March 29, 2011


January 18, 2011- Months and months ago, I've been lazy.
Harry covered in pasta sauce.
Harry making a huge mess... 
Totally worth it though, since the pasta I made was filled with veggies, and he ate them all!
 Every single one! And the sausage along with it.
Harry is my pickiest eater, for months all I could get him to eat was pretzels and nuggets.  Lately he has been doing much better.  He will eat chicken, even if it is not deep fried in batter, as long as I smother it in barbecue sauce.  He eats veggies if I cook them in pasta or baked ziti.  He eats hot dogs, and sometimes even cheese.  Still not the most balanced diet, but we are getting there.  Last night he ate every single thing on his plate, homemade mac and cheese, baked chicken and a roll (he never! eats bread).  I'm not sure what has changed.  Maybe it's because I don't let him snack as much, and I do feed him much smaller portions of his favorite foods.  We have also switched him from drinking whole milk to skim milk, and now even to Almond milk (to see if maybe it would help with some of his sensory issues, and Autism- its not really).  Not sure... maybe it is just time, and continually putting food in front of his face.  Either way I am happy with the change, however small, and I hope and pray he keeps it up.
He makes me laugh, he has the cutest expressions sometimes.


Miken Harding said...

HEy lady-long time! YEah for veggies! Love the pictures, goals, exersise,everything,working towards financial freedom-the best!!! I'm so proud of you!!! Congrats on baby number 3..did I read that right?! WOW. Hope you are doing good!

Schlesinger Family said...

Almond milk is so yummy!