November 02, 2009

A Beautiful Family Day

Saturday afternoon, before Trick or Treating, and the candy coma that followed...we had a fun family afternoon at the North Shore.
We went to Turtle Beach.  One of my favorite beaches to go to, not really for swimming, but just to walk and relax and soak up some sun.  It was such a warm and sunny couldn't have been more beautiful.
In the past the boys have really loved to see the turtles.  But for some reason Clark was so afraid this time.  They are pretty big and intimidating up close, and I am sure Clark thought the turtle was gonna charge him (our neighbors keep a turtle in the back yard at home, and he does chase after Clark, ha ha ha).  So, needless to say we did not spend much time watching turtles.
Jason taking the boys for a walk, they sure do love their Dad.  The boys would giggle and howl with laughter every time the waves would crash up and catch their toes.
I am always trying to attempt a picture of the boys together.  I am sure one of these days, they will both be smiling and looking at the camera at the same time...until then I will keep snapping away.  (This time the waves were distracting them.)
My little boys.  They were both eyeing the turtle, making sure it wasn't gonna sneak up on us.  I think Clark was keeping it away by sheer force of his glare.  What a fun family doesn't get better than this, I am sure.

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THE ROGERS said...

The top picture looks like something from a post card. I am so jealous of you, getting to go to the beach and have all that warm weather! I think I would be of that turtle charging too. That made me laugh!