December 06, 2008

Counting with Clark

Last week;
1 staple in his head.  He fell off the table and split the back of his head open, 6 hours in the ER later and my little baby got a staple in his head...I am sure it will not be his last either
2 viewings of WALL-E, per day.  He is obsessed with this movie, and I have to constantly sing the songs from Hello Dolly when it is not on (good thing I was a theater nerd).
3 times a day I have to change his clothes.  He used to be such a clean eater and hardly made a mess.  It is like all of the sudden he forgot and there is food everywhere!
4 pacifiers found.  It is like an early Christmas miracle, saves us like $12 buying new ones for our trip home.
5 broken Christmas ornaments.  I finally gave up fighting with him and our Christmas tree is naked.
6 slices of pizza eaten in one sitting. (No not me, Clark) He didn't eat the crust, and the pieces were a little on the small size...but it was the most I have ever seen him eat.  He is definitely going through a growth spurt.
7 times we had to chase him down (man, he is really fast) and try to hold him while Daddy tried to take the staple out of his head.

Clark also learned to count this week.  He does not actually say or enunciate the words (numbers) but he points to things and says "uhn, dahn, uhn, dahn...".  We have to count everything now...

Time to go, the 2nd viewing of WALL-E is about to start, and Clark gets really mad if I don't dance to the song at the beginning ;)


Emma and Cody said...

I can't wait to see the Wall-E dance!! And make him say my name! Numbers are important but come on. Let's be honest! It will be SOOO cute!

smiles said...

The Wall-E dance needs to be on video!