September 30, 2010

An Afternoon In Nauvoo

July 24, 2010
Nauvoo, Illinois
Bosko Family
Bosko Family, in front of the historic Nauvoo Temple.
I loved loved loved visiting Nauvoo.
And as luck would have it, we came on the perfect weekend.
The Temple Pageant was begin put on that week, 
so the little town was alive with tourists, missionaries, and tons of activities for families and kids.  
I wish we would've planned better, so we could have stayed the night and enjoyed the pageant.
Nauvoo Temple
The Nauvoo Temple is one of my favorite temples.
I love its architecture and history!
I can't wait to go back, and spend a little more time, 
and hopefully have a chance to go inside and do a session or two.
Nauvoo Temple
I loved how the Temple sits atop the hill, so inspiring.
 Nauvoo Cafe.
Aside from the temple, the town was filled with other historical landmarks, 
and frankly some pretty cool stuff.
I loved walking up and down the main street, even though it was pouring rain.  
It had this small town, cozy, atmosphere, that I crave.
It was definitely a place I could go visit again and again, and maybe even live.  
Even though they had a little fair, and lots of things for kids to do,
 my kids are a little too young to participate, or appreciate what was going on.
 So, for them it was just hot and busy, they got tired fast. 
Clark did enjoy giving us (fake) directions, he is so into maps lately. 
We had to get him a map everywhere we went, he was our little tour guide.
Harry touring the temple grounds, he looks like a baby with an plan...
an escape plan :)
The boys were such troopers, letting me drag them all over the country.

Carthage, Illinois

July 24, 2010
The next stop on the Bosko Family Road Trip Extravaganza,
Carthage Illinois.
The ONLY Hotel in Carthage!
This was the ONLY motel in Carthage. 
It reminded me of one of those side of the road motels, in the middle of no where, that you see at the beginning of every horror movie....creepy.  It was so old fashioned inside, I felt like it was time warp into the 70's.  BUT, it was pretty clean inside, and we survived the night, so I guess it wasn't too bad.
Statue of Joseph and Hyrum Smith
Statute of Joseph and Hyrum Smith outside Carthage Jail.
I have been wanting to visit Carthage Jail, since I was a young child.  
The grounds and flowers were so beautiful.
(Why didn't I take more pictures??)
The small cell where Joseph, Hyrum, John Taylor and Dr. Richards were held.
This may seem like a weird picture to take, but for me it was more than just a small window.
I grew up a member of the church, and as a child had many lessons about the martyrdom of Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum.  I don't remember how old I was, but I remember my Sunday school teacher telling us about the small cell the men had to share.  I remember her telling us how hot and humid it was during summertime in Illinois, and how dark it was in their little cell.  Then I remember her holding up a picture of a small slat in the wall, the only source of light and outside air.  That one detail always stuck with me, this small window.  As a child it helped me relate, and understand how the prophet might have felt, it made it more than just a Sunday school was the beginning of my own little testimony.  As an adult, seeing the window in real life, was very moving to me, 
it brought things full circle so to speak.  
It's the little things, that we sometimes don't even think about, that often make the biggest difference.
Jason and the Boys
Jason and the boys outside Carthage Jail.
(The second story window was the one Joseph Smith fell from when he was shot.)
It was so surreal to be in the place where the prophet was shot and killed.
The history and atmosphere here was overwhelming, and the spirit was strong.
I loved every minute that we were able to spend here, and the short tour was amazing.
I can't wait to take the boys back when they are a little bit older.

Winter Quarters

We sadly left Utah July 21st, a day after my super fun birthday.  
We could have driven straight through to Virginia, but as a consolation to moving to a place I didn't really want to, 
and also as a special 30th birthday present for me, we planned a super cool ten day road trip back east.  
The first official stop on our Family Road Trip Extravaganza, was Winter Quarters Nebraska.
Winter Quarters Visitor Center
July 23, 2010
For those of you that don't know...
Winter Quarters was a resting stop for the Saints traveling West, to get away from the persecution they were facing in Nauvoo.  Driving up the hill to the visitors center, and cemetery, it felt safe and calm, like a sanctuary.  There were so many trees, and it was so peaceful and quiet.  
Jason and the boys pretending to pull the handcart.
The visitors center was great for the kids, and the missionaries were so helpful.
  There was so much to explore, and learn about the Pioneers who stopped here.  
Pioneer Cemetery
Outside the Pioneer Cemetery.
Pioneer Cemetery
It was very humbling to be among the graves, and resting places of so many pioneers, and Saints who gave up their lives, in search of place where they could be free to live how they believed.  
Pioneer Cemetery
I marvel at the strength and faith these pioneers had, 
to leave their homes, friends, and sometimes families.
To pack up all their belongings in a handcart, and go forth in faith.
Losing brothers, sisters, parents, even children along the way.
Very humbling indeed.
I complain and complain about having to move to a place I don't want to, but I am so blessed.  I have a moving company pack me up, I get to bring anything I want, we have a good job, and most of the time a home waiting for us.  I am spoiled, and ungrateful.
Jason and the Boys
Jason and the boys, exploring the grounds.
I am so happy we got to stop at Winter Quarters, 
and I am happy I got to share it with the boys even though they don't remember a second of it.
Driving through Iowa, on our way to the next stop.  
The boys were so good in the car.
I love Harry's funny way of sleeping.

September 27, 2010

My 30th Birthday!

July 20, 2010
My 30th Birthday Party!!
I'm 30!
Me all plumpy and 30!  I can't believe I am 30 years old!!
How is it possible???
I still feel like I am 28...
Birthday Girl
Jason and my parents helped me throw a super fun BBQ and birthday party.
Since we are always so far from our family and friends this was a perfect way to spend my birthday,
surrounded by the people I love the most.
(Also, part of my birthday was our five day trip to New York!)
AND, Jason got me a bouncy house!
My Family
Trying to take a family picture.
Family Picture
Bosko Family picture, take two!
Me and Harry
Me and my little Harry.

Here is a slide show, some highlights from the super fun day.
Thank you to everyone who came and made me feel like a princess,
I love you to pieces.

Cause One Is Never Enough

July 20, 2010
Silly Harry.


July 15, 2010
Barbecue at Grandpa and Grandma Bosko's House.
The cousins.
Clark, Jocelyn, Maddie, Gavin, Nicole, and Keaton.
Clark loved hanging out and playing with his cousins so much.
Every time we had to leave he would cry and cry.
He stills asks to play with them everyday.
And once, Clark saw a little girl with long blond hair, and he ran after her, calling
"Maddie, Maddie, come pay wif me."
It makes me sad that we live so far from family, and Clark can't play with his cousins more often,
but I am thankful for the time we got this summer.

Horseback Riding

July 15, 2010
Auntie Laura and Uncle Jamin took the boys horseback riding, at Uncle Jamin's parents house.
It was quite the adventure.
Showing Harry the horse.
Papa showing Harry the horses.
Clark and Auntie Laura
Clark and Auntie Laura getting ready to ride the horse.
Auntie Laura and Clark
Riding the horse.  Clark was a little nervous at first, but he warmed up quick, and had a fun time.
Clark on a horse.
Clark had a turn all by himself. 
 Auntie Laura guided the horse, and Papa made sure Clark did fall off, or jump off.
Riding Horses
The boys riding.  Little Harry got a turn, thanks to Jamin's sister Jailee for helping out.
I'm on a horse, and NO I did not like it.
Even Mommy got a turn.
It was so uncomfortable, I did not like riding.
Poor horsey, having to carry me all around the ring... doesn't he look miserable.
Riding Horses
Me and Harry riding.
I think Harry had a good time, it is hard to tell sometimes, 
at least he wasn't crying or trying to get away.
Harry and Jailee
Harry and Jailee
Harry and Jailee
Oh, there is a little smile on his face!
I was so worried he would throw a fit, or scream the whole time.
I am glad he had a fun time.
Auntie Laura
Auntie Laura going way too fast.
Clark watching the action.
Jason and Clark
Daddy and Clark riding together.
(This was the first time I ever saw Jason on a horse!)
What a fun evening!
I am so glad Uncle Jamin and Auntie Laura took us, 
and thanks to Jamin's family for letting us take over their house and yard for the night, 
and helping watch my crazy boys.

September 24, 2010

Where is your Mother?

Oh Harry, why is your face always so dirty?
Do you not have a Mommy to wash and clean it for you?
And, how is it possible that you can still be so delightfully cute with chocolate all over your face?
I love you little nugget.

Fishing With Uncle BJ

Utah Lake
Utah Lake
July 10, 2010
Uncle BJ took Clark fishing for his very first time! Papa and I tagged along.
Papa and Clark
Going on a little walk.
There is a lot of waiting to do, when you go fishing, Clark is not a patient waiter.
Good thing Papa was there to help keep him company.
Utah Lake
Just waiting for the fish to bite.
While we were waiting, Clark got hyper and sugar drunk on a lot of Rootbeer :)
Clark and Uncle BJ
The waiting paid off, and before long we got a bite.
Uncle BJ helped Clark reel in his first fish.  
Clark and Uncle BJ
Clark wasn't too sure what was going on,
but he could feel the excitement in the air, and was feeding off it.
I love how happy his little face looks.
The first fish.
Uncle BJ tried to show it to Clark, and take a picture, 
but he promptly ran away, and SCREAMED LIKE A GIRL!
Totally, screamed like a girl, it was so funny.
Apparently, Clark is scared of fish.
(Those Utah Lake fish are a little funky looking, so I can't blame him.)
Utah Lake
Back to waiting for the fish to bite.
I have only been fishing a couple times, so I forgot how much waiting there is.
It seems like it would be a nice peaceful activity...if you weren't chasing around a 3 year old.
BJ and ClarkBJ and Clark
Take two....reeling in the second fishy.  This time Clark kinda understood what to do.
He really liked trying to reel in the fish.
Uncle BJ
Uncle BJ trying to convince Clark the fish is safe...
Red, Auntie Sabrina and Clark
He did it!  Or rather we made him do it.
Auntie Sabrina, Red and CLARK with the fishy.
I love how Clark couldn't take his eyes off the fish,
praying that it wasn't going to jump out of Red's hand and attack him.
The sun was setting, the mosquito's came out, and it was time to go home.
I had such a fun evening fishing with my brother.  
I am so happy he was able to take Clark fishing for his first time...and I am glad Papa came along.  
I have such a good brother, he loves his nephews very much, 
and he was probably just as excited as me and Clark were (if not more), for Clark's first fishing trip. 
 He is going to make a great dad someday :)