November 20, 2009


Clark called me Mama last night, for the first time ever! 
He has been saying Daddy or Dad for about a year now.  He picks Jason out of all the pictures, calls for him, asks for him...and when Jason comes home from work he gets a happy "yay Daddy" shriek from Clark.  Poor plumpy Mommy gets nothing...until last night.  I was siting in the bedroom  folding laundry, when Clark walks in, climbs on the bed, points to me and says 'Maa'.  The he just turned around an left.  That's all, just Maa, no request for anything, no hug or kiss...just letting me know who I was, in case I forgot.  I am so happy he can finally call for me, over the moon with joy.  Now, just patiently waiting for him to do it I know I wasn't dreaming last night.

It turns out that Clark was not saying Mama :(  He was asking for milk.  He only likes to say the first syllable of words, so it is easy to get confused.  Poor me, I guess I still have to wait for him to say my name.


The Quaid's said...

Yay for Clark! And I bet your heart just melted... enjoy the many more mama's to come!

Aunt Jenny said...

He's messing with ya.

I'm sure of it. All men are alike no matter what size. If they know you really want something they'll tease you with it forever. I can see him introducing you to people at his graduation..."this is my Dad & April"
Just kidding

April said...

I am postitive that is exactly what he is doing Auntie, little bogger.

Anonymous said...

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