November 18, 2009

A Poopy Update

We are going to take a break from the potty training for awhile.  I have been doing a lot of reading, (and a lot of listening, from all my friends advice, thanks).  And I when it is all said and done, I just don't think Clark is ready.  He lacks the maturity and focus that I think he needs to make it successful, and I don't want to got through months of torture trying to get it right.  I will re-evaluate the situation when he turns three, in just four months, and go from there (actually, I think we may just wait until we move next spring).  Until then, I will just set him on the potty once or twice a day, continue to talk about it, and let him pee outside whenever he wants.  I will also be putting all his diapers on backwards, with lots of duct tape :)  
Thanks everyone for the awesome advice, and support.


Aunt Jenny said...

Yeah, its pretty clear he's not ready. I would fear pushing it would give him wierd hangups as an adult...who wants to be responsible for that? People push kids too fast competetion...or seeing them as mini adults, which they are not.

Good call Mama

michaela said...

Way to go mom! You are his only advocate and I love how you are taking the reins on this and doing what is right for one of the only other people you know BETTER than yourself!