December 15, 2008

The Chunk

Yesterday our wee little Harry, actually our fat little chunk, hit his 11 week mark.  We went to the doctors this past week for his 2 month check-up and immunizations (we are always at least a couple weeks behind when it comes to the boys' appointments).  He was a very good boy for the doctor, and hardly even cried for his shots.  He weighed in at a whopping 18.1 lb and was 23 ins long.  I still can't believe how big he is.  Just a little comparison, at Clark's 2 month check up (that we actually went to when he was 3 months) he was only weighed 13.12 lbs...and we though he was a big boy, ha!  He is such a little talker, always cooing and making babies sounds.  He loves loves loves to eat, and is doing a lot better sleeping at night.  We have been testing out nick names for him, so far we have...Fat Fat (fits him perfectly, but I don't want to give him a complex) Chunk, and Fatty Nacho (Jay is not a big fan of Nacho, but he did not like Big Tuna at first either).  Harry is such a good sport when it comes to his big brother.  He hardly ever cries when Clark tries to shove food in his mouth, smacks his head, or tries to kiss him as HARD as he can.  I try to warn him that he has years of Clark torture to look forward to, but he just smiles and tries to eat his hand.  He is such a happy little chunk, and we are so happy to have him.

December 10, 2008

The Drums of Autmum

The fourth installment of Diana's Outlander series was not as good as the first three...but still a very interesting read.
This book follows Jamie and Claire as they try to build a new life in America.  We also get to hear more from their children and we get a little trip to Lallybroch (one of my favorite fictional places). 

One of the things I love most about Diana's books are the history.  It is so fun to travel back in time.  She writes everything so well, you almost feel as it you were there.  I have learned quite a bit reading her books, and can say I am truly grateful that I live during the time that I do with hot showers, flushing toilets, an grocery stores. I have loved reading about Claire and her adventures in medicine.  I can't imagine how frustrated she must be trying to treat her patients with herbs and natural medicine...given all her knowledge from the future.  

As I approach the end of the series (well until she writes another book...2009!) I am getting a little sad.  I love being apart of these characters lives, as rich as they are....they will be missed.

December 06, 2008

Counting with Clark

Last week;
1 staple in his head.  He fell off the table and split the back of his head open, 6 hours in the ER later and my little baby got a staple in his head...I am sure it will not be his last either
2 viewings of WALL-E, per day.  He is obsessed with this movie, and I have to constantly sing the songs from Hello Dolly when it is not on (good thing I was a theater nerd).
3 times a day I have to change his clothes.  He used to be such a clean eater and hardly made a mess.  It is like all of the sudden he forgot and there is food everywhere!
4 pacifiers found.  It is like an early Christmas miracle, saves us like $12 buying new ones for our trip home.
5 broken Christmas ornaments.  I finally gave up fighting with him and our Christmas tree is naked.
6 slices of pizza eaten in one sitting. (No not me, Clark) He didn't eat the crust, and the pieces were a little on the small size...but it was the most I have ever seen him eat.  He is definitely going through a growth spurt.
7 times we had to chase him down (man, he is really fast) and try to hold him while Daddy tried to take the staple out of his head.

Clark also learned to count this week.  He does not actually say or enunciate the words (numbers) but he points to things and says "uhn, dahn, uhn, dahn...".  We have to count everything now...

Time to go, the 2nd viewing of WALL-E is about to start, and Clark gets really mad if I don't dance to the song at the beginning ;)

December 02, 2008

Our Visit With Santa

Clark and Harry with Santa Clause.  As you can see Harry slept through the whole thing, and Clark did not really care (he mostly wanted to get down and run around).  We are so excited for Christmas this year!!  24 more days.