November 15, 2010

A Week In Our Life Novemeber7-13

November 7, 2010
Oh Happy Sunday, I love you.  Today I went to church alone, since both my boys were a little sick, and I didn't want to them to share their colds with the rest of the nursery.  I love Fast and Testimony meeting, there is no better way to get to know, and love the members in your ward.  I am starting to feel more at home in this ward, and I am enjoying getting to know all of its members.  We were lucky, and blessed to have moved into this neighborhood/ward.  I love relaxing with my family, watching movies, on our lazy Sundays.  We had dinner and watched Simpson's Tree House of Horror, Jason and Clark's favorite after Halloween tradition.
Also today, all of the sudden-out of the blue, Clark told us he needed to go do-do.  We have been trying to get him to use the little potty we got him last month, but he is so resistant to it.  Some days he will try to go all day, others days I can't even get him to sit on it.  We've just been taking it slow, for everybody sake.  I was surprised when he told us he needed to go, and even more surprised when he went (although it was pee- he calls everything do-do).  He went a couple more times that night, just a little bit, and his diaper was still wet, but he is at least trying now.  We got to bed kinda late tonight, all our schedules are off due to the time change last weird this time changing thing.  We aren't used to it, having lived in Hawaii the last 4 years, but I did enjoy the extra hour of sleep.

Monday was an uneventful day.  I went grocery shopping, which is always a treat by myself with both boys, NOT.  I don't know how my mom did it with all us kids.  Clark tried to use the potty a few more times again today!  He told me almost every time he needed to go, and a few times right after.  I think it is finally starting to click, and I am hoping he keeps up the progress, I hope, I hope, I hope.  I think the highlight of my day was Conan coming back on air!  I missed falling asleep to that giant funny ginger.  Remember folks, if you don't watch Conan, the terrorist will win.  And by terrorists, I mean Jay Leno.

Quiet Book CraftTuesday night I taught a small little class at Relief Society Enrichment night.  We made little quiet books (pictured on the side).  I am not sure why they asked me to help out and teach it, but it was easy (and nice to be included) so I did it.  I took Clark with me, cause he wanted to play with his friends so bad, he is such a social butterfly.  I came home to Jason and Harry chilled out on the couch, watching Monsters vs. Aliens, one of Harry's favorite movies.  Harry went to bed so well!  He has been getting better at not staying up all night, both boys have, it is so nice.  Even though the boys go to bed early, I still stay up way too late reading and watching tv :)

Clark has been sleep walking and talking a lot lately, just like his Daddy.  It is so funny.  He has always come into our bed at some point in the night, for what reasons I never know.  Well, Tuesday night he woke me up several time crying for his lost Popsicle???  Yes, honestly a Popsicle.  He was searching all over the bed for it, even got out a bed a couple times, crying and asking me for help to find his Popsicle.  Then when he would wake up himself enough, he would instantly fall back asleep again.  It is pretty crazy.  Jason has always been the same way, talky talky talky, and when I wake him up to tell him he is talking in his sleep, laughing, he gets mad at me (ha!!).   It sure makes for some crazy nights in our house.

Wednesday we had playgroup again.  It is getting pretty cold and windy outside, so we may have to start moving it to our house.  Clark has been addicted to the video games a lot lately too, I can't believe we are actually getting him-well the whole family- a Wii (shhhh! it is a surprise Christmas present).  Harry was so vocal and playful today.  He even gave me some love, which is a big thing for Harry.  He will sit on your lap, and maybe even lean his head on your shoulder, but he does not hug, or kiss or purposely give you affection.  But today, he crawled up on my lap and curled himself around me, and practically did everything that hugging involves, without actually wrapping his arms around me.  I know I am reaching here, but it meant a lot to me. Sometimes its hard that Harry is so emotionally disconnected.  I remember only one other time that he loved me.  I had been out shopping with my mom and sisters for the most part of the day, and Harry was left with Jason and Clark to play.  I was probably only gone for 8 hours or so, but when I came home Harry crawled on my lap, grabbed my face with his hands, and starred at my face for a few he was telling me he missed me and noticed I was gone. That short minute got me through the rest of the summer, and now I have another moment.

It is so weird that it is getting darker sooner, this whole day light savings time is crazy!  We sure got spoiled living in Hawaii, with normal time, and no cold weather.  My feet have been freezing me all day!

Thursday Harry had another doctor's appointment at the Neuro-developmental Clinic in Norfolk.  They watched Harry for a little while and went over all his paperwork, and pretty much said you are doing everything you can do, for now.  I mentioned my concern that he was only getting 2 hours of therapy a week, but they said that was good for now, and that the Virginia Early Intervention department was really good (I am starting to wonder if that's just what people say...oh you live in "insert generic town here", they have a really good Autism program there-blah blah blah).  We will go back every 4-6 months to check on his development.  They also had me schedule a EEG (for the week after Thanksgiving) to check and see if he is having seizures.  I used to think he was having them all the time, little ones-the kind where you just blank out- but it happens much less frequently than it did when we were in Hawaii, so I am not too sure anymore.  Either way it will be nice to rule out.  On a side note, he weighed a chunky 41 pounds, I can't believe how big he is getting, I think I had 13 people tell me how very tall he is for his age too.

I hated Friday, everything about it sucked.  The kids got into everything, and used up all the patience I had.  It was not a good day.  However my funny little Tuna made the whole thing better when he woke me up at 2 in the morning to have me congratulate him for getting the sharks.  This sleep talking thing is getting hilarious!  He said, "Mom, MOM, I did it, I got the sharks!"  "Hey Daddy," he was shaking Jays shoulder to wake him up, "I did it! I got the shark, yay me".... AND back to sleep in an instant. LOL!!!  My little shark killer.

Saturday we spent some much needed time organizing our house, and finally hanging some pictures.  It was nice to just hang around the house as a family, and finally get some things done.  Both of the boys love it so much when we are all home together, and so do I.  While me and Jason were in the garage putting somethings away, Clark decided he wanted to play Monopoly.  He got out every single Monopoly game we have (and if you know us, you know its a lot!) and a few others.  It took Jason and I an hour to sort through all the game pieces.  I am so glad Harry was napping!!!  Clark also has stopped using the potty again, in fact he is back to not even wanting to go into the bathroom.  Although he did try to fake pee for us Saturday night, so we would give him some m&ms.  He went into the bathroom and put some toilet water into his little potty, and then proceeded to tell us he went! the lying really starts so young.  He is so sneaky.

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