September 30, 2010

Winter Quarters

We sadly left Utah July 21st, a day after my super fun birthday.  
We could have driven straight through to Virginia, but as a consolation to moving to a place I didn't really want to, 
and also as a special 30th birthday present for me, we planned a super cool ten day road trip back east.  
The first official stop on our Family Road Trip Extravaganza, was Winter Quarters Nebraska.
Winter Quarters Visitor Center
July 23, 2010
For those of you that don't know...
Winter Quarters was a resting stop for the Saints traveling West, to get away from the persecution they were facing in Nauvoo.  Driving up the hill to the visitors center, and cemetery, it felt safe and calm, like a sanctuary.  There were so many trees, and it was so peaceful and quiet.  
Jason and the boys pretending to pull the handcart.
The visitors center was great for the kids, and the missionaries were so helpful.
  There was so much to explore, and learn about the Pioneers who stopped here.  
Pioneer Cemetery
Outside the Pioneer Cemetery.
Pioneer Cemetery
It was very humbling to be among the graves, and resting places of so many pioneers, and Saints who gave up their lives, in search of place where they could be free to live how they believed.  
Pioneer Cemetery
I marvel at the strength and faith these pioneers had, 
to leave their homes, friends, and sometimes families.
To pack up all their belongings in a handcart, and go forth in faith.
Losing brothers, sisters, parents, even children along the way.
Very humbling indeed.
I complain and complain about having to move to a place I don't want to, but I am so blessed.  I have a moving company pack me up, I get to bring anything I want, we have a good job, and most of the time a home waiting for us.  I am spoiled, and ungrateful.
Jason and the Boys
Jason and the boys, exploring the grounds.
I am so happy we got to stop at Winter Quarters, 
and I am happy I got to share it with the boys even though they don't remember a second of it.
Driving through Iowa, on our way to the next stop.  
The boys were so good in the car.
I love Harry's funny way of sleeping.

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