December 16, 2009

Bad Mommy!

Clark burned his foot on the stove top today.  He was on the counter, helping me cook his noodles for lunch.  I turned around to feed Harry, and Clark ran across the stove to get his favorite mixing spoon (he really likes to help cook) and stepped on the burner, which was off but still hot.  He has blisters on the bottom of his foot and has been limping around all day.  I have never felt so bad in all my life.  I know it is mostly my fault, because I let him run around on the counter.  I know I let him do so many things he shouldn't.  Well, to be honest we really couldn't keep him off or out of things if we tried, he can get through any gate, unlock any child lock, and is the best climber ever.  Even so, Jay and I are entirely too laid back.  We let the boys eat what they want, sleep when they want, play with what they want, and do pretty much whatever.  I guess what happened today was my punishment, as well as Clark's.  I know I should be more strict.  I just don't like to be a nagging, yelling Mom.  I feel like as long as everyone is happy, healthy, and safe, then I feel like I am doing good enough.
Well, I learned my lesson today (bad Mommy) good enough doesn't cut it anymore.  I need to be more strict, enforce more rules, (and the dreaded) put them on a schedule.  Too bad Clark had to get hurt for me to learn my lesson.  I am sorry my little Tuna.


Rachael said...

Don't beat yourself up too much. We all have those bad mommy moments. I slammed Gavin's fingers in the car door, and earlier that day I rolled his arm up in the window.
We used to just let our kids do wahtever. my mother in law said the older they get the more rules they have. Its true. Now that we are 5 years in, I don't feel like they just do whatever they want anymore. So just wait. As time goes on and they aren't so little any more, and you aren't so tired, things will get more organized!

Miken Harding said...

That's awesome!!! Sorry, but that is so funny. Sucks he had to learn the hard way. B touched it with her hand the other day after I told her not too. Phil will love that story. You are doing a great job! Everyone's healthy and happy! I miss you.:)