September 09, 2010

Spoiled Rotten

Before we left Hawaii, and made our move back East, we were fortunate to spend a couple weeks hotel hopping and playing tourists.  We spent the first couple nights at Ko Olina, before we went down town to Waikiki.  This was our first real family vacation (we normally always go home to visit family-which is FUN- but its not really a vacation), not to mention that ten of the days/nights were paid for by the Coast Guard... who could turn that down.

Ko Olina
The grounds at Ko Olina were beautiful.  
This was probably one of my favorite places to stay, less people and traffic, yet still plenty to do.

View from our room.
The view from our room, at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki.

Good Morning, Harry.
Harry would roll out of bed, and end up on the floor (with all the pillows) every night.
He wasn't too sure about not sleeping in a crib anymore, but he got used to it.
(Even if it did involve a lot of blanket stealing and kicks to my ribs.)

Waking Up
We slept in late every morning,
and lounged on the balcony eating a tasty brunch of muffins, waffles, and fruit.

Clark trying to decide what to eat...
he always just ended up taking a taste of everything :)

Clark and Jason
My two sleepy babies...

We went to the beach everyday, 
all day long.

Jay and Harry Swimming
Daddy and Harry swimming.

Jason and the boys.
We couldn't keep the boys out of the water, 
we went swimming everyday, sometimes twice a day.
I don't think our swim suits ever really dried all the way, before we went back out to swim.

Paddle Boating
We even rented one of those fun paddle boat thingys.
Clark loved it!

Every Friday the hotel has a firework show, which both of my kids HATED.  
But, it was fun to watch off the balcony.
When I think of Hawaii, I really don't think of fireworks...
but I guess the hotels have to keep the tourists happy :)

Jay and the boys.
We did a lot of walking around, sight-seeing, spending money we really didn't have, eating(!)
and loving that we were together as a family, on a real Hawaiian vacation.
It was such a great way to say goodbye to the last four years, and state that we have grown to love.  

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