September 21, 2010


Clark has a new obsession, Mario.
Some days it is all he can talk about.  Mario game this, Mario jump that, Mom when can I play Mario, on and on...
When we moved into the new house we let him pick out two posters to put by his bed.  I assumed he would choose Toy Story, or dragons (since he choose dragon bedding) but he chose two Mario posters, and was he was absolutely over the moon about it.  He kisses the posters every night before he goes to bed, and tells me long stories about them, of which I can barely understand.
Lately I have been letting him play our old Gamecube, with the Sunshine Mario game.  He is in heaven, but often gets frustrated because I refuse to help him (especially when he deletes the game I worked so hard and long on).
A couple weeks ago, I walked in to the room and he had on a Lord of the Rings game, trying to fight the orcs.
"Mahi" he said,
"Mahi help me, help me, where is Mario???"
Haha, funny little Tuna.
I am pretty sure he is going to be Mario for Halloween, 
I wonder what he is going to think.

We are getting a Wii as the family Christmas present this year.
(Mommy wants it for the Netflix, and Wii Fit.)
 Clark is going to pee his pants from excitement!

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Emma and Cody said...

I forgot all about Mario sunshine. I miss it. I wonder if I still have it. I wish all my belongings weren't in a storage unit.