January 13, 2009

The Hills Are Alive

Clark is obsessed with the Sound of Music, and I don't even know how I did it.  We have a pile of kid friendly videos, and we always let him choose what movie he wants to watch.  Well, last week he chose Sound of Music.  I thought it was a fluke...he must of thought it was something else, but he watched it anyway.  He made it through half of the movie before he lost interest, and started destroying the kitchen.  I set it on the shelf and did not even think twice about it...until today.  He begged me all morning to watch it (in case you are wondering 'begging' involves throwing all the dvds on the floor one by one until he finds the one he wants, and then repeatedly throwing it at me, in my face mostly, until I put it on).  He was so excited.  He ohs and ahs all through the beginning when the are showing the Alps and beautiful country side.  He loves when the children come on and sing, but again watched only half the movie (I guess it is a little long).  After his nap he wanted to watch it AGAIN!  He was glued to the screen.  He made it to the part when the children sing "So Long, Farewell' at the party and then he was done (hm, I wonder if he thinks this is the end of the movie).  He tried to get us to put it on again after his bath  (yes, we do watch entirely too much tv at our house) but twice a day is enough for me.  I am not sure what he likes about it, but I am not complaining...it is probably my favorite movie of all time.  And it is nice to take a break form Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda.  I just wonder what peaked his interest, and what we will be watching tomorrow.


MKD Family said...

Hi I don't know if you remember me from Cleveland Ohio. I was a nany there with you and we hung out together. It was cool to find you blog hope we can catch up and keep in touch.

Kristen Dart
my e-mail is chlife77@hotmail.com
e-mail me if you remember me.
Cute kids

MKD Family said...

April my blog is MKDFamily.blogspot.com if youwant to see me to remember or
sorry so many comments

Anonymous said...

save the poor little baby jason i can see all ur football hopes and dreams go out the window with this one post quick quick put on a tivoed football game.

Anonymous said...

april the anonymous was me bj i dont know how to put my name up their

Rachael said...

oh that is so cute! we don't own anything like that so I am not sure if my boys would like it. They love the wiggles and that is a bunch of cheesy singing. So they might like it. Right now they are on a Thomas kick. They watch the same Thomas DVD every day.