September 22, 2010


On the road again.
In New Mexico I started taking pictures with the kids by every state border sign we passed,
stayed tuned for a super long blog about that (we went through about 14 states).
Someday I hope that I can visit all 50 states!!!
Arizona Border
After a nice week long visit in New Mexico, we drove back to Utah, through Arizona.
I grew up in Arizona, and it has always had a special place in my heart.
However, I have never really had the desire to move is TOO HOT!
But for some reason during this trip, Jason and I fell in love with it all over again.
Maybe, just maybe, I could live there again.
(If I had a giant house with super powered AC and a pool.)
Carter's Drive-In  Wilcox, Arizona
The first placed we stopped at in AZ, was Carter's Drive-In.
I have a lot of memories of stopping here as a kid.  
Almost every year when we drove to New Mexico as a family, my parents would stop here for lunch and dinner.
I even have a picture, just like the one above, of me and my sisters.
They have the tastiest hamburgers, and to-die-for home made Rootbeer.

We also stopped in Scottsdale to spend a couple days with Jason's mom, who was unfortunately in the hospital.  I know she enjoyed the visit, and it was good for Jason to have some time with his mom.
Then we spent a day in my old hometown of Goodyear and Litchfield.
I was so excited to see some of my old friends!!
I seriously can't stop thinking about it.  
I didn't take one picture of the time we spent hanging out with our friends.
Sad face.
I got to visit with one of my bestest friends Michaela and her family.  It was so delightful to be around her again, I love her family so much... it always makes me homesick for Arizona and the good old days of April and Michaela.  We also had a small pool party and got to spend the evening with some family friends, who I haven't seen in years.  
I cherish the time I get to spend with friends, especially ones that I hardly ever get to see.
I am so thankful to the friends that opened their homes to us, and helped make our summer road trip more special and memorable.

Next time I go to Arizona, I will take a lot more pictures.

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Miken Harding said...

It was so fun to see you guys and meet your cute little family! Charrolette should have some pics. Check on facebook! Hope you are settling in good!