September 02, 2011


Last weekend the Bosko Family had ourselves a little evacuation-vacation.  With hurricane Irene heading our way, a feisty baby who won't stop giving me contractions, and the potential of Jason having to leave for work any minute, we decided it would be safer to get out of town.  Thankfully Jason's work let him come with us... sometimes it's nice to have the pregnancy card to play :)
We drove north-west, to Harrisonburg, VA, with some of our friends
 and had a nice little weekend away.
Clark and Daddy
Daddy and Clark chilling in the motel, Motel 6 that is.  Good thing we found a vacancy.  So many hotels were booked with other people escaping the storm (one of the reasons we had to travel so far out). Almost everyone in our hotel was from the Hampton Roads area, except our neighbors, the traveling Mariachi band from Indiana.
Harry reading his books.
Harry doesn't always do well with new situations, but he seemed good this time around.  I don't know if it was because we didn't spend a lot of time in the room, or if its because we went with some friends too, but he seemed happier.  The funny thing is, earlier that week we snuck along with Jason on a work trip to DC.  Harry had a miserable time in that hotel (and it was much much nicer).  Maybe since we already had a practice run, he realized that we weren't going to be gone too long, and we would be home soon.
Clark has really started to enjoying drawing.  I love to watch him concentrate, and he is pretty good.  He certainly has his Dad's imagination and artistic abilities (since I have none, haha).
Hiding in the shelf. 
One little monkey jumping on the bed.
Jumping on the bed!!!
The next day, when the storm was scheduled to hit Virginia Beach, we took the kids to the local Children's Museum.  We had planned to go swimming, but it was a bit stormy outside.  
I am sure all of Harrisonburg was delighted with all the extra business.  
The people at the Children's Museum said it had never been so busy.  
Harry enjoyed exploring things and different toys, and playing with Thomas the Train.
Clark milking a cow.Making a project.
Clark had fun making an art project, running around like a crazy person, and milking Bessie the cow.
(Papa Deimler would be so proud.)
Towards the evening we started losing power in certain parts of town, as the storm got close, but we were safe, and having lots of fun.
Enjoying a show on the drive home.
Harry enjoying the ride home, watching Daddy's iPod.
We had to stop at six different lunch places on the way home, before we could find one with power, but luckily enough our house had power when we got home.  There was no damage at all, just a messy yard with twigs and leaves all around.  The sun was shining so bright, you couldn't even tell it had rained the day before.  We were very fortunate the storm wasn't stronger and there wasn't more damage where we lived... and also that I didn't have the baby early in a strange town during a storm.
Our first real hurricane, and evacu-cation.

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Rachael said...

Despite having to evacuate you guys look like you had lots of fun! I especially love the picture of Harry jumping on the bed. That is what my boys do every time they get to a hotel. Glad you stayed safe!