September 20, 2010

July 1st

A busy day making memories.  
We decided it would be fun to make the LONG drive up to Roswell, to visit the UFO Museum.
(Thanks to Gramps and Granny for humoring us, and coming along, they are such good sports.)
Bosko Fam
Alien Autopsy,  UFO Museum, Roswell New Mexico
Totally campy, and oh so fun.  
Jason and I have been to Roswell before, but it was fun to go again with Emma and Cody.  And this time I got to show Clark around, and get a book about the alien cover up in Roswell, signed by the author (thanks Granny).
Clark and Reese
Reese kept calling the alien 'the little man'.  
I don't think the kids were scared, but they were certainly curious.
Bosko Fam
Flash back- Flash Forward
The first picture is me and Jason in 2004, when we first came to Roswell.  The second picture is our little family, six years later.  I can't believe how much we have changed in 6 years.
(I'm glad I upgraded to a better camera!)
Bosko Family
Another flashback.
Maybe in 6 years we will go back again...
Me, Reese, and Emma
Me, Reese, and Emma
Somewhere in America, there is a crazy lady with this picture of us.  She pulled over her car, took a picture of us, flashed us the universal Live Long and Prosper sign, shouted aliens rock, and drove off, hahaha!  Only in Roswell.
So happy to have TWO spaceships.  
Clark is so into anything that has to do with transportation (aren't all boys), 
cars, TRAINS, planes, spaceships, boats, he loves them all.
Harry and His Sticks
Harry collecting and organizing his sticks.
After we got back from Roswell, we just let the kids roam the yard and play.
Clark Up The Tree
Clark Up The Tree
I have countless pictures of me, and my brothers and sisters in this same tree.  
I loved that I could pass the tradition along to my boys.
Harry Up The Tree
Harry Up The Tree
I am so glad he sat still long enough for me to get a picture.
And don't even ask why his face is so always is.  
He hates his face to be washed, and I hate to fight with him.
Reese Up The Tree
Reese Up The Tree
She looks a little scared, but she did it.
Sunset at Gramps and Granny's
Another beautiful sunset at Gramps and Granny's.
Those western desert sunsets are starting to grow on me :)
I have such fond memories visiting my grandparents house, and I loved sharing this trip with my boys. Doing things that I did when I was a kid, making new traditions, and spending time with the Williams family (Emma, Cody and Reese) was priceless.


Emma and Cody said...

I am going to need a copy of your trip pictures please. You have some really good ones! I love the one of my phone boob the most!

Aunt Pam said...

I was wondering what that was. :) I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the trip pictures. So glad you are getting your blog updated. I was starting to go through withdrawals. :)
Love you!