September 23, 2010

I hate Las Vegas.

The Boys with Woody and Buzz
On the way back to Utah, we drove through Las Vegas.
I hate Las vegas.
I wanted to hurry and get home, and boys were so tired of being on the road,
so we just stopped for a quick lunch at Rainforest Cafe.
The boys got to meet Buzz and Woody on the street.
(A very weird and ugly Buzz and Woody, we need to go to Disney World.)
But, it made then happy.
And that is all...
Did I mention I hate Las Vegas???
I will never take my kids there again.
Unless it is to visit friends, FAR AWAY from the strip.

When we were walking through the casino, to get to the restaurant, Clark kept saying,
"game Mahi, game...pleeease play a game".
Yep, I hate Las Vegas.

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