March 31, 2011

The One That Is Trying To Kill Me

We are having a baby!
  A really mean and sadistic baby, that is trying to slowly kill me.
We are having a baby.
I know I've already made the big announcement, so much of this post will be anti-climatic.
 Mostly just a little journaling for me, and my growing family.

I found out I was pregnant at the end of January.  It was not too big of a surprise, since we had talked it over for some time and knew we wanted to try to have a baby in 2011. I just didn't think Heavenly Father would take that date so literally....  I am pretty sure we conceived January 1.  (Is that to much information??? Ha ha ha.)  Jason was out of town in Utah when I found out, and even though I was dying to tell him, I had to wait and tell him face to face.  I told him I was pregnant with Clark over the phone, and regretted it ever since.
Surprise Daddy!
Clark and I drew this little sign to take to the airport and surprise him.  Clark was so excited to tell him about the new baby, although I suspect much of the actual meaning of the surprise was over his little curly head.  As our luck would have it Jason's plane arrived early, and instead of ambushing him inside, he was waiting for us.  Which meant he had to read the sign in the dark car, and completely missed what it said.  I had to redirect him to it twice, and tell him to read it all, carefully.  He was so happy and excited.  A little shocked, and then of course he couldn't hide his manly pride of having made another baby.  Jason stated immediately that it was a girl, he was sure of it this time.  However, I like to remind him that he thought both Clark and Harry were girls, even though I told him over and over Harry was a boy (I knew right away with that one).

I was sick almost immediately.  With Clark and Harry I had a few bad days, mostly through the 2nd and 3rd months.  I don't remember it ever being as bad as this pregnancy has been.  Starting around week 5, I couldn't eat anything, and if I did, I just barfed it up. Everything.  After a while I couldn't even drink anymore.  It would take me an hour to gag down a glass of water, only to barf it up minutes later.  I tried sipping soda, cold tea, ice water... anything and everything, and nothing would stay down.  I was sure it was all in my mind, and I was embarrassed for feeling so sick, so soon.  Finally one day, when I was about 7 weeks along, Jason dragged me to the doctor.  She told me leave and go straight to the ER, I was severely dehydrated.  I spent the next several hours being pumped full of fluids and meds.  They checked the baby while I was there, and much to my relief it was doing fine, heart beat and all.  They sent me home and I was great for about a week.  They gave me Zofran and Phenergan, and even though I didn't like the side effects, at least I could eat and drink again.  Then slowly I started getting sicker and sicker.  Dizzy, headaches, unable to eat anything again, then drink anything.  I tried to get into the doctors again, but the wait was so long for my Ob-Gyn.  I kept on thinking I was crazy, how could I honestly be THIS sick, it must all be in my head.  We were canceling everything, school, Harry's therapy appointments, church, playgroups.  I just laid on the couch, trying not to move, trying not to barf... trying not to cry.  I had lost about 18 lbs by this point -which is not that outstanding considering how over weight I am.  It wasn't long before Jason forced me to go to the ER again. Once again, severely dehydrated.  I was sure they were going to tell me I lost the baby, positive they weren't going to find a heartbeat.  But everything was normal, she was growing quite nicely, and the heartbeat was really strong.  The doctor did diagnose me with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is just a fancy word for "pregnant lady who can't stop barfing".  Ok, so I wasn't totally crazy, and this wasn't normal "morning sickness"... but I still needed to be able to take care of myself, my family, and the tiny mean baby growing inside of me.  
I got more meds, and the ER doctor helped me to get into my Ob-Gyn sooner.  My new doctor is fantastic.  Best one I have ever gone to.  She did a really thorough exam, gave me more than enough meds and help.  I'm starting to feel more like my normal self, albeit pregnant and tired... but thankfully  not barfing.  As of now,  I am 15 weeks, and I haven't had to take any medicine in 3 whole days, and I am still eating, and drinking.  This baby has sure done quite a number on me.  We don't call her anything but Mean Baby... and yes you heard that right,  I do think it is a HER this time (even though I am trying not to get my hopes up).  We are going to have to think of another nickname, since I am sure she won't appreciate being called Mean Baby :)
I'm so thankful the baby is healthy, and I'm glad we have made it this far.  These past 10 weeks have been really rough on me, and the whole family.  I pray everyday that everything with the baby will turn out fine and normal, and that I don't get sick again... I read that most women who suffer from Hypermesis Gravidarum will be sick off and on through out  their entire pregnancy, I hope I am part of the other half who doesn't.  I will never take my health for granted ever again.
I'm so excited to be having another baby, so excited and nervous!!

March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday, with a few words- Spring is coming!

Spring is coming... or at least it is trying to.
Spring is coming.
The weather here has been such a roller coaster, 80's one day, 30's the next.
It even almost snowed a little yesterday.
Spring is coming.
I took these pictures in Jamestown last week (March 25).  I love seeing the trees and flowers start to bloom.  It is such a refreshing view, from the dead and bare trees, and brown ground everywhere.
Spring is coming.
This winter has been pretty rough on all of us... It was fun and so different at the beginning, but we were definitely spoiled after our time and Hawaii, and the lack of sun is getting us down.
Spring is coming.
But, Spring is coming, or at least it's trying to... it's right around the corner.  This week it should get in the 60's again, and hopefully next week it will be even warmer.

March 29, 2011


January 18, 2011- Months and months ago, I've been lazy.
Harry covered in pasta sauce.
Harry making a huge mess... 
Totally worth it though, since the pasta I made was filled with veggies, and he ate them all!
 Every single one! And the sausage along with it.
Harry is my pickiest eater, for months all I could get him to eat was pretzels and nuggets.  Lately he has been doing much better.  He will eat chicken, even if it is not deep fried in batter, as long as I smother it in barbecue sauce.  He eats veggies if I cook them in pasta or baked ziti.  He eats hot dogs, and sometimes even cheese.  Still not the most balanced diet, but we are getting there.  Last night he ate every single thing on his plate, homemade mac and cheese, baked chicken and a roll (he never! eats bread).  I'm not sure what has changed.  Maybe it's because I don't let him snack as much, and I do feed him much smaller portions of his favorite foods.  We have also switched him from drinking whole milk to skim milk, and now even to Almond milk (to see if maybe it would help with some of his sensory issues, and Autism- its not really).  Not sure... maybe it is just time, and continually putting food in front of his face.  Either way I am happy with the change, however small, and I hope and pray he keeps it up.
He makes me laugh, he has the cutest expressions sometimes.

March 04, 2011

Flashback Friday- Jason in the Honor Guard

What??? She's blogging again? I AM!
Well, I am trying, and I figure I gotta start somewhere.  
Why not start with some cool old pictures from when Jason was in the Honor Guard,
the first time we lived in Virginia 2001-2004.
This is Jason marching in some parade (I don't remember which).  We were down in Ocean City, Maryland.  I remember it was so hot, and I felt so bad that he had to wear his big stuffy uniform.
Right after the parade, I was making the boys pose for pictures.
 This one is from Jason's friend.  I'm not sure when it was taken, but they are at Arlington Cemetery for a funeral.  I think he looks so serious in this picture.  It must have been hard to be at the funerals, to not show any emotion, I heard some were pretty sad and emotional.
I know Jay loved that he got to serve in the Honor Guard.  It was such a fun and special experience for both of us, a great way to start our Coast Guard lives.

March 01, 2011


We're genetically wired to think everything our toddlers do is amazing;
 otherwise we wouldn't want to keep them.

This is my life right now.  Busy and stressful.  
Not to mention a new baby that we are expecting, 
that I suspect is trying to kill me.
I promise to get back to blogging soon, I have so much to share.
All of it very interesting...well to me, and the Grandmas :)