June 30, 2008

Dancing Tuna

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Here is a little video of Clark dancing to Alvin and the Chipmunks (you will have to pause the music player down below to hear the video). He has always loved to dance, it started with the booty shake/bounce, but now he has added head banging, arm flicking, and some tip toe action to his routine.

PS. I think I deserve a brownie...or some sort of prize for not yelling at Jay when he kicks the ball into my face/camera.

June 27, 2008

My Little Chipmunk

Clark is part chipmunk, a little squirrel, a pack rat if you will. Hiding his toys, pacifiers and toaster waffles for later.

Yesterday, I was looking for a couple cds I opened up the cd cabinet....and instead of finding my cds I found;

1. My make-up brush that I have been looking for, for about a month.
2. 3 Ritz crackers
3. 1 missing pacifier
4. 1/2 eaten toaster waffle
5. And this is the grossest (I am still gagging) 1/2 eaten string cheese.

He hides things everywhere, and the funny thing about it is he will go back for them later. I have this cabinet in the kitchen where I keep all my vases and fish bowls...and I would always find pretzel sticks in them. Our entertainment center has two doors on it, that we keep our dvds in... and I am constantly finding things in there...he once tried to hide Jason's cell phone in there so he could play with it later. He also has this little scooter/car thing...and the seat comes up so your can store things in there...I am a little afraid to open it and see what he has hidden.

He is such a crack up. He makes me laugh everyday day...I am so thankful for that.

June 24, 2008


This last weekend we went on our first family camp out. Every summer our ward hosts a ward/family camp out. They reserve one of the camping beaches out in the country and everyone comes to set up for the week. Since I am fat and pregnant, and Clark is still having issues sleeping through the night....we decided to just go for the weekend.
We had a lot of fun! We hadn't been camping in 7 years, since we lived in Utah...and it was very different from what we remember. The weirdest thing was we were at a beach, which meant that we were minutes away from a grocery store and any fast food restaurants we wanted. When Jay and I have gone camping in the past, we were always the ones that brought too much stuff...but this time we were the ones roughing it. Hawaiians set up camp in style...giant awnings for shade, 3 or 4 tents, tables, clothes lines, showers, generators, air mattresses, and we even saw one family that had a little chest of drawers. We roasted marshmallows and hot dogs, ate a lot of junk food and enjoyed our evening. Clark did have a hard time sleeping....he wasn't too sure about the whole tent situation. It was rainy and very windy most of the night, so that kept him up....and we were stupid enough to set up under the street light so that did not help either. The next day we enjoyed the beach, Clark loves to swim and play in the water. Jay brought his little boogie board, and Clark was such a natural on it. When we weren't swimming we were just going from tent to tent chasing Clark, he was playing with all the kids and trying to see who would share their food. We had wagon rides for the kids, football games for the guys (Jay even tried to play...it was fun to watch), and a giant potluck dinner Saturday night. It was nice to spend time altogether as a family, and with our friends. We really do have the best ward! I am so glad that we went, although it is still too soon to ask when we are gonna go again....I am going to need some time to recover.

June 19, 2008


So, I got tagged by my sister in law Ray...and since it is the good kind of tagging where I don't have to run around chasing everyone, I will play along.

20 Years Ago...
1. I was 7 years old, and my best friend was Leslie Biggs.
2. My favorite movie was Annie! I wanted to move to NYC and be a red headed orphan who sat on my window sill and sang out into the night. I still think it would be so cool to sit out on my window sill...but I don't think I would fit anymore.
3. My little brother Cody was born this year. I loved having babies around the house to play with, and it meant a visit from Granny!

10 Years Ago...
1. I was 17 and just graduated from high school. I was getting ready to move out to Ohio to be a nanny.
2. Once I moved out to Ohio, my cold and moody teenage heart realized how much it actually loved and missed her family. I wanted to go home.
3. I met Jason this year. We went on 3 dates while I was still in high school, but it was weird cause he was a return missionary...and I already I a boyfriend (he he he). We then "met" again later that year, when I came home for Christmas break, the rest they say is history.

5 Years Ago...
1. I was living in Washington DC, and just adopted the most awesome orange kitty...Gary!
2. Jason and I started coaching Special Olympics Basketball, one of the best things we did in DC....we really miss it.
3. My Grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year. We all went to New Mexico to have Christmas and a anniversary party. A lot of my aunts, uncles and cousins came...and my whole family (well, not BJ, we REALLY missed you). It was the best, probably one of my favorite Christmas memories ever.

3 Years Ago...
1. We were living in California, and I was probably alone cause Jason was gone on the boat a lot.
2. Was the first year, in my last 10 years, that there was no new season of Friends. There was a lot of tears, chocolate and random channel surfing trying to fill the void. Thank God for tv on dvds!
3. I fell in love with my little Bracket this year. I was a nanny in SF, and me and Brack spent all day together going to the park, out to breakfast, and watching SpongeBob. Bracket is the reason I wanted to be a Mom. So all you Clark fans really owe it to Bracket.

1 Year Ago...
1. The year of Clark! He was born in February.
2. The last Harry Potter book came out...there was A LOT of tears, chocolate and denial on my part (I am still pretending she is writing the 8th book).
3. I was lucky to spend a lot of time with my family this year. We had a lot of visitors thanks to living in Hawaii and Clark being born. I also went home for 6 weeks to spend time with my family and go to NM.

So Far This Year I....
1. Found out I was pregnant with Baby Boy #2!
2. Fell in love with both my brothers, when I actually got to know them as adults, instead of the 6 and 8 years old that used to steal my candy. I am so glad they came out to visit!
3. Discovered that no matter what you read, and what advice you get...the only cure for morning sickness in not getting pregnant.

Yesterday I...
1. Went to HukiLau Beach to eat, tan and swim.
2. Let me and Clark have ice cream for breakfast.
3. Watched the movie P.S. I Love You and cried like a baby the entire time. Why didn't I marry a sexy, romantic Irish rocker that looks like Gerald Butler or Jeffery Dean Morgan...sigh.

Today I...
1. Watched Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 times already (it is only 8 am...Clark got up at 5:30!)
2. Had ice cream for breakfast again, but this time Clark got none...cause he got up at 5:30 and I am still mad about it!
3. Cried a little when I realized that it may be years before I ever get a good nights sleep again, and not have to get up before 9 am.

Tomorrow I....
1. Am going camping for the weekend.
2. Probably realizing that it is a dumb idea to go camping when you are 6 months PG.
3. Will most likely get eaten by mosquitoes and other terrors of the night.

In the next year I...
1. Will hopefully survive being a stay at home mom...of 2.
2. Will be skinnier, tanner, and cooler.
3. Hope to win the lottery, go back to school, run the Honolulu Marathon, and find a job that pays me $25 per hour to watch TV.

I am gonna tag my sisters (Emma, Laura and Sabrina) cause they are cool....so they better do it!

June 18, 2008

The Virgin's Lover and Blast From the Past

The Virgin's Lover by Philipa Gregory

Finally finished! It took me forever to get through his book, and not because it wasn't good...but I think I am just burned out with England and the Tudors. This book was about Queen Elizabeth in the first years of her reign. I always had the opinion that Elizabeth was a strong, independent woman, but this book shattered all those thoughts. Philipa always uses facts to write her book, but somethings she puts her own little spin on. This book made the Queen look like a whiny, lovesick fool. Pressured into choosing a suitor to marry, Elizabeth makes her self sick in love with a man she can never marry. Trying to keep her borders safe, reorganizing the church (again), and proving to herself and the people that she deserves and should keep the throne is enough to make any woman crazy....then you add a man and hormones HA! Sir Dudley, the Queen's lover, is already married and his wife suspiciously and conveniently dies...was it murder, suicide or an accident (to this day no one really knows). The story was intriguing, but a little slow because (like always) we already know the ending. I love her writing and story telling, she can really bring the court of England to life...but I think I just need a break from her. So...I bought a pile of books at Borders, with dragons, vampires, and other non sense! It won't be too long a break though, because I still have 4 others Philipa Gregory books I want to read. One in particular coming out this fall, about King Henry's last wife (Mary I think)...I really want to know what would posses another women to fall into the trap of marrying him, curious indeed (he was so delusional and gross in the last years of his life). Up next...The Nature of Monsters by Clare Clark, Happy Reading!

On another note...I just wanted to share this little video with all of you. I was telling Laura about this Fresh Prince of Belaire episode that I loved years ago. My girlfriend (Michaela) and I would get so excited every time it came on (oh! how I used to dream of Tivo back then...I think I was 11 or 12). Anyway, in the episode Uncle Phil was pissed at Will for some reason or another, and he told him he was gonna have to leave if he screwed up again, and of course he did...so Will lip syncs this song to him. This is the exact moment I fell in love with Will Smith, and Jennifer Holiday!!! Enjoy this little blast from the past.... (you are gonna have to pause my awesome little music player, and turn up your volume)

June 16, 2008

16 Months Old...Curly, Creative and out of Control!

Happy 16th Month Birthday! You are growing so fast. You are a giant among tiny toddlers. You had a growth spurt this last month, and you are so tall now. You have no fear, and are all about playing hard. We can't keep you in the house, you love to be outside in the dirt, mud and puddles...although you have developed a nasty habit of puddle drinking. You love to play in the ocean and have no fear of the waves, you like to run in and out splashing up as much water as you can...and you have finally discovered the joy of playing in the sand, rather than eating it. You are a bird enthusiast, and wherever we go we have to keep a close watch out for birds, cause you will chase after them as fast as you can. You are so smart, and strong. No words yet, but you jibber and jabber all day long talking nonsense! You are fascinated by Mommy's growing tummy and you like to lay on it, and poke your little brother. I love having cuddle time with you, watching Sesame Street or Chipmunks. You have also become quite the little bully...snack stealing, toy stealing, and using your brute strength on younger unsuspecting children....naughty naughty, but we know you are still learning. Mommy can't wait to see what the next few months has in store for you. You bring Daddy and me so much joy, and we thank God every day for you!

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Jason!
Jason is such a good Dad to Clark. He is so loving and playful, and always watchful of his needs. It is fun to watch them chase each other around the house, and play together. I love how he thinks every little thing Clark does is the work of a genius...he was thrilled when Clark used a fork for the first time, like he was the first baby to ever do it! Clark loves it when Daddy comes home...he will drop whatever he is doing and run to the door. He is a total Daddy's boy!
We spent Father's Day relaxing at the beach, and had a nice fancy roast dinner when we got home. Jay loved his Battle-star Galactica dvds that I got him...so much so he didn't mind when we (Clark, April, and Laura) ate half the box of chocolates that he got. But I think his favorite thing about the whole day was the Father's Day Pies! Our ward (at church) has a tradition of making Father's Day pies. Every wife brings a pie in the morning, and after church the fathers walk through the kitchen and choose whatever pies they want. Jason got a Strawberry Creme pie, and has already finished half of it...we never really keep that type of stuff around the house so it was a big treat. We sure appreciate Jason and the hard work he does to take care of our family, and I love how much he loves Clark. I can't wait until next Father's Day when we have 2 little boys. Thanks for being such a great Dad, love April and Tuna.

I also just want to take a moment to thank my Dad, and Grandpa. They are both a great strength in my life, and bring me so much joy and laughter. They lead by example, and have always shown me unconditional love. They taught me to be a hard worker, and to always do what is right (no matter how hard it is). I am so blessed to have them in my life, and I am thankful that Clark is able to get to know them...and hopefully learn from them like I have. I miss you both so much!
Clark and Gramps
Gramps and Clark March 2008
Papa December 2005
I love this picture of him, it makes me laugh!

June 14, 2008

Let the countdown begin!

X-Files: I Want To Believe

Movie Coming July 25, 2008

The best birthday present I could've asked for! (But I still want real presents too, so you are not off the hook.) 41 more days!

PS. I loooooove David Duchavony!

Good Family Fun

Last week we went to the State Fair. It wasn't like any of the State Fairs I remember going to growing up...no cows or farm animals, no booths of weird products to browse, and literally 1/4 of the size. It mostly reminded me of those little city carnivals that would come every summer. They did have pig racing, and a little petting zoo with goats. And there was the typical rides, food, and a few games. Clark loved riding the rides so much, although not into the whole waiting in line or getting off of the ride. It was a fun night, but I can't wait to show him what a real State Fair looks like.
Clark loved riding the carousel...so much so he had a screaming fit when it was time to get off. He choose the same tall horse each time he got on too...funny.
Toasted corn on the cob. Mm-mmm...the only reason I love going to the State Fair...THE FOOD! We might have to go back again so I can get my funnel cake.
Clark and Auntie Laura. This is what it looks like when you tell a spoiled baby that he can't stay on the carousel all night long.
Up, up and away. I don't know who loved going on the rides more, Daddy or Clark. I thought Clark would be scared of this ride cause not only did it go up and down, it went in circles too, but Clark loved the helicopter ride!
Jason trying to win a Curious George stuffed animal for Clark...$15 later we told him just give up, it will never happen. After 7 years of marriage and countless fairs and carnivals I learned not to even ask him to win me a prize...

June 11, 2008

Calling All Geeks

I need a new lap top, or at least major brain surgery on my current lap top.

I have been having issues with little Roxy (that is my pc's name) for a while now. Mostly it is my internet connection that never works, and I don't know why or I would call the cable company or who ever is in charge of those things. Also, it runs so slow. I know I have to reformat it, but I am currently having a really long brain fart and I don't know where I put my back up discs...and besides the whole idea of reformatting it scares me (what is wrong with me?) Also, and this is the worst, my screen has like 1000 white lines running down the screen, I can still see for the most part, but it is so annoying and it is getting worse.

I am sure that most of these things (if not all) can be easily fixed...but I would rather just start over from scratch. So, what kind of computer should I get? Jason is a Toshiba freak, I want an Apple or a Sony Vaio....hmmmm, what to do.

June 09, 2008

Lost, and loving it!

It has been about a week since the season finale of LOST...my favorite (drama) show on TV. Lost is a big deal in our house...Jason doesn't really like to watch TV (so I watch enough for the both of us, HA) and this is one of the only shows he watches with me.
The final episode of this season was 2 hours of heaven! My head is still spinning from all the twists and new information we got. I really can't tell you how much I love this show...the characters are so awesome and intriguing, and the plot (although a little confusing at times) really gets you thinking. The mystery can drive you crazy, every time you think you got something figured out they twist it up...and you are blown away again by the depth of the story and its meaning. I can't wait until next January when the show returns...6 long months. I plan on using this break to re-watch all the previous seasons and catch up on any pod-casts I missed. It is fun to try to guess where the show is going, and figure out the mystery of the island. So, my beloved blog readers, come and join me....you have 6 months to catch up, or even started from the beginning. You can rent the seasons at Blockbuster, watch them online or even fly to Hawaii and watch them all with me :) It will be fun, and I promise you won't be disappointed!

PS. My guesses for the 5th Clyon...bet you never guessed how geeky I really was.
This Friday is the mid-season finale (before the conclusion of the whole series) of Battlestar Galactica. We are supposed to find out who the final cylon is (a cylon is a robot, who looks human...they can be good or very naughty). My guesses are for the super hot Helo/Agathon or Cally. Just because, from the beginning they cylons have searched for a way to be like God, in a sense to be more human....and the only thing keeping them from this is baby making. So far a female cylon has been able to make a baby with a human male, but no male has yet been able to reproduce. But...Cally has had a baby and her hubby is a secret cylon and Helo has a baby and his lover is a cylon...so I think we might just find out that the cylons' quest to reproduce "naturally" has already happened. On a side note, I refuse (REFUSE!!) to believe that Starbuck is a cylon, no matter how much they try to make her seem she is one...and the same goes to Baltar, he would make a funny cylon and would be my third guess but it is too easy. So, there you have it...I just want to have it in writing in case I am right I can tell Jay I knew long ago and he can't steal my thunder.

June 08, 2008

Three's Company...and a Baby

She's here! We talked about it, we made plans, we searched and searched for cheap plane tickets, I never thought it would actually happen...but it did! Auntie Laura got here last Thursday for an extended vacation. She will be here until October when the baby comes, and maybe through the holidays (she is not sure yet)...and with the sky rocketing price of airline tickets we might get to keep her longer than that! She is sharing a room with Clark, which he thinks is the best thing ever... he wakes up every morning giggling at her. She is going to get a job, and a scooter...and hopefully make a lot of friends. We are so glad to have her, it is fun to have another girl in the house...even Jason is enjoying having another person to entertain (bore to death) with his stories. It is going to be awesome to have a on call babysitter, and shopping partner...and someone to help us chase Clark around.
Having Laura around has reminded me how much I miss my other brothers and sister. It seems weird that we are doing things and Emma is not along...although she is, in texting spirit. Or that we are planning a cook out and my brothers are not going to come (Jason could've really used their help lighting the charcoal grill..ha ha ha). One thing I love so much about Hawaii is that everything is about family, everyone is so close and most of the time living on the same street, next door to each other, or even in the same house. Here, when you have family dinner...it is really family dinner with aunties, uncles, grandmas, grandpas and so many kids. I miss that! I love my family so much, and I love spending time together...and although I know we aren't the type of family who could all share the same house...or even same neighborhood, I like to think they would entertain the idea for their big sister. I am so glad Laura came, it is so important to me to have family around...and I hope I can get the rest of my family to come around more...I love you so much.

June 07, 2008


Yesterday we went to the beach for some relaxing...enjoying the sun, eating potato chips, and catching little crabs. We were the only ones at the beach and I was enjoying my solitude, and quite excited that for once I was the skinniest person swimming there. All of the sudden a tour van pulls up....ahhhh the tourists. Now, I try not to make up too much fun of the tourists that come to the island, because I know it is only my island for the few short years I live here...we are like extended stay tourists. But it is funny to watch them take pictures of the funniest things, pose with the chickens, and flash peace and hang loose signs in every picture (HA...I am so guilty of that too!).

So they are all piling out of the van, and Clark sees them...being the super friendly baby he is he runs up to them...thinking that they all came to play with him. Well, now he is the new attraction...

They are taking pictures of him running, taking pictures of his feet, tickling his belly, and all taking turns holding him so they can get their own picture. Clark was enjoying it so much, laughing for them, making little faces...it was so fun to watch.

Clark's 15 minutes of fame was over before we knew it, and he was left standing alone wondering where all his admirers went. Like it never happened, he went back to digging in the sand...and I was left wondering what they are going tell their friends when they go home, "Look at this fat white baby we met at the beach..."!

June 03, 2008

Things I Never Thought I'd Say...

"Clark! No! Worms are NOT for eating!"
He seriously tried to eat a worm today...I am NOT joking.

"Please stop licking the sidewalk..."

*Sigh*....cause I normally say this 50 times a day, "Come on, please stop drinking the puddle water!"
He likes to drink the puddles in the yard, like a dog lapping up water with his tongue. The worst part is Ty (the neighbor dog) will see him drinking, and come taste some of the water for himself...GAH! Boys are so gross.

"Clark Michael Bosko! WE DO NOT PLAY WITH DOG POOP!"

And one of my personal favorites, something I overheard Jason say once during bath-time...
"Stop trying to pull it off Clark, you are really gonna want to use that later."

June 02, 2008

Snack Stealer

I never thought I would say this....but my kid is the "snack stealer".

Last Sunday we took him to nursery (at church) for the first time! Jason wasn't sure they would let him stay, cause he is a couple months below the age limit, but our church is so laid back they didn't mind at all. And...it was either let him go to nursery for a little while, or let him run around the hallways being Big Loud Tuna....so end the end everyone won.

He is double the size of most of the kids, which is saying a lot living in Hawaii. And he was so excited that there was a whole room of kids in toys that he was allowed to play with. He did not even bat his eyes when Jason left the room...he did not whine for his pacifier or blankey, it was like magic.

Jason went to pick him up...with out me, he likes to hog all Clark's love for himself. But I went to talk with the ladies anyway....just to make sure it was okay he was going and you know "do the Mom thing". They said he was perfect the first hour, but he had a problem with snack time. He would just run around the table stealing all the other kids food. Ha! The funny thing is I can totally see him doing that, he thinks that every person on this planet exists purely for his enjoyment...he thought it was all his food anyway.

My kid the snack stealer...well at least he is not the smelly kid.

June 01, 2008

It's a BOY!

This post is dedicated to BJ...who was the sole supporter (except for me) for another Bosko Boy. It was us against them BJ...and we won! Now you have another one of my boys to take fishing and hunting...good luck. I love ya!
It's a BOY!
Yesterday we had a ultrasound to check on Baby #2 and find out the sex. It's a BOY! No doubt about it, and just like Clark, Baby #2 was not shy at all and let us have a good picture. The technician doing my ultrasound kept on commenting on how big he is...big feet, long fingers and he already weighs 1 lb 4 oz....another little chunky baby (YAY!) He kept on waving at me during the ultrasound, opening and closing his fists, and kicking his little feet...it was really cute. He is so much more active than I ever remember Clark being!
Baby #2
We are thrilled! The whole reason we started this whole process was so Clark could have a little brother...I actually used to day dream about the two of them. Sure, it would have been nice to have a girl and call it quits after just the 2 kiddos...but I guess we are supposed to have more kids (AHHHH!) We have no idea what we are gonna name him (everyone is against me on the name too) and I am sure it is gonna take the next 4 months to narrow it down. (If anyone has any ideas...please pass them on.)
During the ultrasound the doctor had a few concerns about the development of our little guy. His left kidney is swollen and storing too much urine (or something like that). So we will be having routine ultrasounds every few weeks to monitor the growth, and keep and eye on the rest of his anatomy. The doctor was very nice, and after he scared the crap out of us (and made me give a lot of my blood for tests), he told us that even though the growth was abnormal that it can be common in boys and we shouldn't worry about anything until we find out more. So we will just wait, get more info and pray for our little boy.
I will be posting more pictures in a few weeks, when we get another ultrasound. I am hoping to get a better shot of his face, and his cute little hands. And hopefully he will look less like a little alien, and more like a baby.