December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve
It was so fun sharing all our traditions (and making new ones) with the boys, they really could understand so much more this year.
Clark and Harry were glued to the tv watching The Grinch. Clark loves the Jim Carey version, rather than the cartoon one (I don't blame him, it is rather entertaining). They also really loved their new Toy Story chairs, that we let them open early. Harry was so excited to see Buzz and Woody, it took him forever to even sit in it.
Family Christmas Eve Jammie Pictures
We tried to use the self timer on my camera to take a picture. It took forever to get a decent one. Clark thought it was hilarious watching me run back and forth across the room.
Me and my boys.
I thought they were so cute in their Christmas footie pjs. Clark was so confused by the footies... I am sure he never remember wearing them when he was a baby. He just couldn't get over something being on his feet. I was blown away by the sizes we had to get to fit them, Clark in a 3T and my little baby Harry in a 2T! The are growing up way too fast.
Jason and the boys...what cuties! Jason is such a proud and happy Daddy.
Our attempt to take a picture of the boys together, under the tree, AND this was the best one, ha ha.
It is impossible to get a picture with the boys together. We have to hold them down, threaten them, make embarrassing weird noises trying to get them to look in the direction of the camera, it can be maddening. But all the while making memories I guess :)
We made cookies and decorated them, we watched Christmas movies, sang Christmas songs, and had a nice dinner with Jason's famous ham and all the fixin's. It was such a fun evening, together with family. Clark and the boys stayed up late, and Jason and I stayed up even later building Clark's new train table. I have never seen Jason more excited to give a gift before. We have always loved Christmas time, it was our favorite season, but now with the boys here is much more fun, and meaningful.

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