November 08, 2010

Halloween 2010

October 30-31, 2010
Our family.
We started out our Halloween celebrations with a fun ward party on the 30th.  There was a chili cook-off, and trick or treating.  Each family decorated a door, and the kids trick or treated around, and around the building, til there was no candy left.  This was the first time Jason and I did something like this, and it was a lot of fun.  Clark absolutely loved wearing his Mario costume!  He couldn't wait to get dressed (and still wants to wear it on a daily basis now, a week later).  Jason and I went as Dharma Initiative workers, from our favorite show LOST.  Hardly anyone knew who we were :(  I guess not very many people watch tv out here in Virgina Beach.  Most people thought we were janitors, or Ghostbusters.  At least we figured out pretty quickly who the cool people are, thank you,four people at my church who watch Lost.
Brotherly Love.
Brotherly love, Mario and Luigi.
Poor Harry had his own little wardrobe malfunction, with a bad case of unfortunate diaper placement.
ClarkIt's me, Mario.
Proud little Mario!  Clark was so excited for Tricks or Treats.
Clark and Harry
Harry was not so excited to have to get dressed up to go out again,
 he was even less happy about having to wear the hat.
Sad Luigi
Poor sad Harry, I tired to tell him there would be candy, but he didn't believe me.
Trick or Treat
Trick or Treating.
This is the first year we have lived in a real trick or treating neighborhood, so even though it was Sunday, we just had to go! (Besides we didn't buy any candy to hand out, and we did want to listen to everyone ring our bell.)  Clark had so much fun going up to all the houses saying "Rick-oh-Ree"!  Harry was disappointed we weren't going inside to play, and the first 5 or so houses he cried every time we didn't stay to play, he finally caught on though.
Jason, Clark and Harry
Daddy and the boys.
Mario, Luigi, and Dharma Workman
Me and my little nuggets.
Examining their stash of candies!!!

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Emma and Cody said...

I love those little Mario Bros! Clark with his stache is amazing! They are such cuties!