November 27, 2009

A Day For Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving 2009  Daddy had to hold Clark down :)
I really have so much to be thankful for!  
I feel like sometimes I get too caught up in all the negatives; all the chores I have to do, all the money problems, Jason's annoying habits, the boys messiness, the humidity and mold, the BUGS, all the little things that drive you mad, yet at the end of the day they don't matter a bit.  I am thankful for my boys, and my family.  I am thankful for my friends that help me get through the day.  I am thankful for Jason's job and the security it offers, and food it puts on the table.  I am thankful for the gospel in my life, and the guidance and comfort it brings me and my family.  I am thankful we get to live in Hawaii, and all the experiences it has brought my family (and I am thankful we get to move again, and discover even more).  I am thankful for my health, and even more so that my children are healthy.  I am thankful that I know who I am, and what this life is for, where I belong.  I am filled with graditute for all I have and hold dear, and not just on this day of giving thanks, but everyday.
My beautiful, funny, happy baby boys.  
We had a great Thanksgiving with our neighbors/friends.  We had our turkey and ham cooked overnight in the imu, which does cause it to be a little dry, but with a delicious smokey taste.  We all split up the rest of the meal, so nobody had to cook too much, and set up outside.  It was a beautiful day, with cool breezes and lots of sun.  We spent the afternoon enjoying each others company, and Clark's shenanigans.  Good food, friends, family...what is better than that!

November 26, 2009

This time it is official!!!

I know last time was a false alarm, but this time it is FOR REAL!  Clark can say Mommy!  And it even sounds like Mommy, and he even said it more than once (so I wouldn't be mistaken like last time).  We were sitting in a circle taking pictures, and he was pointing to everyone in the family, making sure they got a picture: first Daa-dee, then Babe (Harry), then My (that is what he calls himself), and then Maa-mee.  I love how he says each syllable so exaggerated.  He wasn't asking for milk, or a movie (like last time), he was just talking about ME!  This is totally the (REAL, not fake like last time) highlight of my week!

November 25, 2009

Babe Bruddah

That is what Clark calls Harry, Babe Bruddah.  I love it.  He is not such a baby anymore.  He has gone through another growth spurt, and is now even taller than before and he weighs in at a plumpy 33 pounds (Clark weighs 34).  He loves to run, and uses this as his favorite mode of transportation... he is constantly falling down and running into things, but will get right up and run again anyway.  He loves to play outside, and bolts for the front door whenever it is opened.  He still loves his Backyardigans, and dancing along to the songs.  He is so easy... just happy and playful.  I often feel like he gets over looked, because Clark is so demanding and requires so much extra attention, and Harry is just happy, quiet and so laid back. We are constantly trying to find ways to spend alone time with just Harry.  I love the quiet time I get in the morning before Clark gets up, just me and Baby Bruddah cuddling, singing songs, reading books.  AND, I love love love that he has learned to give kisses, even though it is more of a slobbery head-butt.

Clark's First Train Track

Clark LOVES trains, loves them!!  Everything is about trains right now, train shows (Polar Express twice a day), train rides (the monorail at the mall), train name it, if it has something to do with trains Clark is all over it.  Jason and I spend the majority of our time building and re-building tracks for him, it losses its fun around the 50th time.  I imagine my delight when I found he had finally learned to make his own train track.  Now, if I could just get him to pick up all his trains when he is done :)

November 22, 2009

Her Fearful Symmetry

Her Fearful Symmetry  by Audrey Niffenegger

✭✭✭ 1/2 stars (out of 5 stars)

I liked the book, and I like Audrey's writing style.  I liked the whole concept of the twins, and the mystery of their parents past.  I loved the spookiness of it, and atmosphere.  
I hated the ending, it felt rushed and rather depressing.  I felt like she really didn't stay true to the characters, and made the "way out of the problem" too simple, without backing it up.  I also thought that there was on to many characters that, while very interesting, didn't contribute to the book.  Kinda messy.  Also, there was one thing about Elspeth (the ghosty) that drove me CRAZY!!
Overall, good read, I mostly liked it.  Just doesn't compare to Time Traveler's Wife, which I loved.  One thing I really like about her books: they seem timeless.  When I am reading I can picture the characters or situations during anytime, the only time I am pulled back into the 20th century is when they mention a rock band, cell phone, or some other modern convenience.  I like that about books.

November 20, 2009


Clark called me Mama last night, for the first time ever! 
He has been saying Daddy or Dad for about a year now.  He picks Jason out of all the pictures, calls for him, asks for him...and when Jason comes home from work he gets a happy "yay Daddy" shriek from Clark.  Poor plumpy Mommy gets nothing...until last night.  I was siting in the bedroom  folding laundry, when Clark walks in, climbs on the bed, points to me and says 'Maa'.  The he just turned around an left.  That's all, just Maa, no request for anything, no hug or kiss...just letting me know who I was, in case I forgot.  I am so happy he can finally call for me, over the moon with joy.  Now, just patiently waiting for him to do it I know I wasn't dreaming last night.

It turns out that Clark was not saying Mama :(  He was asking for milk.  He only likes to say the first syllable of words, so it is easy to get confused.  Poor me, I guess I still have to wait for him to say my name.

November 18, 2009

A Poopy Update

We are going to take a break from the potty training for awhile.  I have been doing a lot of reading, (and a lot of listening, from all my friends advice, thanks).  And I when it is all said and done, I just don't think Clark is ready.  He lacks the maturity and focus that I think he needs to make it successful, and I don't want to got through months of torture trying to get it right.  I will re-evaluate the situation when he turns three, in just four months, and go from there (actually, I think we may just wait until we move next spring).  Until then, I will just set him on the potty once or twice a day, continue to talk about it, and let him pee outside whenever he wants.  I will also be putting all his diapers on backwards, with lots of duct tape :)  
Thanks everyone for the awesome advice, and support.

November 16, 2009

Pixar, how could we live without you?

The Bosko family has finally added the newest Pixar release to our video collection!  I wasn't sure how much the boys would like this movie, it is a bit sad and dramatic in places, and when we watched it in the theater Clark had a hard time sitting still.  
Well Pixar, I will never doubt you again.  We have only had the dvd for three days, and we have already watched it six times...the boys are currently watching their seventh showing.
Harry loves the dogs and the silly bird, but his favorite is the short film at the beginning...the one about the storks and clouds.  He giggles the entire time he watches it.  I could watch it over and over, just to see him giggle and bounce with delight.
Clark does get a little worried during Up's action scenes, but he really loves it so much.  He had been dragging around this balloon we got a Toys R Us for days...I think he is waiting for it to take him UP in the air.  The thing that has touched me the most, broke my little Mommy heart, was during the first time we watched it (at home); Clark teared up at the beginning, when Ellie died, and with big crocodile tears in his eyes, said 'oh no, oh no'.  I am glad he is learning to be sympathetic to others feelings, even if it is only during the steps.  
We sure do love Pixar, everything they put out is magical, my little boys couldn't live without them.

November 13, 2009

What to do next??

I have reached my limit of patience.  Actually, I am pretty sure that I reached two weeks ago...I am not sure how I keep going, or how Clark is still alive.
For the last six weeks, Clark had taken every opportunity he has to strip off all his clothes and diaper...and do his business on the floor.  And by business, I mean the dreaded pee and poop.  (You may remember that Jason and I gave up our old puppy Roxy for this same reason!)
The pooh/horror stories are unbelievable!  It doesn't matter how close I watch him, he waits until the moment I leave the room, or I am busy with Harry, and off it goes.  It is so disgusting.  The pooh everywhere...the smell, the not knowing for sure where exactly he sat or went in the house.  I doesn't matter how much cleaning supplies I use, the smell is burned in my nose.  The worst are the not so tidy poops, the ones that come the day after a nacho fest or a day of only eating hot dogs.  It seriously makes me want to die.
I know it is time to start potty training, but I have no idea how to go about it.  He doesn't tell me when he has to go, or even that he already did.  He barely communicates at all.  He has NO interest in sitting on the toilet, or the little potty.  He doesn't care about any of it.  I can't get him to focus.  He has seen me and Jason use the bathroom, we have no privacy since he has learned to open doors.  He just doesn't make the connection from what we are doing on the toilet, to what he is doing on the floor, the backyard, his bed, the bath tub, or anywhere else he feels like going.  
We got pull-ups and a little potty for him.  What do I do next?  I have no idea where to start.

November 12, 2009

The Witch of Portobello

The Witch of Portobello  by Paulo Coelho

✭✭ (out of 5 stars)

Well, to be honest. I did not really like the book.  I have a lot of mixed feelings. If I had to choose one word about the book, it would be... lacking. The story could have been so much more, and much better written. I liked the characters enough, but they seemed so shallow...not much depth. I did not like the way he told the story either, jumping back and forth, from a reporters point of view.  I also thought the ending was very disappointing.
I did like some of the thoughts and concepts that Athena, the main character, talked about and explored.  
I really think that there was a good idea for a story, I just didn't like the way it was executed by Paulo. It seemed to me like he was trying to be deep and talk about all these spiritual things...but just fell a little short of the mark. 
I am curious about his other book, The I am going to try that one too, eventually.

November 08, 2009

Harry and his blankey.

Harry and his favorite blankey.
Harry never really needed or cared too much for his pacifier and blankest...that is until about a month ago.  We can't go anywhere with out his Wall-E blanket...or pacifier.  I was really hoping we weren't going to have another baby attached to a binky...but for some reason all of the sudden he HAS to have it.  I wish I knew what changed...
He is so cute with it.  He rubs it on his face, and caresses it with his fingers, he smells it and hugs it oh so tight... it's precious.

A visit from Little Reese.

Emma, Cody and Little Reese came out to Hawaii last week.  It was so fun to see them, and play at the beach.  Reese has gotten so big since the last time I saw her, she is a total delight to be around.  She has the cutest little personality, and infectious smile...I already miss her so much.
This was the best picture I could get with the cousins, they were so not cooperating for Auntie!  I wish they could've had more time to run around together and play together.
Playing in the sand with Auntie Emma.  Clark always enjoys going to the beach, but I think he had much more fun playing with other people (besides boring Mommy).

Clark and Auntie Emma.  Clark had fun telling Auntie all his new words and tricks.

The week went by way too fast...but I was so glad we got to spend some time together.  I hope Little Reese remembers me a little bit, cause I could never forget that smile.

Flying With Daddy

The boys love flying with Daddy.  Clark says Up, Up, UP!  Poor Jason's arms get so tired, he has to toss them over and over and over.

I think it is funny when it was Harry's turn.  He was too busy eating a stick to even care that he was flying through the air.

I love these nights, playing outside in the warm night air.  Looking at the stars, chasing the cat (Gary), talking and sharing our day.  Nothing beats the love of a family.

November 06, 2009


Middlesex  by Jefrey Eugenides

✭✭✭ (out of 5 stars)

I liked this author, more than the book.  I loved the way he described things, and wrote of the characters.  I was sucked into their world.  BUT I didn't really care too much about their world.  The characters were interesting enough, but I really didn't have too much invested in them.
The story follows three generations of the Stephanides family, thier imagration to America from Greece, and a family secret that forver alters the life of Calliope.  Calliope or Cal was rasied a girl, at the age of 14 finds out she is an hermaphordite.  She runs away from home, to find herself and escape a procedure that would have decided the rest of her life for her.  (As you can see I mostly idenified with Cal as girl.)  I was annoyed how the author choose to protray Cal's "change".  He spent so much time and detail writing her story, but when it came to one of the most important parts of the book (why she chooses to become a boy) I felt so left out and a little confused.

November 02, 2009

Halloween 2009!

Halloween was so much fun this year!  I am not real big on Halloween or dressing up, but having kids has made this holiday so much more fun for me and Jason... and the whole family.
Clark went as Buzz Lightyear, probably his favorite Pixar character.  I was worried he was gonna hate dressing up, but he loved it...and kept looking at himself in the mirror.  I love the way his curls spiral out of his space is to die for.  I know this picture doesn't look like it, but he did have a lot of fun on Halloween night.  He was chasing all the little girls around at the mall, and pretending to fly.
Harry went as the chunkiest little Nemo ever.  He looked so adorable in his costume.  He was probably the hit of the night.  I can even count how many times we got stopped so people could take a picture of him, or pinch his fatty little cheeks.  The best part was when he walked/waddled his little tail in the back flicked back and forth like he was swimming.
Jay went as House.  He has been watching this show a lot lately, with his friends at work.  He worked on his costume for weeks, and tired it on like 30 times, he can be such a girl sometimes :).  He was so excited when people actually recognized who he was (and wanted his picture, ha ha ha) and he even won me a iTunes gift card at his work party, for best costume.
We like to go to the mall for Trick or Treating, cause it is more lit up (and the stores give good coupons and candy).  Clark tends to be a little scared of all the adult costumes and scary stuff of Halloween, so at the mall he feels safer and has more fun.  They got tired of it pretty fast, and only wanted to eat after one round of the stores we went to play and eat CANDY!
Our Family Halloween 2009
Me and my boys.  I couldn't find a costume I liked, that didn't cost $50... so I just pulled out the ever reliable bunny ears.  Clark thought I looked so funny, and kept telling me "uh-oh ears, uh-oh nose", I guess he thought they didn't match?!
Here is our cat-o-lantern :)  We didn't set aside any time to carve pumpkins until Halloween night.  Clark was terrified of it lit up, thanks to the Monsters vs. Aliens Mutant Pumpkins Halloween special.  But I think he turned out pretty cute.  
On another note, I highly recommend Halloween costumes from the Disney Store.  We got our costumes from Disney Store online (on sale even) they are really well made, great materials and comfortable.  Harry's costume was so soft and fit perfectly, and Clark's even had blinking lights that worked.  Super quality and not a bad price, just FYI.   I hope everyone had as much fun on Halloween as we did!  I am really looking forward to next year.  We are working on matching costumes, for the whole family.  It is gonna be awesome ;)

A Beautiful Family Day

Saturday afternoon, before Trick or Treating, and the candy coma that followed...we had a fun family afternoon at the North Shore.
We went to Turtle Beach.  One of my favorite beaches to go to, not really for swimming, but just to walk and relax and soak up some sun.  It was such a warm and sunny couldn't have been more beautiful.
In the past the boys have really loved to see the turtles.  But for some reason Clark was so afraid this time.  They are pretty big and intimidating up close, and I am sure Clark thought the turtle was gonna charge him (our neighbors keep a turtle in the back yard at home, and he does chase after Clark, ha ha ha).  So, needless to say we did not spend much time watching turtles.
Jason taking the boys for a walk, they sure do love their Dad.  The boys would giggle and howl with laughter every time the waves would crash up and catch their toes.
I am always trying to attempt a picture of the boys together.  I am sure one of these days, they will both be smiling and looking at the camera at the same time...until then I will keep snapping away.  (This time the waves were distracting them.)
My little boys.  They were both eyeing the turtle, making sure it wasn't gonna sneak up on us.  I think Clark was keeping it away by sheer force of his glare.  What a fun family doesn't get better than this, I am sure.