September 27, 2010

Horseback Riding

July 15, 2010
Auntie Laura and Uncle Jamin took the boys horseback riding, at Uncle Jamin's parents house.
It was quite the adventure.
Showing Harry the horse.
Papa showing Harry the horses.
Clark and Auntie Laura
Clark and Auntie Laura getting ready to ride the horse.
Auntie Laura and Clark
Riding the horse.  Clark was a little nervous at first, but he warmed up quick, and had a fun time.
Clark on a horse.
Clark had a turn all by himself. 
 Auntie Laura guided the horse, and Papa made sure Clark did fall off, or jump off.
Riding Horses
The boys riding.  Little Harry got a turn, thanks to Jamin's sister Jailee for helping out.
I'm on a horse, and NO I did not like it.
Even Mommy got a turn.
It was so uncomfortable, I did not like riding.
Poor horsey, having to carry me all around the ring... doesn't he look miserable.
Riding Horses
Me and Harry riding.
I think Harry had a good time, it is hard to tell sometimes, 
at least he wasn't crying or trying to get away.
Harry and Jailee
Harry and Jailee
Harry and Jailee
Oh, there is a little smile on his face!
I was so worried he would throw a fit, or scream the whole time.
I am glad he had a fun time.
Auntie Laura
Auntie Laura going way too fast.
Clark watching the action.
Jason and Clark
Daddy and Clark riding together.
(This was the first time I ever saw Jason on a horse!)
What a fun evening!
I am so glad Uncle Jamin and Auntie Laura took us, 
and thanks to Jamin's family for letting us take over their house and yard for the night, 
and helping watch my crazy boys.

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Granny said...

Yeah ,that looked like fun.Was it Clark? Granny rode a horse one time. I did enjoy it .