November 29, 2010

Clark's Homemade R2

(Another camera phone picture.)
Clark got his toy baskets out the other morning, and made himself into a little robot.
He kept saying; "Mom look! Mom I a robot, R2D2."
Then he would do his beeping and bopping, you know robot noises.
He is so creative sometimes, and he always makes me laugh with the things he comes up with.
Such a smarty pants.

November 28, 2010

A Week In Our Life November 21-27

We had a very fun, busy week, spending time with our friends, Carol and Eddie.  It was so nice to be able to hang out again, laugh, talk and just be together.  I didn't set aside enough time to keep up on my blog, so I will be playing catch up this week (like always right).  I have a few pictures to share, later this week, of some of the fun things we ICE SKATING!  We also tried to take family photos, with my squirmy kids we will be lucky to find one that works, but it was fun to go out and give it a try.  OH!  And very exciting news for me...almost as exciting as the Papa Murphy's that opened around the corner, I found a TRADER JOE'S!  It must be very new, since I know when we first moved her there wasn't one.  I can't wait to go tomorrow.  I really am starting to feel more at home here, really really.

Jason started putting up the Christmas lights this week.  He was so excited he couldn't even wait for Thanksgiving to be over.  Clark had fun "helping" Daddy, and the yard is starting to come along nicely.  Jason was very proud of the fact that we were the first house in the neighborhood to have their lights on.

Clark had learned how to open the front door, even with the kid proof handle thingy on it!  After dinner one night we were all chatting around the table, enjoying the fact that the kids were amusing themselves.  Little did we know that Clark escaped out the front, with Harry.  Harry was half-way down the street before Clark even thought to come and get us.  All he said was "uh-oh baby"... and I knew something was wrong.  Thank God Harry hadn't made it to the intersection yet, and thank God the neighbor girl was sitting in her car and saw my fatty baby running down the street.  I was terrified, knowing how fast that situation could have turned into my worse nightmare, and I was embarrassed, that I was "that Mom", the one who can't even watch her kids well enough to know when they are running loose in the streets.  Bad moment.  I am so thankful that Clark had the sense to come and get us when he did.  We will now be buying a bolt, for very tip- top of the door.

Auntie Carol and Uncle Eddie were very generous and bought us a Zoo member ship to the Virginia Zoo, in Norfolk.  We went on Tuesday, and the weather was unbelievably warm and sunny.  It didn't feel like November at all.  I think it was in the mid 70's most of the day, perfectly lovely.  The boys had fun, running like crazy, and of-course riding the little train they had.  We had a nice little picnic at the park after.  It will be fun to go to the zoo all year, they are building a new Asia exhibit, and it will be fun to watch it expand and open in the spring.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  We spent the morning watching (my favorite) the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, and decorating Gingerbread Houses.  Even Clark decorated his own little house, although I do think Clark ate more icing than anything.  We prepared dinner and enjoyed it together, as family and friends.  We made a turkey and ham this year, and I think they both turned out well and tasty.  I am so glad that we had some friends to spend the holiday with, even if we couldn't eat dinner on the beach like we used to.  I am so thankful to have good friends and wonderful family in my life.  I have been so richly blessed, and often times I wonder what I did to ever deserve all that I have.  I am thankful for Jason and how hard he works for out family, and what a good Dad he is.  He is so caring, and he truly wants the best for us.  I am thankful for a good job, that takes care of our family, and allows us to travel the country.  I am thankful for my health, and that of my babies.  I am thankful for my Heavenly Father and Jesus.  I am thankful for the gospel in my life, and the direction it gives me and my family.  I really do have so much to be thankful for, the blankets on my bed, the clothes in my closet, the food in my fridge, the books on my shelf, the babies in my lap.  I love Thanksgiving.  I love the food and family, but most of all I love having a day to pay tribute to all the things I hold dear.

On Friday we had to say goodbye to Carol and Eddie.  The week went by so fast, and I wasn't ready to take them to the airport yet...and neither was Clark.  Once he realized what was going on, at the airport, he broke into tears, and cried the rest of the way home.  He kept on checking the extra room to see if they were in there, hiding I guess.  It's a good thing we planned a pizza party, with some friends from church, to help us get our minds off soon as Clark knew he had some more friends was coming over, he was happy again.  We had fun making homemade pizzas, while the kids ran crazy and played.  I am so glad there are people in our ward we can hang out with, cool people, and I am glad we are making friends.

I have such a busy week planned next week, so much needs to be done.  I have to say I am not looking forward to starting it...

November 24, 2010

November 21, 2010

A Week In Our Life November 14-20

November 14, Sunday.  I listen to a wonderful talk in church today about genealogy and keeping a family journal.  I am glad that I started this blog, and this little family journal.  I am also glad that I take so many pictures (too many if you ask Jason).  I love going home and looking at my Mom's old pictures, and my Granny's really old pictures, and I know my kids will appreciate it someday.  Although all my pictures are online...I may need to start making some photo albums.
We finally succumbed to the cold, and turned on the heat.  Jason was holding out, I guess trying to save some money, but we have company coming and I don't want them to freeze. It has been getting down to 48 degrees most nights, and I have woken up more than once to a freezey house.  We also got some firewood to try out our fireplace!

Monday the boys were so good.  They behaved while I ran errands, they ate most of their dinner, they went to bed good (albeit a little late), AND-the good news- they slept all night long, in their OWN BEDS!!!  It was so nice not to have to get up all night long, or share my bed with Clark.  I don't know what we did differently, but I sure wish I could figure it out so I can do it everyday.  Harry had so much fun playing chase with his Dad and brother tonight.  I love his little fake laugh he does, trying to impersonate his Dad, playing along.  He sure has the funniest little personality, and even though sometimes I don't understand everything he does, I love to watch him.

Clark Clark is so ready to go back to school.  Everyday when Jason comes home from work he steals his back-pack and says, "Come on Mommy, time for school".  I hate that it is taking so long to figure things out here and get the boys in school, I feel like I don't know what I am doing...maybe I am not doing enough.  I finally got a hold of someone who is going to get me started with the paperwork. Hopefully soon, little Clark.

I loved Tuesday!  We hung around the house playing, watching shows.  Daddy came home, and we had a tasty dinner-that I already had made, waiting for him :)  The boy had baths, read stories-even The Book of Mormon, and were in bed asleep by 8:30pm!!!  My house is clean, and quiet and it is only 9:30pm!  I don't know how I did it today, but I feel like super mom.  It is days like this when I actually feel like I am doing a good job.  It's days like today that give me strength to get up every morning and do it all over again.  Now, if I can just get them to eat the food I make them, and not ketchup sandwiches and pretzels, I would have it all set.

Wednesday we had play group at our house for the first time.  Normally we meet up at a park, with a small group of gals and kids from my ward, but since the weather is getting cooler we decided to move it inside.  I think it went well, considering the mess of toys and such.  Clark and Harry were a little crazy having so many people in the house, but not in a bad way.  Clark was happy and excited, but just too over the top, he gets so intense...and I think it sometimes scares the younger kids.  Harry did well at first, but towards the end he just wanted his space, and some quiet.  I look forward to it every week, and I think it is good to get them both out their element.  I hope we didn't scare anyone away.

Harry has started this cute new little thing, where he loves to hold my hand, everywhere.  When we are walking to the car, to the backyard, to the mailbox, to the kitchen, to the bedroom...everywhere, he just wants to hold hands.  I think it is so cute, and I really love it.

Thursday was a busy shopping/errand day, and the kids were so good as I drug them all over the mall.  Clark even got a cute little haircut.  I am kinda sad his hair is not as curly here, as it was in Hawaii, so I think I am going to start keeping it shorter.  Even though it was kinda chilly out, I took the boys to play at the park.  We swung on the swings, forever, and watched the ducks.  Harry loves going to the park so much, as soon as I pulled up, he was bouncing up and down trying to escape from his car seat.
I have been busy trying to keep on top of the house cleaning, getting ready for our company coming!!  We are all excited to have Thanksgiving with Carol and Eddie, again.
Clark was being sneaky and got into my bedroom drawers Thursday night, and drew permanent blue marker all over his legs and arms (not the first time he has done that) but he also drew all over the carpet too! UGH!!  He really knows how to test our patience.  I made him help me scrub it out of the carpet, and he did genuinely seem sorry about it, so at least he is learning from his mistakes.  I am just glad Harry is not really into coloring, yet.

Friday and Saturday we were so busy getting ready for our friends, Carol and Eddie, to come visit for Thanksgiving. Lots and lots of laundry and cleaning...but it is all worth it.  We haven't seen them in over a year...almost two, and it will be so nice to spend time together again.  Friday night we got a babysitter and went to the newest Harry Potter movie!!!!  We found another family in our ward that we can trade with, so it is fun and easy.  I was so excited that I could go on opening night, and Jason got me another Harry Potter shirt to add to my collection (for my HP quilt I am going to make next year).  I thought the movie was amazingly perfect, so in tone with the mood of the last book.  I cried a lot, and I think that actors did so well this time around.  I am dying that we have to wait eight whole months to watch the last installment, and yet, at the same time, I am so sad it is going to over.  I am going to miss Harry Potter so much.  I know I can re-read all the books again and again, and watch the movies whenever I want.  But there will be no new Harry things...

Hmm, have I gone overboard??? Maybe I am just being hormonal, or possessive, but I really do love the Harry Potter series (the BOOKS and movies) as a whole.    MAYBE, just maybe,  J.K. Rowling will make good on her mention of doing three more books, but I highly doubt it.  I am excited to be able to share it with Clark and Harry some day.  Clark already knows who Harry Potter is, because we played the Harry Potter Lego video game together all summer.  And he has watched bits of the first couple movies.  Someday soon, I hope I can start reading the books with him.  Ok...enough with the Potter talk.  We can move on now.

I have been noticing something new Harry has been doing lately.  I am not sure it is a good thing or a bad thing...but certainly a curious thing.  When Harry gets stressed out, or overwhelmed with too many people or crazy situations, he likes to gather little objects.  He gathers them up, organizes them, then tosses them on the floor again, gathers them up, carries them around for a bit, tosses them on the floor again, gathers them up....over and over.  I noticed him doing this the other day during playgroup, and then again when we picked him up from the babysitter the other night.  The more I think about it, the more I remember him always doing something like this, to cope with hard situations.  During the summer it was colored pencils at Nana's house.  When he was a baby with was sticks in the back yard.  I just never realized that he was stressed out all these times, over maybe over-stimulated.  I feel kinda bad... and I should have realized it sooner.  Now that I know, I don't really know what I am going to do about it.  He starts he new OT and Speech Therapy in two weeks, maybe I will just ask them what are some ways I can teach him how to cope better.  He really is such a good little baby, or toddler, he is in fact two now...he can't be my baby forever (well he can, but I am sure some day he will not like me calling him that).

Saturday night we finally got to pick up Auntie Carol and Uncle Eddie from the airport.  Clark was so excited, we all were.  When we walked into the house, Clark was proudly showing Carol all round, the pictures on the wall, where the tv was.  It was so funny, and cute.  Clark is slowly becoming a good little hostess.  I am looking forward to a fun filled week and I hope the time doesn't go by too fast.

On a different note, I am sort-of liking keeping this daily journal.  I kinda feel like Doogie Howser, except not as smart.... I need to have some more deep thoughts and catching quotes ;)  The posts are so long, and I am sure to most of you, quite redundant and boring, but I think that someday I am going to be really glad I did this.  I just hope I can keep it up.

You know Clark has been watching too much Curious George,
when he starts asking for things in his monkey language.

A chilly afternoon at the park.

The boys LOVE going to the park, love it!
As soon as we pull up Harry starts bouncing in his seat.
Clark running, trying to beat Mommy to the swings.
This week Fall hit full on, within a couple days all the leaves turned,
 and now are slowly falling off the trees.
We found some ducks at the park this time.
The little swampy pond area is normally covered by all the trees.
Happy to be swinging.
Harry, I love your face.
He loves going really high.
In motion.
Harry could literally swing for hours, the whole time we are at the park.
Clark had so much fun spinning on the tire swing. 
I love his new little haircut.
Shock!  He let me put his little hoodie on his head,
his little ears were getting so cold.
I love his attitude, most of the time ;)
Clark, I love your face too.
We are not going to tell Papa (Deimler) that while Clark was riding the horse he was saying,
"wee-haw, moooo, wee-haw, moooo".
Apparently my son thinks he was riding a cow, or that horses say moo.

November 18, 2010

November 20, 2010

Naughty Clark

Naughty Clark
Clark found my hidden marker stash,
I don't think I really need to say more.

  Our bedroom carpet didn't fare to well either...
Anyone know what gets Sharpie marker out of carpets?

November 19, 2010

Daddy's Watch

Harry loves to play with Jason's watches.
The first thing he does when he sees Jason everyday, 
is run up to him, and check his arms for a watch.
Then he jumps up and down, begging, until Jason lets him play with it.
He loves to squish them in his hands, roll them, manipulate them.
For hours.  
It has been a great way to keep him quiet, when needed.
He is so cute and thoughtful.
I wish I could get inside his head, and see what he is thinking about,
watch his mind work... figure out his mystery.

November 18, 2010

Video Games

Jason and Clark playing their favorite video game, Lego Star Wars...
and of-course Clark is the little R2D2.
They look so cute playing makes me happy.
Clark and Daddy
Twenty-four hours a day you can hear Clark ask, 
"game Daddy, Mommy, game peas???".
He loves playing video games, 
and he loves playing them with Daddy the most.
I love watching him play, he concentrates so hard.
Who knew that opening your mouth, and sticking out your tongue could help you play better :)
(I guess it helps me put on my mascara, so why wouldn't it work for video games.)

November 17, 2010

Perfectly inspiring, for all occasions.

“When a battered, weary swimmer tries valiantly to get back to shore, after having fought strong winds and rough waves which he should never have challenged in the first place, those of us who might have had better judgment, or perhaps just better luck, ought not to row out to his side, beat him with our oars, and shove his head back underwater.”

~Jeffery R. Holland

November 16, 2010

A boy, and his R2D2.

Clark loves his little R2D2.
He takes R2 with him everywhere,
 to church, to the park, to the store.
He sleeps with his little R2, takes a bath with him, and even tries to share his dinner with him.
 R2 rarely leaves Clark's little hands.
Light Sabers, R2s, video games, movies...everything is about Star Wars these days, 
and I am kinda loving it, almost as much as Clark.

Clark would just like me to tell you that R2 says, 
"beep beep, bo-bo, beep, beeb, bop".

Tea Party For One

Jason caught Clark having a little tea party in nursery last Sunday.
All by himself...
Which is so out of the ordinary for him, 
since he is always playing racing games or trains with his friends.
But I guess he just needed a quiet moment to relax, with a nice cup of tea.

(Thank goodness for camera phones, I love how we can always capture a moment.)

November 15, 2010

A Week In Our Life Novemeber7-13

November 7, 2010
Oh Happy Sunday, I love you.  Today I went to church alone, since both my boys were a little sick, and I didn't want to them to share their colds with the rest of the nursery.  I love Fast and Testimony meeting, there is no better way to get to know, and love the members in your ward.  I am starting to feel more at home in this ward, and I am enjoying getting to know all of its members.  We were lucky, and blessed to have moved into this neighborhood/ward.  I love relaxing with my family, watching movies, on our lazy Sundays.  We had dinner and watched Simpson's Tree House of Horror, Jason and Clark's favorite after Halloween tradition.
Also today, all of the sudden-out of the blue, Clark told us he needed to go do-do.  We have been trying to get him to use the little potty we got him last month, but he is so resistant to it.  Some days he will try to go all day, others days I can't even get him to sit on it.  We've just been taking it slow, for everybody sake.  I was surprised when he told us he needed to go, and even more surprised when he went (although it was pee- he calls everything do-do).  He went a couple more times that night, just a little bit, and his diaper was still wet, but he is at least trying now.  We got to bed kinda late tonight, all our schedules are off due to the time change last weird this time changing thing.  We aren't used to it, having lived in Hawaii the last 4 years, but I did enjoy the extra hour of sleep.

Monday was an uneventful day.  I went grocery shopping, which is always a treat by myself with both boys, NOT.  I don't know how my mom did it with all us kids.  Clark tried to use the potty a few more times again today!  He told me almost every time he needed to go, and a few times right after.  I think it is finally starting to click, and I am hoping he keeps up the progress, I hope, I hope, I hope.  I think the highlight of my day was Conan coming back on air!  I missed falling asleep to that giant funny ginger.  Remember folks, if you don't watch Conan, the terrorist will win.  And by terrorists, I mean Jay Leno.

Quiet Book CraftTuesday night I taught a small little class at Relief Society Enrichment night.  We made little quiet books (pictured on the side).  I am not sure why they asked me to help out and teach it, but it was easy (and nice to be included) so I did it.  I took Clark with me, cause he wanted to play with his friends so bad, he is such a social butterfly.  I came home to Jason and Harry chilled out on the couch, watching Monsters vs. Aliens, one of Harry's favorite movies.  Harry went to bed so well!  He has been getting better at not staying up all night, both boys have, it is so nice.  Even though the boys go to bed early, I still stay up way too late reading and watching tv :)

Clark has been sleep walking and talking a lot lately, just like his Daddy.  It is so funny.  He has always come into our bed at some point in the night, for what reasons I never know.  Well, Tuesday night he woke me up several time crying for his lost Popsicle???  Yes, honestly a Popsicle.  He was searching all over the bed for it, even got out a bed a couple times, crying and asking me for help to find his Popsicle.  Then when he would wake up himself enough, he would instantly fall back asleep again.  It is pretty crazy.  Jason has always been the same way, talky talky talky, and when I wake him up to tell him he is talking in his sleep, laughing, he gets mad at me (ha!!).   It sure makes for some crazy nights in our house.

Wednesday we had playgroup again.  It is getting pretty cold and windy outside, so we may have to start moving it to our house.  Clark has been addicted to the video games a lot lately too, I can't believe we are actually getting him-well the whole family- a Wii (shhhh! it is a surprise Christmas present).  Harry was so vocal and playful today.  He even gave me some love, which is a big thing for Harry.  He will sit on your lap, and maybe even lean his head on your shoulder, but he does not hug, or kiss or purposely give you affection.  But today, he crawled up on my lap and curled himself around me, and practically did everything that hugging involves, without actually wrapping his arms around me.  I know I am reaching here, but it meant a lot to me. Sometimes its hard that Harry is so emotionally disconnected.  I remember only one other time that he loved me.  I had been out shopping with my mom and sisters for the most part of the day, and Harry was left with Jason and Clark to play.  I was probably only gone for 8 hours or so, but when I came home Harry crawled on my lap, grabbed my face with his hands, and starred at my face for a few he was telling me he missed me and noticed I was gone. That short minute got me through the rest of the summer, and now I have another moment.

It is so weird that it is getting darker sooner, this whole day light savings time is crazy!  We sure got spoiled living in Hawaii, with normal time, and no cold weather.  My feet have been freezing me all day!

Thursday Harry had another doctor's appointment at the Neuro-developmental Clinic in Norfolk.  They watched Harry for a little while and went over all his paperwork, and pretty much said you are doing everything you can do, for now.  I mentioned my concern that he was only getting 2 hours of therapy a week, but they said that was good for now, and that the Virginia Early Intervention department was really good (I am starting to wonder if that's just what people say...oh you live in "insert generic town here", they have a really good Autism program there-blah blah blah).  We will go back every 4-6 months to check on his development.  They also had me schedule a EEG (for the week after Thanksgiving) to check and see if he is having seizures.  I used to think he was having them all the time, little ones-the kind where you just blank out- but it happens much less frequently than it did when we were in Hawaii, so I am not too sure anymore.  Either way it will be nice to rule out.  On a side note, he weighed a chunky 41 pounds, I can't believe how big he is getting, I think I had 13 people tell me how very tall he is for his age too.

I hated Friday, everything about it sucked.  The kids got into everything, and used up all the patience I had.  It was not a good day.  However my funny little Tuna made the whole thing better when he woke me up at 2 in the morning to have me congratulate him for getting the sharks.  This sleep talking thing is getting hilarious!  He said, "Mom, MOM, I did it, I got the sharks!"  "Hey Daddy," he was shaking Jays shoulder to wake him up, "I did it! I got the shark, yay me".... AND back to sleep in an instant. LOL!!!  My little shark killer.

Saturday we spent some much needed time organizing our house, and finally hanging some pictures.  It was nice to just hang around the house as a family, and finally get some things done.  Both of the boys love it so much when we are all home together, and so do I.  While me and Jason were in the garage putting somethings away, Clark decided he wanted to play Monopoly.  He got out every single Monopoly game we have (and if you know us, you know its a lot!) and a few others.  It took Jason and I an hour to sort through all the game pieces.  I am so glad Harry was napping!!!  Clark also has stopped using the potty again, in fact he is back to not even wanting to go into the bathroom.  Although he did try to fake pee for us Saturday night, so we would give him some m&ms.  He went into the bathroom and put some toilet water into his little potty, and then proceeded to tell us he went! the lying really starts so young.  He is so sneaky.

November 10, 2010

For the Love of Mario

(Crappy camera phone picture.)
Someone still wants to wear his Mario costume, everyday. 
No seriously, everyday, I have to hide it from him so he can get a break. 
Today he cried and cried because I wouldn't let him wear it to play group, 
after he slept in it for the past three nights!
I am such a mean mom, I know.

November 08, 2010

A Week In Our Life October 31st-November 6

I was reading over my blog a few days ago, enjoying the nice little walk down memory lane.  I was astonished how fast the time flew by (and also how bad my spelling, punctuation and grammar is, oy! I need to go back to school).  I know so much more happened than what I blogged about, and I  hate missing all the little things that make up our day, the little things that make me fall in love with my family everyday, the little things that I will forget the older the boys get.  So, in an attempt to document better for our family journal (I really hope to start printing my blog out one of these days, and save them for my kiddos), and be more real, I have decided to start a new weekly post, Saturday nights (or late Monday night, whenever I can actually finish it), called a -A Week In Our Life-.  It will probably be long and rambley, so you can feel free to skip right over it, it's mostly for my own documentation, so I can see how we are doing, how we are improving, and where we are going :)

Without further ado, here I go...

Sunday, October 31st, was a super fun day, but also kinda sad. Since the our ward's Halloween party was the night before we slept in, and as a result were an hour late to church (which actually is not a new thing since we have 9am church, and certain Boskos -named Jason- hate getting up early to be on time).  The boys are getting better at going to church, even Harry.  Clark loves going to nursery every week.  He helps me set up the room, (I am nursery leader again-UGH) and as his friends walk in one by one, he get more and more excited, giving them little hugs, showing them the toys, shouting "yay friends!"  It is his favorite part of the day for sure.
Later that night, after we had a nice lunch of Halloween candy, we talked online with Uncle Cody, Auntie Emma and little Reese.  Clark had fun seeing his cousin, he misses her a lot.  In fact the night before some one had asked him if he wanted a Reeses candy, and he spent the rest of the night asking to play with Reesey, poor boy.  During our video chat Jason and Clark decided to play with some bubbles, which resulted in Clark spilling bubble soap all over my computer screen :(  My heart was breaking as I watched the liquid slowly creep up the screen.  I knew we had no money to get a new one, or fix my I was so scared.  I cried and cried.  Luckily it seems to be fine, it is Thursday now, and even though the screen is a little spotty (from the soap residue) and its hard to read, at least my computer is still use-able.  We will just save up some money and get me a new one next year.
We finished out the night Trick or Treating, I know I know, it was Sunday and we should have been keeping the Sabbath day holy, BUT this was our first year in a real neighborhood and we wanted to take the boys out (we've have always gone trick or treating at the mall in years past).  Also, we didn't buy any candy for the trick or treaters who were coming to our house, so we needed to get out ;)  The boys had a ball, even little Harry, although he was a little confused and cried for the first few houses because he wanted to go inside and play.  It was a good night... a bittersweet day with the demise of my best friend Macky (my lap top), but a good fun family night.

Monday and Tuesday were boring errand running, house cleaning day.  I swear I did 11 loads of laundry already this week.  I love to wash and dry it all, and pile it up on my bed, then after dinner is done and the kitchen is clean, I let Jason watch the boys while I sort and fold in peace and quiet, watching some good tv shows.  I tried to take the boys to the mall to play on Monday, but Harry peed through his pants before we even got to the play area (and I had just changed him an hour before- he pees A LOT).  I did let Clark play some computer games at the Apple store.  He shows so much interest in those type of things, but I just do not trust him using our computers yet.  I wish we still had our old Compaq that we bought when we were first married, so the boys could play around on it.  By some miracle Clark and Harry fell asleep and went to bed by 9pm on Monday night.  No matter how much I try to put them on a schedule it just never works, the little variables everyday are too hard to control, and the boys are so resistant to it.  I do treasure those nights when I can get them to bed on time, but mostly it is Clark crying for two hours cause he is not tried and Harry bouncing around the living room until 11pm when he finally passes out.
November 2nd, was election day, Jason sent in his out of state ballot for Utah, he didn't tell me who he voted for, but I am sure it was all red and conservativey.  I didn't vote, only because I am not registered anywhere yet.  I don't really see the point when we move around so much, and anyway I just plain HATE politics, I don't trust any of them.
We also found out that our little Gary got pick up by the Humane Society in Hawaii, and was waiting there until someone picked him up.  It turns out that the poeple that moved into our old house had a dog, and Gary just didn't like to stay on the property anymore.  They tried to feed him, but he kept running off.  I felt so bad and guilty.  Had I known he was going to end up in a kennel, all alone, I would've tried to bring him with us or found him a better home.  I am just praying he gets adopted by a good family...and leave it at that.

Wednesday, I took the boys to play group.  They played with play-dough for the first time, I know-I know, I am a mean Mom, but I never let them play with play-dough cause I don't want to clean up the aftermath.  Harry just wanted to hold it in his hands, and take a little taste every now and then, but Clark had fun rolling it out and making little things.  I love being able to take the boys to play group.  It is so nice to finally live in an area where we are included in things... so nice to finally have friends, and a car to go places!
Later that night both of the boys woke up in the middle of the night.  Harry with some congestion and a runny nose, I already knew he was getting a cold. And poor Clark was in the throws of what appeared to be an asthma attack.  He had a cough, much like a barking seal, that croupy cough that I hate.  He seemed to be having a hard time breathing, and was clawing at his neck, so Jason took him to the emergency room.  This is not his first trip for something like this, I would say at least once or twice a year since he was born, we have had to take him to the ER for this type of coughing/asthma attack.  I hate it, and even though I have seen him do it before, it is scary.  This time instead of giving him a breathing treatment they gave him some sort of steroid drink for his neck, to help it open back up, and sent him home with an inhaler.  I was, like always, a nervous wreck until him and Jason walked back into the door, 5 am in the morning.  You could tell he felt so much better, and he kept opening his mouth, showing me how good he did it for the doctors.

Since we were all up to 5:00 am the next morning, Thursday, the day Jason took off work to help me get some big chores done around the house, turned into a sleeping lazy day... just my luck.  Nothing got done, again.  My walls with be picture-less forever, and my curtains will never get hemmed.
Thursday Harry had another evaluation, from the Virginia Early Intervention this time.  I am glad the ball is finally rolling on his services, and things can get started.  He has already made some improvements from earlier this year, like he is making more vowel sounds when he bables, and makes eye contact better, not all the time, but more often.  He is pretty behind in most things, but is right at his age limit in his gross motor skills.  Things here in Virginia are so different from Hawaii, and you would think they would be better, but they aren't.  We have to pay for services here, which thankfully our insurance covers.  In Hawaii, Harry was offered about 12-15 hours a week in therapy and services, here we will only be getting two, 45 mintues appointments, per week.  Clark doesn't even qualify for Headstart here in Virginia (which makes no sense since we made more money in Hawaii, and less money here).  I was starting to really panic about how I was going to get him into school, but I think I found a way, through the public school system, instead of Headstart.  Overall, I am just a little disappointed, I thought things would be better here, now that we are in a bigger area, with seemingly more options, but it turns out the kids just get more lost in all the paperwork, competing with other children that may have more problems.  I have some ideas how to get around things, and a few more calls and appointments to make, its just taking so much longer than I thought.

Friday, my super awesome friend invited me up to  spend the weekend.  So I left Jason and the boys to fend for themselves for the weekend.  This was really the first time I have left both of the boys.  The last time I took a little trip for myself was two years ago, when I was pregnant with Harry... and since Harry kicked me a lot and was very much there, I don't really count it :)  I was nervous for the 3 hour drive, all by myself, but I had so much fun!  Listening to whatever music I wanted, as loud as I wanted, singing at the top of my lungs... it was wonderful, and the drive was much faster than I thought it would be.  It was so nice to spend some time with my girlfriend, without my kids running around, talking and being girls.  Saturday we went to a Christmas Card making class. We spend almost 7 hours making Christmas cards!!  It was not something I thought I would enjoy too much, since I am not particularly crafty, but I had such a fun time being creative and working on a project.  I came home with 20 of the cutest Christmas cards ever.  I can't wait to find another class!  I was a little sad when I came home, and the boys weren't overjoyed to see me.  Harry walked right past me like I had been there all weekend, and I got a half hearted hug from Clark.  I guess I just wasn't gone long enough :)  It was nice to be back home with my little family. We had fun Saturday night watching Avatar, again, per Clark's request... I guess he needed a break from Star Wars.

Well, there you go...  my first weekly journal post, sooo much longer than I planned it to be.  We will just have to see how long this will last, or if I want to keep doing it, but for now I am happy.

My Crafty Weekend.

November 6, 2010
Me and Sharon
This past weekend I drove up to DC to visit my friend Sharon, and have a crafty weekend :)
It was so much fun!  We spent the day making homemade Christmas cards at the scrapbook store near her house.  I am normally not very scrapbooky or crafty, but this was so easy and a lot of fun.  It felt nice to make something, something so pretty.   I kinda got the card making bug now :)  Thanks to my super friend Sharon for thinking of me, and inviting me up! I can't wait until next year.
Homemade Christmas Cards
Here is a sample of my finished cards.  I love the blue and brown snowman one the most.

Halloween 2010

October 30-31, 2010
Our family.
We started out our Halloween celebrations with a fun ward party on the 30th.  There was a chili cook-off, and trick or treating.  Each family decorated a door, and the kids trick or treated around, and around the building, til there was no candy left.  This was the first time Jason and I did something like this, and it was a lot of fun.  Clark absolutely loved wearing his Mario costume!  He couldn't wait to get dressed (and still wants to wear it on a daily basis now, a week later).  Jason and I went as Dharma Initiative workers, from our favorite show LOST.  Hardly anyone knew who we were :(  I guess not very many people watch tv out here in Virgina Beach.  Most people thought we were janitors, or Ghostbusters.  At least we figured out pretty quickly who the cool people are, thank you,four people at my church who watch Lost.
Brotherly Love.
Brotherly love, Mario and Luigi.
Poor Harry had his own little wardrobe malfunction, with a bad case of unfortunate diaper placement.
ClarkIt's me, Mario.
Proud little Mario!  Clark was so excited for Tricks or Treats.
Clark and Harry
Harry was not so excited to have to get dressed up to go out again,
 he was even less happy about having to wear the hat.
Sad Luigi
Poor sad Harry, I tired to tell him there would be candy, but he didn't believe me.
Trick or Treat
Trick or Treating.
This is the first year we have lived in a real trick or treating neighborhood, so even though it was Sunday, we just had to go! (Besides we didn't buy any candy to hand out, and we did want to listen to everyone ring our bell.)  Clark had so much fun going up to all the houses saying "Rick-oh-Ree"!  Harry was disappointed we weren't going inside to play, and the first 5 or so houses he cried every time we didn't stay to play, he finally caught on though.
Jason, Clark and Harry
Daddy and the boys.
Mario, Luigi, and Dharma Workman
Me and my little nuggets.
Examining their stash of candies!!!

November 05, 2010


Red Vine
I am loving our first real Fall in years!
The cool rainy days.
The changing of the leaves.
All the colors, beautiful fall colors.
 (I love red leaves so much.)
The chilly nights, with piles of extra blankets.
The soups and stews that I keep cooking, and cooking.
My favorite hoodies, that I finally get to wear again!
The smell of lit fireplaces, and the crisp cool air.
I love Fall.
It's my most favorite time of year.

Carving Pumpkins

October 29, 2010
Pumpkin Carving Night!
Scaredy Cat
Clark is a little scared of jack-o-lanterns,
 so he hid under the table while we carved the pumpkins,
silly boy.
Jason working on his weird, alien inspired, four-eyed jack-o-lantern.
Daddy and Harry
Giving Harry a turn, even though he couldn't care less.
The finished pumpkins.
From left to right: Harry, Clark, Jason and April.
(I always make a kitty-o-lantern.)
The boys each picked their own pumpkins when we went to the pumpkin patch the week before.  I love Harry's super long stem, I am positive that is the reason he choose it.
All lit up and spooky.
Harry and Clark's pumpkins... I carved Clark's, and Jason carved Harry's.
I think they turned out to be a very good representations of the boys :)
Happy Halloween.