September 24, 2010

Fishing With Uncle BJ

Utah Lake
Utah Lake
July 10, 2010
Uncle BJ took Clark fishing for his very first time! Papa and I tagged along.
Papa and Clark
Going on a little walk.
There is a lot of waiting to do, when you go fishing, Clark is not a patient waiter.
Good thing Papa was there to help keep him company.
Utah Lake
Just waiting for the fish to bite.
While we were waiting, Clark got hyper and sugar drunk on a lot of Rootbeer :)
Clark and Uncle BJ
The waiting paid off, and before long we got a bite.
Uncle BJ helped Clark reel in his first fish.  
Clark and Uncle BJ
Clark wasn't too sure what was going on,
but he could feel the excitement in the air, and was feeding off it.
I love how happy his little face looks.
The first fish.
Uncle BJ tried to show it to Clark, and take a picture, 
but he promptly ran away, and SCREAMED LIKE A GIRL!
Totally, screamed like a girl, it was so funny.
Apparently, Clark is scared of fish.
(Those Utah Lake fish are a little funky looking, so I can't blame him.)
Utah Lake
Back to waiting for the fish to bite.
I have only been fishing a couple times, so I forgot how much waiting there is.
It seems like it would be a nice peaceful activity...if you weren't chasing around a 3 year old.
BJ and ClarkBJ and Clark
Take two....reeling in the second fishy.  This time Clark kinda understood what to do.
He really liked trying to reel in the fish.
Uncle BJ
Uncle BJ trying to convince Clark the fish is safe...
Red, Auntie Sabrina and Clark
He did it!  Or rather we made him do it.
Auntie Sabrina, Red and CLARK with the fishy.
I love how Clark couldn't take his eyes off the fish,
praying that it wasn't going to jump out of Red's hand and attack him.
The sun was setting, the mosquito's came out, and it was time to go home.
I had such a fun evening fishing with my brother.  
I am so happy he was able to take Clark fishing for his first time...and I am glad Papa came along.  
I have such a good brother, he loves his nephews very much, 
and he was probably just as excited as me and Clark were (if not more), for Clark's first fishing trip. 
 He is going to make a great dad someday :)

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Granny said...

Yep, you are so right.He will love to share his pleasures. Thanks BJ for being a good Uncle. Love to all Granny.