the other day. I am not sure he liked it very much. Later that night I gave him a little taste of potatoes, and he seemed to like those much better.

Just a short little video of him eating.

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A Lesson In Flying

I am not a big fan of flying, I do it because I have to.  I would prefer a good road trip...the perfect mixed cd (well I guess all you need these days is an iPod) and an ice chest full of snacks, that spells FUN to me.  Flying is stressful, usually I can pass the time reading, taking a little nap, watching a movie, and before you know it the flight is over.  But with kids...it's a whole other story.  It is hard enough to shove me in those little seats, do it with a giant 20 pound baby and you are asking for a back-ache and a head-ache.  Our trip to Utah and back was eventful, to say the least.  There was screaming, crying and tantrums (and that was mostly just Jason, ha ha).  
Harry was perfect, smiling at anyone who would give him the time of day...just a happy baby.  He did not cry, just slept and ate.  The only thing difficult about Harry is that he is 20lbs of dead weight, my arms were so sore.  Clark, on the other hand, was possessed by the devil as soon as the plane left the tarmac.  I have never seen him act the way he did...saying he threw a tantrum is like saying a hurricane is a little drizzle of rain.  It was the longest flight ever...but it was worth it to go home for Christmas (and the wedding).
To say we were dreading the flight home is an understatement.  When were were at the gate waiting to board, Clark figured out what was going on.  He lost it.  He was so sacred, crying, screaming, trying to run away.  Poor, poor Tuna.  Jason and I were unable to sit next to each other, but I could hear him screaming from 15 rows away.  Once we landed in LA, to switch planes, Clark had had it with Jason.  So I had to carrying him, along with the fatty baby, to the next terminal.  There I was lugging 50lbs of babies, my pants were falling down, I was dehydrated and starving...practically in tears.  I was wishing so bad we still lived in California, then we would already be home (or better yet, we could've driven home!!)  We finally made it to the gate.  Clark's spirits were renewed with a bag of M&M's, and Jason went to get us some food.  We had a good 45 minutes until our next flight to relax.  Imagine my terror when I realized that I left Harry's bottle on the last plane.  I had his formula and water, but I left his bottle.  I had nothing to feed him with.  They don't sell bottles at the airport...you can get diapers, condoms, mustard, sewing kits, and ridiculously priced nuts...but no bottles.  We didn't know what to do.  I was literally having a panic attack, I felt horrible knowing what was to come.  Harry is the best baby ever, he never cries EVER, unless he is hungry.  We got on the plane anyways...I was planning on trying to get Harry to some how drink his milk out of Clark's sippy cup.  Thirty minutes into the flight, Jason found a family that had a little kid, and luckily they had an extra bottle...Thank GOD!  I have never been so relieved in all of my life...I love that lady where ever she is, LOVE her.  
So in conclusion, when the flight attendant tells you to check the seat pocket in front of you for personal belongings, DO IT!
We are home.  We are happy.  In fact, Clark was thrilled to be back home with all of his things.  I know he misses everyone, playing with his cousins and family, but he loved being back home.  I am finally caught up on everything, and I finished my last load of laundry last night (woot!)
I am definitely not looking forward to getting on a plane with Clark anytime soon (it is a good thing we still have about 18 months living here). 

January 04, 2009

Christmas Time

This was the first Christmas Jason and I have been home since we were married.  It was so much fun to be able to share our favorite holiday with everyone in our family.  We spent Christmas morning at Jason's parents house, and had a delicious Christmas breakfast.  Denne made these tasty eggs that you boil in a plastic bag (kinda like omelets).  I did not think I was going to like them, but mine turned out so tasty that plan on making more for breakfast!  It was so much fun to watch Clark run around with his cousins and open presents.  Harry got an adorable little Giants hat from Aunt Jenny (THANKS!) and Clark go an Aqua-doodle that he loves to color on (and I enjoy not having to clean up the crayon mess so it is a present for me too).  We made it back to my parents just in time to finish off the smashed potatoes and turkey.  All my brothers and sisters were over, and my Granny and Gramps were still in town.  We were all smooshed in the front room (there was 17 of us), Mom and Papa definitely need to get a bigger house!  It was so much fun opening presents and spending the evening together.  Jason got me a necklace from my favorite jewelry store (Na Hoku), I have been wanting this particular necklace for almost 7 years...I was so surprised and excited I cried a little.  He also got me a perfume sample from Sephora with 10 tiny bottles of perfume, and I get to pick my favorite and then go to the store and exchange for a big bottle....yay so much fun!
The presents were awesome, the food was tasty....but what I loved the very most about Christmas this year was being with my family.  Those are the best gifts of all, sharing the laughs and jokes and memories.  I am so grateful we were able to fly home, and so thankful for everything everybody did to make our trip possible and more enjoyable.  I honestly can't express how much love and gratitude I have in my heart for our families...Jason and I are so lucky.  I made (another) slide show of the days highlights below.  Thanks again for everything (family and friends) we love you so much (yes, that means YOU!)

My Winter Wonderland

One of my favorite things about going home this winter was ALL the SNOW!  I love winter time so much, and I love it even more when it snows.  It was the first white Christmas I have had in about 6 years, and it was so beautiful.  I know I am in the minority, most anybody I know would die to trade places with me and come to the sunny tropical islands.  But it was so refreshing to have a real winter at Christmas time!!!!  Jason and I are a little out of practice when it comes to driving in bad weather, so we were stuck at home quite a bit, which did put a little damper on all our activities...but it was still fun to have family time.  Maybe next time we will be able to take Clark sledding or build a snowman...I can't wait!
Me and Cody in the snow.
I love it when the snow collects on branches like giant cotton balls.

December 22, 2008

On Monday December 22, we blessed Harrison at church.  We wanted to wait the few extra weeks until we came out to Utah so that my Dad and Jason's family could be a part of the special day.  We were also happy to have Laura's fiance Jamin participate in the blessing as well (we are exited to welcome him to the family).  Emma and Cody also planned to have Reese blessed on the same day.  It was so special to be gathered together, with both of our families and bless the little babies.  It will be a fun memory to look back on...and I thank Bishop Nerdin for doing all he did to make sure we were able to do it together.  Due to the snow storm that day most people could not make it, but we were very thankful for those that did come out.  I was a total space cadet that day and did not take one single picture...so I am very thankful for Gramps who took this family picture of us after the blessing.  
Little Reese looked like a tiny little angel in her giant poofy tutu dress, and Harry looked like a plump little toddler in his overalls.  They are both so precious, and truly a blessing from God.
Don't you just want to love her to pieces...

January 03, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. BJ Deimler

It's official!  BJ and Sabrina got married December 20, 2008.  It was a beautiful and touching ceremony.  Sabrina looked so pretty and her dress was gorgeous!  BJ looked so handsome in his new suit and cowboy boots.  Clark was not really into the whole wedding scene.  All he wanted to do was run around, and chase the other children, Jason missed most of the ceremony walking around with Clark outside.  Clark did not willingly sit down until the food was brought out...thank god for the cheese and chips!  Harry and his chubby thighs were quite an attraction, nobody could believe the size difference between him and Reese.  Thinking back on it now I should've charged $5 per peek of his fatty legs, I could've raked in a lot of money.  The thing I will remember the most is spending time with my family, I am so thankful that we were able to fly down and be apart of their special day.   

ps. The cake was so so tasty!

Here is a slide show of the days highlights:

January 02, 2009

Enchilada Party

We all got together Friday night (Dec. 19th) to celebrate BJ and Sabrina's upcoming wedding, and have a get to know you party for our families.   Mom made tons of tasty food, we had enchiladas, salad, brownies and ice cream.  I ate myself into a stupor...and Clark downed about 4 brownies, all before the opening prayer.  It was fun to hang out together, and get to know each other. 


Blind Eating

Clark does this really weird/funny thing where he tries to do things with his eyes closed.  Sometimes he will be eating, building his Legos or even just walking around the room.  I thought he was doing it to be funny and make us laugh, but I caught him doing it alone in his room (ha ha ha).  It is so funny to watch him eat with his eyes closed.  He will examine the air around him with his hands and head, peek sometimes to remember where is food is, and bang his fork/spoon on the table pushing his food around (I think trying to make is harder for him to find it).  Boy oh boy, he really gets into it!  He is such a crack up.

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Clark's First Hair Cut

We waited for Clark's first hair cut until we could go home and have Auntie Sabrina do it.  I was expecting that I would have to hold him down and sit on him, all the while kicking and screaming.  But he was so good!  He didn't cry, didn't squirm...he just sat in his seat eating his cookie.  Auntie did such a good (and fast) job...not to short and still lots of curls left.  Thanks so much Auntie Sabrina, you are a miracle worker.  Below is a video of his hair cut, further proof that he was a good boy.

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Meeting Reese

We were so excited to meet Little Reese when we went home.  Of-course, Clark couldn't have cared less that she was his newest cousin one look and he was off destroying Grandma's house.  But Harry loves her, and at one point he even tried to eat her little head.  We sized them up all afternoon giggling at the size difference.  Who can believe that they are only 2 weeks apart, Harry is almost 3x the size of her.  She is a tiny little angel, and you can't help but want to snuggle her to pieces.  I am so glad I FINALLY got to meet her, and I hope it isn't too long before I can hold her again.
Harry and Reese.  Littlest Giant.
The Deimler cousins, Clark, Harry and Reese.

January 01, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

 I just had to share this cute picture of The Chunk...he makes me giggle every time I see him.

I have some major catching up to do.  With our trip home, Christmas, BJ and Sabrina's wedding, trying to find a place for all of Clark's new toys, and spending almost every free moment I have on Facebook... I have had no time to sit and blog.  So, pop a bag of popcorn and stay tuned for some catch up blogs...