September 21, 2010

Playing in GG's Yard

July 3, 2010
Just a crazy morning running around playing in Gramps and Granny's yard.
My boys loved the freedom, and wide open spaces for them to practice their shenanigans.
First they all got a turn on Gramps's big green tractor (as is tradition).
Don't let that sweet little face fool you.  He is a crazy nut.
Remember this...
Clark and GG in June 2007.
Reese's turn.
Having so much fun!
This was Harry's first time to New Mexico, and his first time on a tractor.  
He loved it.  He loved spinning the wheel, sitting up high on the seat, and all the cool buttons and levers he got to mess with.  He was one happy baby.
I love how he sticks his tongue out when he is concentrating.
Clark and Reese
Clark is telling Reese,
"Don't tell me how to drive woman".
Granny Lifting Weights
Granny decided to get a little exercise in a lift some weights,
or just try to pick up Harry and walk across the drive...same difference.

The Babies
Cute little babies, all trying to play together on the tractor.
I sure love that they got to spend so much time together.
Harry, Reese and Clark
Taking a break on the swing, before they are off to the next activity.
Once again Harry's face is dirty...
Reese and Clark were playing with the hose water, and Gramps (being the awesome Gramps that he is) decided they needed a little more water.  So, he hooked up the irrigation pipes and flooded the yard for them, they LOVED it.
Harry and Reese
Reese and Harry making splashes with their feet.
The diapers got soggy and bloated fast...
Clark and Reese
Clark and Reese, running and running through the yard and water.  
Clark was in absolute heaven.
Reese Soaking Up the Sun
Reese soaking up some sun.
Harry Testing Out the Water
Even Harry decided to venture in, after Clark settled down.
It was such a fun afternoon.

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