September 20, 2010

June Highlights At Gramps and Granny's

I have so many pictures from our trip in New Mexico. 
Here are just a few highlights.
Clark and ReeseClark and Reese
Clark and Reese, playing in the water.

Two Little Monkey's
Clark and Reese, two little monkeys jumping on the bed.

Harry loved Granny's wind chimes.  
He would stand under them, spinning around, fascinated by the sound.

Harry in stealing Gramps' chair.

Reese and Harry
Reese and Harry, snuggling in the rocking chair.

Clark and ReeseKissing
Clark and Reese, at Granny Oma's house in Alamogordo, sharing a kiss.

My beautiful little niece, I sure do love and miss her.

Clark and Reese
Clark and Reese, always with the kissing.

Clark and Reese, running to playing in the puddle.

My sweet little boy, Clark.

Setting Sun
Sunset at Gramps and Granny's
Clark and Reese
The cousins enjoying a bath together.
I can't wait to blow this up, to poster size, and give it to them on their 16th birthday.


Granny said...

Aww Auntie April/Mom would you really do that? Sure did enjoy the pictures. Brings back lots of special memories. Looking forward to the rest.

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