September 12, 2010


June 21-23, 2010
The cousins playing and having fun at Nana's house.
Reese and Harry
Reese and Harry coloring and drawing...
or Reese coloring and Harry trying to steal and gather all the color pencils.
Clark and Reese
Clark and Reesey, playing in the sprinkler.
Is there anything more fun??
There was lots of jumping on the tramp.
It was the first time my boys have ever jumped on a big outside trampoline,
needless to say they loved it.
Harry JumpingHarryHappy Baby
Harry loved it the most.  He could jump for hours.  He loves to just hop and jump around in circles.
There isn't much that makes him truly happy and it was fun to watch.
And it was so nice to see him sort-of playing with Clark and Reese, in his own way.
Clark and Reese
Clark taking a turn pushing Reese on the swing.
What a good little boy.
CLark and Reese
Playing dress up with Nana's aprons.
Isn't she the cutest little thing!
All of us just loved spending time with her, Clark especially, he misses her so much.  
She has the best little personality, and she makes everything more fun.
It wouldn't be a proper summer afternoon without playing in the kiddie pool.
3 Little Cousins
Harry, Reese, and Clark
Looking a little tired and worn out :)

One of my favorite things about going home, now that I have a little niece, is that Clark and Harry can play with their cousins.  It was one of the things I loved most about going to my Grandparents house when I was growing up, and I am so thankful I can share that with my kids now.