September 20, 2010

Alamogordo Tour

Emma and I wanted to take the kids to some of the fun places we used to visit when we were kids.
The first stop was the Space and Air Museum in Alamogordo.
There was a lot to see, and the kids were running around crazy, leaving little time for pictures.
(Also, it is hard to take pictures when I have three kids -Jason included- going in three different directions, oy!)
Reese, Clark and Harry
Reese, Clark and Harry
Clark trying so freeze dried ice cream...
and NOT liking it.
Pushing Buttons
Reese and Clark
Pushing buttons, pretending to fly a spaceship.
Testing out the equipment.

Next stop was the Toy Train Depot, in Alamogordo.  
I have fond memories of coming here with my brothers.  And ever since Clark started loving trains I couldn't wait to bring him.  
Toy Train Depot
Reese, Clark and Harry
Riding the Train
Getting ready to ride the train around the park.
Even GG took a ride with us.  Clark was so excited he could hardly sit still.
Riding the Train
After the train ride... Clark of-corse wanted to go again :)
Reese, Clark and Harry
Toy Train Depot
Jason, Harry, Me, Clark, Auntie Em, Uncle Cody and Reese.
I am so glad we took the time out to visit these places. 
Great family memories and traditions.


Granny said...

Lots of good memories for your Granny also. First our grandchildren than our great- grandchildren. I am blessed!

Becca said...

I need to get my kids to New Mexico!