September 21, 2010

White Sands

A trip to New Mexico wouldn't be complete without some sledding at White Sands National Monument.  Granny got some plastic snow sleds, and we all took turns going down the giant hills.
(I swear the sand is normally white, bright white, but there was a rain storm before we went and it made the sand look tan.)
Clark, Daddy and Harry going down the hill.
Clark loved it.  
He went over and over again.  He is such a brave little boy, never scared at all.
He is so adventurous.
Jason's turn.  Doesn't he make the goofiest faces!
Emma and Reese
Emma and Reese, at the top of the hill.
Reese and Cody
Cody and Reese taking a turn. 
Look at her little grin, she is the sweetest.
Clark's turn again, he was having such a good time!
Harry didn't really care to go sledding down the hills.  
He was content to just wander around, gather sticks, and explore the area.
Jay and Harry
When Daddy finally tried to take him down, he stuck out his feet, to make the sled stop.
He was just not going to have it, silly baby.
Me and Clark
Mommy and Clark's turn!
I squealed the entire way down.
GG Sledding
Even our Granny took a turn!
GG Sledding!
GG was so brave!
I loved that she gave it a try too.  She is always so willing to play with us, and have a good time.
She is the best Granny ever, and I am so glad we have these fun memories.
Granny and Harry
GG and Harry going for a walk.
Jay and CodyJay and Cody
Jason and Cody decided to race each other down the hill, and then proceeded to fall flat on their butts!!
Pretty Desert
So beautiful!
I can see why they call it the painted desert.  
They do call it that right??? I heard it somewhere... well if not, I am calling it that now :)
Al the Colors
The sky was filled with so many colors, I couldn't believe.  
Sunset, a rain storm on the way, the light through the clouds...all at the same time, makes a pretty sky.
Enjoying another desert sunset.
(I think I am a little nuts when it comes to sunsets.  I love that time of day, it is my favorite.)
Bosko Fam
Bosko Family
White Sands National Monument July 3, 2010
Me and My Boys
Me and my boys.
They are my whole heart.
I love that I can share the things I love with them.  I love that we can play together and have fun as a family.  When I am having a hard day, and Clark is bouncing off the walls and Harry is whining and crying all day long, I love that I can think back on these happy memories.
All of Us
The Gang
Cody, Reese and Emma Williams and The Bosko Family
I am so thankful Emma and Cody were able to come to New Mexico with us!!!
Gramps and Granny and the Great-Grandbabies
Gramps and Granny with the great-grand babies!
I have the best grandparents in the world, and I am so thankful for them in my life!
Honestly and sincerely.

There are so many more pictures up on my Flickr site.  Go check them out :)

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Granny said...

Sure did enjoy remembering the good visit we had this summer. God did bless Gramps and I this summer,with more blessings in Oct.