November 16, 2010

A boy, and his R2D2.

Clark loves his little R2D2.
He takes R2 with him everywhere,
 to church, to the park, to the store.
He sleeps with his little R2, takes a bath with him, and even tries to share his dinner with him.
 R2 rarely leaves Clark's little hands.
Light Sabers, R2s, video games, movies...everything is about Star Wars these days, 
and I am kinda loving it, almost as much as Clark.

Clark would just like me to tell you that R2 says, 
"beep beep, bo-bo, beep, beeb, bop".

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Miken Harding said...

It's been forever-love all your posts. Your life is full of JOY. Happy holidays. Glad you are enjoying your time there. Have fun shoveling snow!