December 17, 2009

Going on a walk.

Going on a walk.
Mom, no pictures... we are going on a walk.  Clark wanted to move it along.
The other afternoon Jay and I decided to take the boys on a walk to the park. Clark hopped right in the stroller...or train as he likes to call it.  I am not sure why he thinks it is a train, maybe because the stroller is long.  I think it is funny that he toots and chugs as we push him along.
I am ready to go, he says, I got my leaves.
Normally Harry gets right in the stroller, he is all about relaxing and kicking back while someone is pushing him around town.  But this time Jason had to chase him down in the yard before he could put him in the stroller, and I mean literally chase him down.  Turns out that he (Harry)  just HAD to get some leaves to take along.  Three to be exact, and he didn't want brown crunchy ones this time, he wanted some yellow ones, he was very particular in the ones he was looking for.  Once he got his leaves he was more than happy to hop right in the stroller.  He is so funny...or weird, we aren't sure yet :)

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