March 27, 2012

Universal Studios

I figure now is as good a time as any to hop back on the blog wagon, or at least try to.  My days are so busy and I'm so tired having three kids... I just never have time to get on the computer.  But I feel so guilt ridden with the lack of pictures I take of Baby Sister, and no blog posts... so I am just going to start trying harder.  So here I go again....
Last week we left for a week long vacation to Orlando, Florida.  We went to Universal Studios and Disney World.  We've been planning this trip for almost a whole year now... so we were all very very excited.  We had Nana (my mom) fly out to go with us, there was no way we could do it without her, and the kids really enjoyed seeing her again.  Clark was so excited to get her from the airport.
Getting ready for her first roadtrip/
This was Charlie's first road trip, and vacation.  She did so well in the car, such a good girl.
I am so lucky to have such a good baby girl.
In fact all the kids did well, we didn't even have to plug in the van's DVD player until the last couple hours on the second day.  Harry loved to look out the windows while we drove, and Clark kept us cracking up the whole way.  And of corse Jay kept us all happy with plenty of stops and treats.
I didn't take any pictures at the state lines this time... just couldn't bring myself to drag the kids out the car every time (I'm such a lazy Mom).  But even without the pictures we did manage to cross three more states off our list, South Carolina (we've already been to North Carolina), Georgia and Florida.
We now officially have visited more than half the states in the USA :)
At the hotel.
Harry checking out the view from our hotel window.  We stayed at the Baymount, just 5 minutes from the Disney parks.  It wasn't the best place, but there was a lot of room, and we got a really good deal ($55 per night).  Nana stayed in the same room as us, and got a close up view of the craziness that is our family most nights.  And she survived, and still likes us :)

 Our first stop was Universal Studios!  
I was so excited.  I've been waiting to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter since I heard they were going to build it.  I could hardly sleep the night before.
Universal Studios, Nana, Clark, and Jason
Jason, Clark and Nana
I am not sure what Clark expected, we had been talking about our trip for the past couple months.
He kept on assigning us parts; he was to be Hagrid, I got to be Harry Potter, and Daddy was the rat!  Harry and Charlie were just extra kids.  His imagination can be so funny sometimes. I think he was excited even if he was a little overwhelmed too.
The Fam
Almost there...
Hogwarts Express.
 Clark recognized the Hogwarts Express train, and buildings immediately.
It was so surreal to see everything and we had so much fun.
Clark went on a ride with Daddy, and we watched the wand show at Olivanders.
Clark and I even picked out our own wands.  He choose Harry Potter's and I got Dumbledore's.
True story; After we got Clark's wand he opened it right away.  He kept swishing it all around waiting it for it to do something.  I think I even heard him say expecto patronum once or twice.  After a few minutes he looked at me, all confused and sad, and said "It's not working Mom, I tried swish and flick and everything...".
Poor little guy. I just told him he wasn't of age yet, he had to wait until he went to Wizard school.
Cute little Charlie, enjoying the day, even if she had to spend most of it in the stroller.
We had lunch at the Three Broomsticks (and it was actually pretty tasty).
Clark enjoying his Butterbeer.
Clark and Jason enjoying their Butterbeers.  We got a frozen one and a plain one.  
Jason's had this yummy whipped cream on the top of his.  
They tasted like cream soda, not my favorite flavor, but pretty good.  
Hmmm.... Butterbeer
Hmmm... Butterbeer.  I really feel like I'm in Hogsmeade now :)

My sweet Harry.
I tried to give Harry a taste, but he didn't want any.
He is such a cutie!  I was worried that the parks and long days were going too be overwhelming for him, but he did so well.  There were a couple low points, and upsets, but for the most part I can honestly say he had a really good time.  
He always seems to do well in new situations, as long as we stay together as a family.

Eating lunch at the Three Broomsticks.
Enjoying our lunch at the Three Broomsticks.


It's Hogwarts!  The castle was so impressive.  
We didn't manage to get on the big Harry Potter ride until later in the day.  
I was a big fat chicken, and I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted to go or not.  
I'm so glad that I finally decided to bite the bullet and do it.  My Mom and I went together :)  The line to the ride has you go through the castle, and there are moving portraits (just like the movie) and a lot of the same type of things from the movie sets.  It was amazing.  It wasn't a roller coaster, more like a video simulation ride, with sharp turns and effects.  It was cool, although still a little much for me.  I think I could do it again, but only once in awhile... I have to forget that panicky scared feeling I get, before I do it again (kinda like forgetting child birth, or morning sickness).  I loved seeing the characters, and feeling a part of the HP world, if only for a very small moment.  It was great, and probably one of the highlights of the day (maybe even the trip... I'm such a big boob for Harry Potter).
Charlie taking in all the sights.  
She is such a little flirt and actress.  She made so many new friends, and had a smile for every one.

Mommy and ClarkMe and my honey.
Me and Clark...and Jason.
I always always wish that I could/would take more pictures.
The first thing I said at the end of everyday was... why didn't I take more photos...
(It's so much harder with three kids now.)

Happy to be getting on a ride.
Harry waiting in line with Mommy and Daddy.  He was so happy!
Jason took the boys on the Jurassic Park ride earlier in the day...needless to say it scared the crap out of them (Clark is terrified of dinosaurs now).  It even scared me!  It took them awhile to trust him again when it came to rides (I don't blame them one bit).  But for the most part the boys really enjoyed riding the rides.

Little Miss Charlotte
Taking a break from the stroller, enjoying some sun, trying to eat the grass :)

Clark eating his chocolate frog.
Clark enjoying his chocolate frog.  He ate every last bite too, and they weren't small.

Nana and ClarkDaddy and Harry riding some rides.
Jason and Nana taking the boys on a ride.  Harry doesn't look happy in the picture, but trust me, he was.

Super excited Harry.Harry thinking about getting in the water.
Harry found some water to play in :)

Little Charlie
Little sister basking in the sun.  Look at those chubby little thighs, so pinch-able :)

Tired of waiting on Mommy.
Looks like the kids had it for the day.  So patient, waiting for Mommy to finish up some shopping and rides.  We sure wore them out.  Lots of sun, food, and running around...and it was only day one.  
We had so much fun!

We survived day one!

January 12, 2012

Remember When....

Remember that one time I had a blog.  And I wrote on it all the time.  And took cute pictures of my sweet babies, and posted them on the blog. 
That was awesome.
Then, remember that other time I had a baby... and everything else in my life went to pot.  
I feel so utterly overwhelmed and behind on everything.  I can't do anything anymore but stay on top of the very essential things, like feeding, and cleaning the kids.  
From driving Harry to therapy three to four times a week, school for the both the boys (at different times during the day), and keeping Charlie plumpy and happy I am spent, physically and emotionally.
No time for reading, working out, quilting, cleaning (up to my standards), taking pictures...or lastly blogging.
I don't know how other people do it.  I am tired all the time.
But rest assured I have a plan.  I am working on getting caught up, and sharing again.

October 08, 2011

Charlie is here!

Charlotte Lynn Marie
Born September 17, 2011
20 inches, 7.6 lbs

Here is the birthday video that Jason made for Charlotte, as is now tradition in our family.  I can't believe it has taken so long to get anything up online, we have been so busy getting used to having three kids, and having a baby in the house again... it's definitely a big adjustment ;)
She is such a pleasure to have.  I adore her tiny little-ness, and her coos and squeaks.  I forgot how much I love newborns, especially when they are mine.  The birth and delivery went fast and smooth, and is a good story to tell...which I will soon.  Her two middle names are after my sisters and my grandma, Laura Lynn, Emma Marie, and my Granny- Marie Deimler.  I have loved the name Charlotte since I was a young girl and read a book called Charlie, and I am so happy Jason loved the name as much as I did.  She is perfect, and so far really healthy.  I have loved every minute I have spent getting to know her, and these past three weeks have flown by so fast.  The only sad thing about finally having her here is now my baby boys seem so big and old.  I swear Harry aged three years over night, he's not so little anymore.

Charlie is just over a little three weeks old, the time is already slipping through my fingers.  She is growing longer, and plumping up a little.  I am so so sad I haven't taken as many pictures of her as I did with the boys.  I missed a lot of her teeny tiny newborn-ness (it makes me cry just thinking of it -hormones probably- I will never get those days back). 
I am just so happy she is finally here, and I am so glad to have a girl in the house.  She is a blessing.  She is a good baby, sleeps well and eats well, and so far loves me the most :)
I have been truly blessed as a Mother, I am so LUCKY.

Thank you to Jason, for making this sweet video. 
 He is such a good and proud Daddy, and he loves his new little girl.

September 26, 2011

Clark Talks

After posting something funny that Clark said, on Facebook, a friend of mine said, "Make sure you are writing all these things down so you don't forget". So here I am, hoping to remember to make a post every now and then of Clark's silliness.

A couple weeks ago there was definitely one for the books.  Clark spent the entire evening trying to convince us to put up the "trist-mis tree" so Santa could come.  He was reminding us where we had it up last year, and trying to get me to go in the garage to get it.  Looks like someone is getting present hungry.  I told him we have to have Halloween and Thanksgiving first... to which he replied, "oh, oooooooo kaaaaay Mom".

Lately whenever the door bell rings he thinks it is Baby Sister coming to visit.  He will run to the door, shouting " Baby Sisser is heeeerrrreeee".  It seems he is getting just as anxious as the rest of us, wondering when she is going to get here.  (Obviously this was before Baby Sister was actually here...but now she is.)

Jason thinks it is so funny when Clark, after not getting his way, balls up his little fists and stomps away saying, "I'm So mad".  I think it is bratty, and a little dramatic.... okay, and I guess a little funny too.

Clark loves to pray, at meals and bed time he has to go first.  He prays for everything, what he did that day,  what he wants to do the next day... sometimes he just names the things around the room.  The other night before dinner he was praying, after blessing his friend A-yori (Allori) and making some sort of bargain with God about picking up his toys and playing his video game (it was kinda hard to follow), he prayed for the food, "please bless the water and the ice, but not this yucky dinner".  We were having lasagna.  Apparently he did not like it, haha.  I love listening to him pray.  We don't prompt him as much as we used to, and I love it when he remembers to bless his family and friends.  It is very sweet.

A day or so after we came home from the hospital, with baby sister,  Clark walked in on my breast feeding the baby.  After a little giggle he said, "Oh, is Charlie drinking the water?"  And I said no, its milk.  He thought about it for awhile, giggled again, and then asked me for chocolate milk.

September 16, 2011

Back To School Night

Last night was back to school night at the boys school.  I was anxious to go and hear how they were both adjusting.  It has been a hectic two weeks, and I think we are all mostly adjusted to our new schedule, but I wanted to make sure the boys were doing okay at school too.
Clark was so excited to go show me his class, and his teacher.  I was so surprised at how well behaved he was in his class, a totally different Clark.  His teacher, Ms. Molly, said he is good at school (shocking).  He listens, and follows directions very well.  I honestly couldn't believe it.  I can't get him to listen to me at all, and it takes me forever to get him to do the simplest thing at home.  I guess if he is going to be good, and kind, the best place for him to do it is at school.  She also commented on how smart he is.  He can figure things out so fast, and is far above the other kids in his class.  She also doesn't seem to notice any issues with him focusing on things, or paying attention.... something I worry about all the time.  Sometimes I suspect he has ADD, just like his Dad did growing up (Clark and Jason are exactly the same sometimes), but his teacher said she hasn't noticed any red flags yet.  I am so happy he is doing so well... and a little relieved.
Harry's teacher, Ms. Jeni, is the sweetest.  She said Harry has his good days and bad days.  For one day of him being happy and not crying, and even participating a little, there are two or three days of tantrums, and head banging...and him just being miserable.  He seems to be happy on the bus (except for today he was really upset to leave), but as soon as he gets to school he gets upset.  She, Ms. Jeni, is so good with him. I can tell she just wants him to be happy and safe.  She has been trying so many different things with him, and is really getting the other therapists in the school involved.  She has the Occupational Therapist come in every day, to hold him and work with him.  She was telling me how the other day he spent all morning crying, and she was trying a new game with the kids that got Harry to laugh, and that she said was worth it all.  I was so touched, not something I would expect a teacher to say.  I am hoping in a couple more weeks Harry will be used to his new routine, and maybe be on a better sleep schedule.
I am so happy the boys are doing well, or as well as can be expected.  I am so happy with the school, and teachers this year, much more than last year.  Harry's teacher sends me notes home everyday, and I really feel like they care about my whole family.

September 09, 2011

First Day of School!

We were all very nervous for the first day of school, well everyone but Clark.  I was worried for Harry, and worried Baby Sister would come and I would miss it.  Harry was just plain nervous about everything, it was all too new for him.  And Jason was worried about everyone, but mostly about Harry. The Friday before school started was meet your teacher day; Clark loved his new teacher and classroom and showed off his mad Lego building skills, Harry screamed, tried to bite us and wanted nothing to do with it.  I cried the whole time... not because I didn't want them to go to school, but don't want Harry to miserable and sad all day.  And I didn't want people to be mean to him, or not like him...because he was the bad kid who cries and bites.  Oy! I was a mess.  (Very embarrassing.)
I don't think anyone slept the night before school, well except Clark, he is such a good boy.  
Going to school.
Daddy and Harry. 
 I like this picture, because you can't see or hear how bad Harry was crying.
Sad HarryHarry
So many tears. 
 I think he was mostly just mad to be away from his morning routine.  Things were too new, and Harry has such a hard time with transitions.  Also, I don't think he liked wearing his back-pack.
This is how we had to drop him off.  We just handed him to the teacher, and sort of ran away.
Nothing we could do.
I was sick to my stomach.
Harry was crying, I was crying... and even Clark was crying, 
because he didn't understand that he was going to afternoon school and had to wait a few more hours.  
It was a very stressful morning, poor Jason did a good job holding us altogether.
Clark very smiley and excited for school.  I love his enthusiasm and love of learning.  
He waited all morning by the door, with his back-pack on.  
Jason gave him a watch to keep track of time, and he knew when the little hand got to 11 that it was time to go.  
I'm so proud of him!  I think he is going to get so much from pre-school this year.  He has been learning so much lately, and retains the information better.  His talking has improved a 100 times, and I know the routine of school will only help.  There are still a lot of things he still needs to work on, like being understood when he talks.  His little mind moves so fast I think it is hard for him to get the words out fast enough to keep up, it makes him hard to understand (most of the time).  I also hope he learns how to listen and follow directions better.  We worked on it all summer, but I wasn't very successful.
Hahaha! Fake smile!
This picture makes me laugh so so much.  
For some reason this summer he has forgotten how to smile.  It's always this weird cheesy fake smile.
((This picture reminds me of that episode of Friends when Chandler has to take engagement pictures with Monica and can't smile.))
There is my handsome BIG boy!
Praying for another good year at school.
Clark and Mommy waiting to pick up Harry, and for Clark's turn for school.

The bus system we so messed up the first day, so we opted to just take the boys to school, 
and have them start the bus when things got more organized.
Is that a hint of a smile???  I think so.
The second day of school start out much better than the first.  
He even seemed a little happy waiting for the bus.
Waiting for the bus.
Cute little nugget waiting for his bus.
Watching the bus approach.  He was so curious.
He was tugging on my hand like he was scared and nervous, and I could tell the noise of the bus was really bothering him...  BUT he got on the bus, on his own (mostly) without any crying.  I was afraid he would lose it when I didn't get in the bus with him, but he did a very very well.  And his teacher even told me he wasn't crying when he got off the bus! Succsess!
On the bus.
My big boy on the bus.  Not happy or excited, yet, but we will get there.

We survived the first week of school.
I really like the boys teachers a lot!
Harry's teacher, Ms. Jeni, writes me a note everyday telling me how he did.  
There has been less and less crying and head banging.  She said he likes computer time a lot, 
and doesn't seemed bothered being seat-belted in the chair for circle time.  
Even though it is such a crazy schedule, having the boys coming and going at different times (I see the bus driver 4 times a day!), I like that I get to have alone time with each of them during the day.  It is so good for Clark, and for Harry, to have that one on one time with Mommy,
 and time to de-stress without them bothering each other. 
It is going to be so busy when Baby Sister comes, 
I am glad she let us have the first week to get used to things :)  
But she is welcome to come anytime now.  
((For reals baby, GET OUT!))

September 07, 2011

Wordless Wednesday-Funny Faces

August 23, 2011
Big Tuna. Little Tuna.
Mommy and Clark


Mom and a little Harry.
Excited Mommy, and a slightly happy Harry.

Warrior Games

Jason made this video from when he volunteered at the Warrior Games in Colorado earlier this year.
He loved going and volunteering, he talked about it for weeks and weeks after wards.  I know he is looking forward to going again next year.  He likes that the job he is doing now allows him to help out with Navy Safe Harbor,  they are such a good group that do good for a lot of people.  I am proud of all the work he does for our family, he is such a good Dad and husband,
 and I am thankful that he can even enjoy some of it from time to time.

All the pictures and video he took came from he cell phone.  Cool huh?

September 03, 2011

Oh! The cuteness of Harry.

Sweet little Harry.
Pit Stop
He is the cutest!
Sad Harry
He is still cute, even when he cries.
Striking a pose by the car.  Looking so grown-up, and handsome.
Looking cute all ready for church, with his spiky hair -which by the way, he hates.
I love you little nugget.

September 02, 2011


Last weekend the Bosko Family had ourselves a little evacuation-vacation.  With hurricane Irene heading our way, a feisty baby who won't stop giving me contractions, and the potential of Jason having to leave for work any minute, we decided it would be safer to get out of town.  Thankfully Jason's work let him come with us... sometimes it's nice to have the pregnancy card to play :)
We drove north-west, to Harrisonburg, VA, with some of our friends
 and had a nice little weekend away.
Clark and Daddy
Daddy and Clark chilling in the motel, Motel 6 that is.  Good thing we found a vacancy.  So many hotels were booked with other people escaping the storm (one of the reasons we had to travel so far out). Almost everyone in our hotel was from the Hampton Roads area, except our neighbors, the traveling Mariachi band from Indiana.
Harry reading his books.
Harry doesn't always do well with new situations, but he seemed good this time around.  I don't know if it was because we didn't spend a lot of time in the room, or if its because we went with some friends too, but he seemed happier.  The funny thing is, earlier that week we snuck along with Jason on a work trip to DC.  Harry had a miserable time in that hotel (and it was much much nicer).  Maybe since we already had a practice run, he realized that we weren't going to be gone too long, and we would be home soon.
Clark has really started to enjoying drawing.  I love to watch him concentrate, and he is pretty good.  He certainly has his Dad's imagination and artistic abilities (since I have none, haha).
Hiding in the shelf. 
One little monkey jumping on the bed.
Jumping on the bed!!!
The next day, when the storm was scheduled to hit Virginia Beach, we took the kids to the local Children's Museum.  We had planned to go swimming, but it was a bit stormy outside.  
I am sure all of Harrisonburg was delighted with all the extra business.  
The people at the Children's Museum said it had never been so busy.  
Harry enjoyed exploring things and different toys, and playing with Thomas the Train.
Clark milking a cow.Making a project.
Clark had fun making an art project, running around like a crazy person, and milking Bessie the cow.
(Papa Deimler would be so proud.)
Towards the evening we started losing power in certain parts of town, as the storm got close, but we were safe, and having lots of fun.
Enjoying a show on the drive home.
Harry enjoying the ride home, watching Daddy's iPod.
We had to stop at six different lunch places on the way home, before we could find one with power, but luckily enough our house had power when we got home.  There was no damage at all, just a messy yard with twigs and leaves all around.  The sun was shining so bright, you couldn't even tell it had rained the day before.  We were very fortunate the storm wasn't stronger and there wasn't more damage where we lived... and also that I didn't have the baby early in a strange town during a storm.
Our first real hurricane, and evacu-cation.