March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday, with a few words- Spring is coming!

Spring is coming... or at least it is trying to.
Spring is coming.
The weather here has been such a roller coaster, 80's one day, 30's the next.
It even almost snowed a little yesterday.
Spring is coming.
I took these pictures in Jamestown last week (March 25).  I love seeing the trees and flowers start to bloom.  It is such a refreshing view, from the dead and bare trees, and brown ground everywhere.
Spring is coming.
This winter has been pretty rough on all of us... It was fun and so different at the beginning, but we were definitely spoiled after our time and Hawaii, and the lack of sun is getting us down.
Spring is coming.
But, Spring is coming, or at least it's trying to... it's right around the corner.  This week it should get in the 60's again, and hopefully next week it will be even warmer.

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Hoku said...

What breathtaking pictures you captured!