September 21, 2010

My Granny Oma

I am lucky enough that both my Grandma's live with 30 minutes of each other.  So, when we went to New Mexico, I got to spend time with both of them!  I love going to visit with Granny Oma.  She always has funny stories, and it is nice to just hang out and chat on the patio.  I was so excited to finally introduce her to Harry as well.
Bosko Fam and Granny Oma
Granny is so generous with her time.  She was always available anytime we wanted to stop by.  She took us swimming, which was so much fun, even though Harry was cranky the whole time (which is why I have no pictures-also I was in a swim suit, and there is no way I was gonna put that out there for all to see).  And we got to go out to lunch at the golf course so many times!!!  I loved that I could spend time with Aunt Lori and Uncle Rodney as well...I am sad I didn't get any pictures, or more time to hang out.  There never seems to be enough time.
Granny Oma and the babies
The kids were tired from a long lunch and a hot afternoon, 
so they weren't feeling picture time... but we tried.

I love you Granny Oma! 
I am thankful we got to see you this summer, and I hope we get to see you more in the future.

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