November 21, 2010

A Week In Our Life November 14-20

November 14, Sunday.  I listen to a wonderful talk in church today about genealogy and keeping a family journal.  I am glad that I started this blog, and this little family journal.  I am also glad that I take so many pictures (too many if you ask Jason).  I love going home and looking at my Mom's old pictures, and my Granny's really old pictures, and I know my kids will appreciate it someday.  Although all my pictures are online...I may need to start making some photo albums.
We finally succumbed to the cold, and turned on the heat.  Jason was holding out, I guess trying to save some money, but we have company coming and I don't want them to freeze. It has been getting down to 48 degrees most nights, and I have woken up more than once to a freezey house.  We also got some firewood to try out our fireplace!

Monday the boys were so good.  They behaved while I ran errands, they ate most of their dinner, they went to bed good (albeit a little late), AND-the good news- they slept all night long, in their OWN BEDS!!!  It was so nice not to have to get up all night long, or share my bed with Clark.  I don't know what we did differently, but I sure wish I could figure it out so I can do it everyday.  Harry had so much fun playing chase with his Dad and brother tonight.  I love his little fake laugh he does, trying to impersonate his Dad, playing along.  He sure has the funniest little personality, and even though sometimes I don't understand everything he does, I love to watch him.

Clark Clark is so ready to go back to school.  Everyday when Jason comes home from work he steals his back-pack and says, "Come on Mommy, time for school".  I hate that it is taking so long to figure things out here and get the boys in school, I feel like I don't know what I am doing...maybe I am not doing enough.  I finally got a hold of someone who is going to get me started with the paperwork. Hopefully soon, little Clark.

I loved Tuesday!  We hung around the house playing, watching shows.  Daddy came home, and we had a tasty dinner-that I already had made, waiting for him :)  The boy had baths, read stories-even The Book of Mormon, and were in bed asleep by 8:30pm!!!  My house is clean, and quiet and it is only 9:30pm!  I don't know how I did it today, but I feel like super mom.  It is days like this when I actually feel like I am doing a good job.  It's days like today that give me strength to get up every morning and do it all over again.  Now, if I can just get them to eat the food I make them, and not ketchup sandwiches and pretzels, I would have it all set.

Wednesday we had play group at our house for the first time.  Normally we meet up at a park, with a small group of gals and kids from my ward, but since the weather is getting cooler we decided to move it inside.  I think it went well, considering the mess of toys and such.  Clark and Harry were a little crazy having so many people in the house, but not in a bad way.  Clark was happy and excited, but just too over the top, he gets so intense...and I think it sometimes scares the younger kids.  Harry did well at first, but towards the end he just wanted his space, and some quiet.  I look forward to it every week, and I think it is good to get them both out their element.  I hope we didn't scare anyone away.

Harry has started this cute new little thing, where he loves to hold my hand, everywhere.  When we are walking to the car, to the backyard, to the mailbox, to the kitchen, to the bedroom...everywhere, he just wants to hold hands.  I think it is so cute, and I really love it.

Thursday was a busy shopping/errand day, and the kids were so good as I drug them all over the mall.  Clark even got a cute little haircut.  I am kinda sad his hair is not as curly here, as it was in Hawaii, so I think I am going to start keeping it shorter.  Even though it was kinda chilly out, I took the boys to play at the park.  We swung on the swings, forever, and watched the ducks.  Harry loves going to the park so much, as soon as I pulled up, he was bouncing up and down trying to escape from his car seat.
I have been busy trying to keep on top of the house cleaning, getting ready for our company coming!!  We are all excited to have Thanksgiving with Carol and Eddie, again.
Clark was being sneaky and got into my bedroom drawers Thursday night, and drew permanent blue marker all over his legs and arms (not the first time he has done that) but he also drew all over the carpet too! UGH!!  He really knows how to test our patience.  I made him help me scrub it out of the carpet, and he did genuinely seem sorry about it, so at least he is learning from his mistakes.  I am just glad Harry is not really into coloring, yet.

Friday and Saturday we were so busy getting ready for our friends, Carol and Eddie, to come visit for Thanksgiving. Lots and lots of laundry and cleaning...but it is all worth it.  We haven't seen them in over a year...almost two, and it will be so nice to spend time together again.  Friday night we got a babysitter and went to the newest Harry Potter movie!!!!  We found another family in our ward that we can trade with, so it is fun and easy.  I was so excited that I could go on opening night, and Jason got me another Harry Potter shirt to add to my collection (for my HP quilt I am going to make next year).  I thought the movie was amazingly perfect, so in tone with the mood of the last book.  I cried a lot, and I think that actors did so well this time around.  I am dying that we have to wait eight whole months to watch the last installment, and yet, at the same time, I am so sad it is going to over.  I am going to miss Harry Potter so much.  I know I can re-read all the books again and again, and watch the movies whenever I want.  But there will be no new Harry things...

Hmm, have I gone overboard??? Maybe I am just being hormonal, or possessive, but I really do love the Harry Potter series (the BOOKS and movies) as a whole.    MAYBE, just maybe,  J.K. Rowling will make good on her mention of doing three more books, but I highly doubt it.  I am excited to be able to share it with Clark and Harry some day.  Clark already knows who Harry Potter is, because we played the Harry Potter Lego video game together all summer.  And he has watched bits of the first couple movies.  Someday soon, I hope I can start reading the books with him.  Ok...enough with the Potter talk.  We can move on now.

I have been noticing something new Harry has been doing lately.  I am not sure it is a good thing or a bad thing...but certainly a curious thing.  When Harry gets stressed out, or overwhelmed with too many people or crazy situations, he likes to gather little objects.  He gathers them up, organizes them, then tosses them on the floor again, gathers them up, carries them around for a bit, tosses them on the floor again, gathers them up....over and over.  I noticed him doing this the other day during playgroup, and then again when we picked him up from the babysitter the other night.  The more I think about it, the more I remember him always doing something like this, to cope with hard situations.  During the summer it was colored pencils at Nana's house.  When he was a baby with was sticks in the back yard.  I just never realized that he was stressed out all these times, over maybe over-stimulated.  I feel kinda bad... and I should have realized it sooner.  Now that I know, I don't really know what I am going to do about it.  He starts he new OT and Speech Therapy in two weeks, maybe I will just ask them what are some ways I can teach him how to cope better.  He really is such a good little baby, or toddler, he is in fact two now...he can't be my baby forever (well he can, but I am sure some day he will not like me calling him that).

Saturday night we finally got to pick up Auntie Carol and Uncle Eddie from the airport.  Clark was so excited, we all were.  When we walked into the house, Clark was proudly showing Carol all round, the pictures on the wall, where the tv was.  It was so funny, and cute.  Clark is slowly becoming a good little hostess.  I am looking forward to a fun filled week and I hope the time doesn't go by too fast.

On a different note, I am sort-of liking keeping this daily journal.  I kinda feel like Doogie Howser, except not as smart.... I need to have some more deep thoughts and catching quotes ;)  The posts are so long, and I am sure to most of you, quite redundant and boring, but I think that someday I am going to be really glad I did this.  I just hope I can keep it up.

You know Clark has been watching too much Curious George,
when he starts asking for things in his monkey language.

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