September 23, 2010

The big hole in the ground.

I finally got to go to the Grand Canyon!
The Grand Canyon
I lived in Arizona for 14 years, and never went.  So, I told Jason there was no way I was going to drive through the state of Arizona again, and not stop at the Grand Canyon....especially with the boys.
I was really looking forward to the trip.
The Grand Canyon
Can you see the little cave down there?  I would love to be able to hike there.
(And by hike, I mean have a helicopter fly me down there, with free cold drinks and snacks on board.)
The Grand Canyon
I loved this old gray tree.
Jason and ClarkMe and the Tuna
Clark discovered the magic of binoculars.  
He wouldn't put them down for the rest of the day.

The Grand Canyon
There is my little old tree again.
I was feeling REALLY sick that day, so we didn't do too much walking around, and we only made a couple stops.  I am hoping that I can bring the kids back someday, and spend a lot more time.
Jason wanted me to take his own picture...ALL BY MYSELF, he said.
I wonder why?  Maybe he is going to use it for his secret e-Harmony account.
He is a pretty handsome Daddy.
The Grand Canyon
I don't know what I was expecting, but I can honestly say that the Grand Canyon totally blew my mind.
For some, crazy, reason I thought we could walk around it, or at least drive all the way around it.
It was much bigger than I ever imagined.
Bosko Fam
My tiny little adorable family.
Jason and I were holding onto the boys like crazy glue!
There was no way I was going to let Clark near the edge, no way.
With all his bouncing around he, wouldn't have lasted a minute.
The Grand Canyon
Next time we go, I want to go down there...see where all the green is.
Clark with his binoculars again...or his 'glass-ees' as he liked to call them.
Clark trying to find Harry.
Trying to get Harry's attention...
"Arry look, ARRY!!!!" he kept saying, in this horribly screechy voice.
I guess I know what I sound like, when I am trying to get the boys to look at the the camera,
or at least what I sound like to Clark.

The Grand Canyon
The colors were just breath taking.
Blues, reds, greens...lovely.
The Grand Canyon
(Yep, still more pictures.  But I am almost done, I promise.)
The Grand Canyon
Let me take a second to tell you about that annoying lady in the pink shirt, shorts and hat.
Every time I moved, she would move right in front of me.  Every time!  I would walk away, lift up my camera, and there she would magically appear again.  Always in the bottom right part of my screen, I could not for the life of me get away from her.  I must have 30 pictures with her in them. 
The Grand Canyon
Probably one of my favorite pictures.
Grand Canyon
I don't know if you can see, but there are people out on that ledge.
Crazy people.
But I bet it was an amazing view.
I can't wait to go back, when the boys are a little older, and explore some more.

Special thanks to Chelsie and Jeremy, for letting us crash and trash your house.
I loved seeing you again, love it!
And Clark loved playing with Liberty.

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