December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning With The Boys

Good Morning Boys, Merry Christmas!
The boys slept in so late Christmas morning we had to wake them up, we were too excited to have them open presents to wait any longer. Clark wandered out of the room to see his brand new train table set up. He slowly walked around the table, and said really slowly, ohhh wooow! He was so excited he couldn't even talk, he was just in total awe. We had to beg him to open the rest of his presents.
Harry was really only interested in eating the pieces to the train table. He also didn't care too much for opening presents, he just wanted to play and take it all in. We let Clark open everything, once he started he couldn't stop.
Clark played with his table all day, 13 straight hours, we managed to drag him away once to change his diaper and clothes, and another time to fed him some noodles. But other than that he didn't want to do anything else.
Even littlest Harry got a turn. Although he was more interested in his new Backyardigans dvds, and eating the Christmas cookies.
We had such a great Christmas! Spending time playing together, watching movies, and eating Christmas food. Jason surprised me with a new camera, which made me feel like a total heel for only getting him a couple dvds and some pajamas, but still very sweet. One of my favorite Christmas's in a long time.

December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve
It was so fun sharing all our traditions (and making new ones) with the boys, they really could understand so much more this year.
Clark and Harry were glued to the tv watching The Grinch. Clark loves the Jim Carey version, rather than the cartoon one (I don't blame him, it is rather entertaining). They also really loved their new Toy Story chairs, that we let them open early. Harry was so excited to see Buzz and Woody, it took him forever to even sit in it.
Family Christmas Eve Jammie Pictures
We tried to use the self timer on my camera to take a picture. It took forever to get a decent one. Clark thought it was hilarious watching me run back and forth across the room.
Me and my boys.
I thought they were so cute in their Christmas footie pjs. Clark was so confused by the footies... I am sure he never remember wearing them when he was a baby. He just couldn't get over something being on his feet. I was blown away by the sizes we had to get to fit them, Clark in a 3T and my little baby Harry in a 2T! The are growing up way too fast.
Jason and the boys...what cuties! Jason is such a proud and happy Daddy.
Our attempt to take a picture of the boys together, under the tree, AND this was the best one, ha ha.
It is impossible to get a picture with the boys together. We have to hold them down, threaten them, make embarrassing weird noises trying to get them to look in the direction of the camera, it can be maddening. But all the while making memories I guess :)
We made cookies and decorated them, we watched Christmas movies, sang Christmas songs, and had a nice dinner with Jason's famous ham and all the fixin's. It was such a fun evening, together with family. Clark and the boys stayed up late, and Jason and I stayed up even later building Clark's new train table. I have never seen Jason more excited to give a gift before. We have always loved Christmas time, it was our favorite season, but now with the boys here is much more fun, and meaningful.

December 27, 2009

A Holly Jolly Clark

Have you ever seen that scene in the movie Elf, when Will Ferrel playing Buddy the Elf is so excited to see Santa and he screams "Santa!" Well, meet Clark, our mini Buddy the Elf. He was our Captain of Christmas Cheer this year, our Holiday Cheer-mister (haha, he also really loved The Grinch movie). He was all about everything Christmas. Christmas movies and cartoons all day, Christmas songs and books. Every time we passed any sort of wintery/Christmas decoration he would say "ho ho ho". Imagine driving down the street looking at Christmas lights, with a chorus of ho ho ho's from Clark in the back seat, it was precious. Anytime was saw a Santa picture, or anything resembling a fat chubby man dressed in red and white, he would squeal with excitement "SANTA!" He was in total awe when we finally met Santa at the mall. He eyes were wide with wonder and he was totally speechless. We must've watch Disney's new Prep and Landing movie a million times, and The Polar Express. He can sing almost all the words to Santa Clause Is Coming To Town (even though it is really hard to understand), I think it is his favorite Christmas song.
It has been so fun sharing the holiday season with him this year, a true delight. I am going to miss hearing him say ho ho ho all the time, and watching Christmas shows. Is it too soon to say I can't wait until next year???

The Alchemist

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

✭✭ (out of five stars)

I just can't make up my mind about this guy. I like his ideas, and for the most part the stories (I have read two of his books so far). But I just don't like the execution. I feel like so much is left out, and it could be so much more. More detail, more story, I like a story with more depth. This book got such rave reviews, as well as the author... maybe I am just missing something, I am just not deep enough to get it.
This book is about a young boy, in search of his personal legend. The story was thoughtful, and had a really nice message about finding out who you are and not giving up on your dreams. It was a pleasant easy read, just left a little to be desired... and I need more closure when I read a book.
I hate to say it, but I do want to read more of his books... so maybe he is not too bad after all ;)

December 24, 2009

The Candy Train

We took the boys to Ala Moana mall to ride the Candy Train.  We have been riding the holiday trains all season long, but we saved the best for last.
Clark was super excited, he kept saying "all aboard".  Even Harry got to ride a long.  They don't let the parents ride the train, we had to walk along behind them.  I was a little nervous strapping Harry in, he can be such a wiggle worm, but I tightened the strap as tight as it would go, and said a little prayer.
The boys on the train.  Harry was so into the Alvin and The Chipmunks music they were playing, he was bouncing along the entire time.  The train goes around the mall once, about a 10-15 minute ride.
Awe...they are so cute.  It has been so fun sharing this holiday season with them, and I am loving Clark's train obsession, it is fun for the whole family.

How do YOU eat an Oreo?

Harry likes to savor every bite, making sure he uses every part of his body to get the cookie in his mouth.  Somehow he got cookie on his elbow.  Oreos are his favorite cookies, he won't even eat any other kind.

Reese's Blanket.

I attempted to make Reese (my niece) a quilt for Christmas.  I found the cutest fabric and I was so excited.
I don't know why I torture myself, trying to be crafty. I just don't have it in me.  My squares were crooked again, and I used a ruler and everything this time.  And I spend an hour trying to pair up the squares so that none of the colors would touch...low and behold right in the middle of the quilt are three rows of matching squares, arg!
Anyway, I finished it, and even though I was frustrated most of the time, I had fun making it.  I hope little Reesey likes it.

December 22, 2009

Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha  by Arthur Golden


I really loved this book.  I had seen the movies years ago, when it first came out, and it never even crossed my mind to read it.  I found it at my favorite used books store for $1.00, and I am so glad I bought it.
Since I had seen the movie before, some of the suspense and mystery were gone...but it didn't keep me from enjoying it.  I loved the narration of the story, and felt like Sayuri was speaking only to me, while she told her story.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed reading about Japanese culture and history.
Compelling and heartfelt, I had a hard time putting this book down, and was sad to see it end.  I can't think of a single bad thing to sat about it.

December 19, 2009

Mele Kalikimaka

Happy Christmas!!! 
Bosko Family 2009

Our Little Hawaiian Snowman

We went to the beach today to build a snowman! 
Isn't he a cute little guy.  It was much harder to build than we thought it would be.  But we all had so much fun.  A new Bosko family tradition for we can keep no matter where we move to. 
Me, the boys, and our sandy little snowman.
We were hoping to use a picture with the boys and the snowman for our Christmas cards, but of course they would not cooperate.  We couldn't get them to sit still, or even look in the direction of the camera.  And Harry had major nose leakage, gross.
Daddy and the boys.  

Harry's First Hair Cut

I always have such a hard time cutting the boys hair.  It is like letting go of a piece of their youth.  But it was time for Harry's first haircut.  It was getting so long and scraggly in the back.
The Before Picture

He did not like wearing his cape.  We eventually had to take it off.  Surprisingly he sat still the entire time. 
The After.  He looks like such a little boy now.  So handsome.  I love his new cut!

December 17, 2009

My Favorite Things

Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens...  
Just kidding.  I just want to share a few of my favorite things about the boys.
I love how much Harry loves leaves, even though it is really weird, and gross when he eats them.
I love how he hops and jumps when he gets really excited.  He bounces across the living room when his favorite shows are on, or you give him a treat.  He is a really good jumper too.
I love how he dumps out every basket and bin of toys, even though it is REALLY messy, until he finds the one he is looking for.  It gets annoying picking up after him, but I love to watch him look for his favorite toys.  (Like that plastic dog in the picture above, the dog swings his arms when you wind him up, and Harry loves it.)
I love to watch him laugh.  He has this cute little chuckle.  And you really have to work for it.  He can be so serious sometimes, it is such a treat when he laughs and giggles.
I love how patient and laid back he is.  He really is such a good baby, and puts up with so much from Clark and us.
I love how affectionate Clark is.  He hugs and kisses me all time.  He kisses me before, during and after he gets in trouble.  (Seriously, try punishing a two year who won't stop kissing and hugging you.)  He kisses me a thousand times before he goes to bed.  He will kisses you when he is really happy or having a good time.  He will kiss his books and dvds, he even once kissed his chocolate milk cup.  He is a little lover.
I love how he acts out movies.  He mimics everything they do on screen, and it is so cute and funny.  He is still working on the talking, but he will mumble his favorite lines and songs.  He will dance, run, make faces, do whatever the show is doing.  I love watching him, watch a show.
I love his curly, out of control hair.  I feel like it totally defines who he is, a little wild, and bouncy and oh so cute.
I love how he calls me Mahi (yes, just like the fish).  (He adds an H sound to almost all his words.)  I love to hear him call for me.  I love how he has been talking so much more now.  He can learn a new word in just a couple days.  It is so delightful to hear him talk!
I love how bashful he can be, sometimes.  He reminds me a lot of myself in that sense.  At home he is funny, talkative and NOT quiet at all.  When we are out of the house, or around other people he will talk in a whisper, lower his head in a shy smile to strangers, and almost be timid.  I find it funny, this little act he puts on.

I love watching my boys grow up (even though it can be bittersweet), it is truly one of my favorite things.  They both bring me so much joy.  
When the dog bites, when the bee stings.  When I am feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things...and then I don't feel so bad :)


Clark making fun of the way I spanked him...
Clark loves to run downstairs and go in our neighbors (landlords) back porch.  Sometimes he even breaks into their house, and we have to chase him around in a dark house... so embarrassing.  We were playing outside the other night, and I warned him that if he went downstairs again that I would give him a spank.  Do you think that stopped him??  Nope.  He went downstairs, and started to open their screen door to sneak in their house.  I got him and gave him a spank.  Apparently it wasn't hard enough or I wasn't mad enough, because instead of crying he just laughed at me.  Laughed at me and ran up the stairs smacking his own bum, making fun of the way I spanked him.  I couldn't even be mad at him anymore which, I am sure, is the reason he did it.  He is so funny sometimes.

Going on a walk.

Going on a walk.
Mom, no pictures... we are going on a walk.  Clark wanted to move it along.
The other afternoon Jay and I decided to take the boys on a walk to the park. Clark hopped right in the stroller...or train as he likes to call it.  I am not sure why he thinks it is a train, maybe because the stroller is long.  I think it is funny that he toots and chugs as we push him along.
I am ready to go, he says, I got my leaves.
Normally Harry gets right in the stroller, he is all about relaxing and kicking back while someone is pushing him around town.  But this time Jason had to chase him down in the yard before he could put him in the stroller, and I mean literally chase him down.  Turns out that he (Harry)  just HAD to get some leaves to take along.  Three to be exact, and he didn't want brown crunchy ones this time, he wanted some yellow ones, he was very particular in the ones he was looking for.  Once he got his leaves he was more than happy to hop right in the stroller.  He is so funny...or weird, we aren't sure yet :)

December 16, 2009

The Town That Forgot How To Breathe

The Town That Forgot How To Breathe  by Kenneth J. Harvey

✭✭ (out of 5 stars)

This book was just okay.  I had to force myself to finish it, and only because I had to know what happened and why.  The beginning was interesting enough, the mystery surrounding the deaths and why people were forgetting who they were.  All the weird goings on in the town was intriguing, and the characters were well written.  I just felt like the book never really reached a climax that was satisfying.  It just kept getting weirder and weirder, and then a crappy ending.  I was expecting a lot more, so I found it a bit disappointing.  

Bad Mommy!

Clark burned his foot on the stove top today.  He was on the counter, helping me cook his noodles for lunch.  I turned around to feed Harry, and Clark ran across the stove to get his favorite mixing spoon (he really likes to help cook) and stepped on the burner, which was off but still hot.  He has blisters on the bottom of his foot and has been limping around all day.  I have never felt so bad in all my life.  I know it is mostly my fault, because I let him run around on the counter.  I know I let him do so many things he shouldn't.  Well, to be honest we really couldn't keep him off or out of things if we tried, he can get through any gate, unlock any child lock, and is the best climber ever.  Even so, Jay and I are entirely too laid back.  We let the boys eat what they want, sleep when they want, play with what they want, and do pretty much whatever.  I guess what happened today was my punishment, as well as Clark's.  I know I should be more strict.  I just don't like to be a nagging, yelling Mom.  I feel like as long as everyone is happy, healthy, and safe, then I feel like I am doing good enough.
Well, I learned my lesson today (bad Mommy) good enough doesn't cut it anymore.  I need to be more strict, enforce more rules, (and the dreaded) put them on a schedule.  Too bad Clark had to get hurt for me to learn my lesson.  I am sorry my little Tuna.

December 08, 2009

Through A Glass Darkly

Through A Glass Darkly  by Karleen Koen

✭✭✭ (out of 5 stars)

I liked this book, the beginning just sucked me right in.  I cared about the characters, however ridiculous, and had to find out what happened next.  However, and this is a big fat however...  The ending was horrible.  There was too much heartache, death after death, no redemption, I don't know how poor Barbabra survived it all.  There was too much trash, the first half of the book was great, but as soon as you got into the second half there was orgies and gay men, and trash trash trash...grrr after I was already hooked too.  As many things as I hated about the book, I was sad to put it down.  It really deserved a better ending, and happier one for Barbabra and her family.
The characters were great, as was the setting.  I love reading about Europe during the 1700's.  The balls, the politics, the court and is all so interesting to me.  It reminded me a lot of Phillipa Gregory's books.  There is a sequel, and a prequel to this book, and I am sure I will pick them up eventually.

December 02, 2009

Trimming the tree.

Clark helping set up the tree.
Clark and Jason working together.  He loves building things and helping Daddy.
This is the first time we have put up a regular size Christmas tree in a couple years.  The past couple years we didn't want Clark climbing all over it, breaking the ornaments.  Well, not 10 minutes after the tree was up one of the leg stands broke off... guess this is the last year for this tree (we have had it since our first Christmas together 2001), maybe next year we can get a real one.  We didn't put very many ornaments up this year, mostly because I didn't want Harry to eat them :)  Next year we are going to go all out Bosko style.
Our Family Christmas Tree 2009
Clark was majorly stoked about the Christmas train underneath.

Dude, what is it with the leaves?

Harry and his leaf fetish...
I don't know what it is about the leaves, or twigs, but Harry is all about them.  I even found a stash of leaves under his bed the other day.  He cracks me up!

Riding Trains

Last weekend we took Clark to Pearl Ridge mall, and the Navy base to ride the holiday trains they have set up.  I am not sure who was more excited, Jason or Clark.  He must have rode each train three of four times, Jason loves making him happy.
Riding the train at the Navy base.  I know it doesn't really look like it, but he was really excited.  This is his shy face.
Riding the train at Pearl Ridge mall.  This one gave the kids tickets, that the conductor collected before the train started.  Clark did not want to give them the ticket...  He watches a lot of Polar Express and I think he was waiting for them to punch it. 
 I am sure this was his favorite weekend ever!