November 01, 2010

Dragon Party

October 15, 2010
We were all pretty excited for the new How To Train Your Dragon movie to come out (a couple weeks ago), so we had a Dragon Party!  We love a good excuse to have a family party.
I made homemade pizza and brownies, and we settled in for a fun movie night.
Clark and Harry
The boys in their super cute dragon pj's.  Clark was so excited to wear his.
He picked them out on his own (at Walmart), 
he was very insistent that he have the blue ones, and Harry get the gray ones.
Clark pretending to be a scary dragon, 
he has a mighty roar :)
Giggly Harry.
Jason, Clark and Harry
The movie is starting, Clark was so excited!  He has been waiting for this movie to come out since it was in the theater, I swear he would ask if he could watch it at least once a week.  I love how serious he looks in this picture, his eyes glued to the screen, so as not to miss one precious second.
 And little Harry, with his typical grumpy, serious face.
HarryHarry loves previews!
Now it is time for Harry's favorite part of the movie, the credits!
I love how he is standing on his tip toes, so curious of the words and pictures.
It's so funny how much he loves the end of movies.
Looking for the source of the words...
"Hmmm..." he says, "I wonder if the words come from under here".
Clark practicing his own dragon riding.  
Jason was flying him all over the room, and tossing him in the air.
Jason is such a good Dad, he loves playing with them, and he is so creative...the boys just love it.


michaela said...

I actually liked this movie! It has been awhile since we were impressed with a kid movie. You two are such good parents. I can see the joy in the boys faces and hear it in your words when you write about them.

Emma and Cody said...

I love that Jason still wears his Hawaii shirts. This one seems a little toned down for the main land. But I LOVE it!