September 21, 2010


While we were out in Alamogordo, Granny set up a early surprise birthday party for me and Emma, just like when we were kids.  She decorated the living room, got us a cake, and birthday crowns.  It was fun having an early birthday celebration with my only turn 30 once right :)
Me and Emma
Me and Emma with our birthday crowns, and the birthday banner Granny made.
April and Emma
Make a wish!
April, Granny and Emma
Me and Emma with Granny. 
 Isn't she the sweetest and best Granny ever...I am so lucky.
Gramps, Clark and Reese
Clark, Gramps and Reese
Gramps entertained the kids while we got our 4th of July BBQ ready. 
 I made potato salad for the first time!
Gramps, Clark and Reese
Clark showing Gramps how to play Mario on DS.
I sure do love my Gramps.
Reese playing with sparklers.
My kids hate fireworks, all kinds (I don't get it), so as soon as it was firework time they went into the house and hid until it was over.  Reese had a fun time though :)
Cody and Jason's Firework Show
Jason and Cody's grand spectacular firework show.
It was such a fun 4th of July!!

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