September 01, 2011

A Mini Jason

Sometimes I am astounded how much Clark is like me, and Jason.  I don't really see it in his looks, although everyone says he looks like Jason.  But I do see it in his expressions, and his especially his personality and attitude.
He is all me when it comes to his attitude, temper, and moodiness.  
We (Clark and I) don't like to be told what to do, or when to do it.  Just like his Momma, he can sleep in all day, today he didn't even get up til 11am.  When he is mad, he is mad and there is nothing you can do to change his mind. 
But like his Daddy, he is easy to laugh, and loves to joke around, always thinking everything is a game. He can go all day long, as long as we are doing something fun.  Such a sense of adventure.  He is eager to please and happy, just like Jason too.  And he loves to be around people.  

He is just a cute little mini Jason, with a dash of his Mom's orneriness.


Rachael said...

Haha! Oh Clark you are the best!

MKD Family said...

April I know how you feel I lost 28lbs and my second I lost 26lbs But I was sick the entire time till I delivered. Hope all is well