November 16, 2009

Pixar, how could we live without you?

The Bosko family has finally added the newest Pixar release to our video collection!  I wasn't sure how much the boys would like this movie, it is a bit sad and dramatic in places, and when we watched it in the theater Clark had a hard time sitting still.  
Well Pixar, I will never doubt you again.  We have only had the dvd for three days, and we have already watched it six times...the boys are currently watching their seventh showing.
Harry loves the dogs and the silly bird, but his favorite is the short film at the beginning...the one about the storks and clouds.  He giggles the entire time he watches it.  I could watch it over and over, just to see him giggle and bounce with delight.
Clark does get a little worried during Up's action scenes, but he really loves it so much.  He had been dragging around this balloon we got a Toys R Us for days...I think he is waiting for it to take him UP in the air.  The thing that has touched me the most, broke my little Mommy heart, was during the first time we watched it (at home); Clark teared up at the beginning, when Ellie died, and with big crocodile tears in his eyes, said 'oh no, oh no'.  I am glad he is learning to be sympathetic to others feelings, even if it is only during the steps.  
We sure do love Pixar, everything they put out is magical, my little boys couldn't live without them.


smiles said...

Darn 'kid' movies making me cry!

Seriously though, I like when the kid movies insert life lessons and such.

Caleb said...

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