December 17, 2009


Clark making fun of the way I spanked him...
Clark loves to run downstairs and go in our neighbors (landlords) back porch.  Sometimes he even breaks into their house, and we have to chase him around in a dark house... so embarrassing.  We were playing outside the other night, and I warned him that if he went downstairs again that I would give him a spank.  Do you think that stopped him??  Nope.  He went downstairs, and started to open their screen door to sneak in their house.  I got him and gave him a spank.  Apparently it wasn't hard enough or I wasn't mad enough, because instead of crying he just laughed at me.  Laughed at me and ran up the stairs smacking his own bum, making fun of the way I spanked him.  I couldn't even be mad at him anymore which, I am sure, is the reason he did it.  He is so funny sometimes.

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THE ROGERS said...

This story and picture is sooo funny! I love how you are taken seriously and how you have had to search for him in someone else's house;)