September 30, 2010

Carthage, Illinois

July 24, 2010
The next stop on the Bosko Family Road Trip Extravaganza,
Carthage Illinois.
The ONLY Hotel in Carthage!
This was the ONLY motel in Carthage. 
It reminded me of one of those side of the road motels, in the middle of no where, that you see at the beginning of every horror movie....creepy.  It was so old fashioned inside, I felt like it was time warp into the 70's.  BUT, it was pretty clean inside, and we survived the night, so I guess it wasn't too bad.
Statue of Joseph and Hyrum Smith
Statute of Joseph and Hyrum Smith outside Carthage Jail.
I have been wanting to visit Carthage Jail, since I was a young child.  
The grounds and flowers were so beautiful.
(Why didn't I take more pictures??)
The small cell where Joseph, Hyrum, John Taylor and Dr. Richards were held.
This may seem like a weird picture to take, but for me it was more than just a small window.
I grew up a member of the church, and as a child had many lessons about the martyrdom of Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum.  I don't remember how old I was, but I remember my Sunday school teacher telling us about the small cell the men had to share.  I remember her telling us how hot and humid it was during summertime in Illinois, and how dark it was in their little cell.  Then I remember her holding up a picture of a small slat in the wall, the only source of light and outside air.  That one detail always stuck with me, this small window.  As a child it helped me relate, and understand how the prophet might have felt, it made it more than just a Sunday school was the beginning of my own little testimony.  As an adult, seeing the window in real life, was very moving to me, 
it brought things full circle so to speak.  
It's the little things, that we sometimes don't even think about, that often make the biggest difference.
Jason and the Boys
Jason and the boys outside Carthage Jail.
(The second story window was the one Joseph Smith fell from when he was shot.)
It was so surreal to be in the place where the prophet was shot and killed.
The history and atmosphere here was overwhelming, and the spirit was strong.
I loved every minute that we were able to spend here, and the short tour was amazing.
I can't wait to take the boys back when they are a little bit older.

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